August 2018
NEW 2-Port and 4-Port E&M Gateway Appliances!

AMTELCO XDS is pleased to announce the New 2-Port and 4-Port E&M Gateway Appliances! These new appliances have the following features:
  • Available with two or four (4-wire) E&M ports
  • Quad RJ45 E&M interface connectors, including status LEDs for each interface
  • Supports standard Type I, Type IV, Type V, and manual signaling protocols
  • Full-featured Asterisk switching to and from SIP service providers
  • Web-based programming
  • May be configured using the Asterisk Switch engine as an E&M/Radio to VoIP/SIP gateway
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported, as an alternative to (or in addition to) an included 5VDC wall adapter
  • External power switch allows for controlled power down of box
  • Appliance dimensions approximately 92 mm (W) x 160 mm (L) x 48 mm (H)
NEW Dual T1/E1 Appliance!

The XDS Dual T1/E1 Appliance provides an Asterisk®-based telephony system with two T1/E1 interfaces. It can be used as a VoIP gateway product supporting up to 60 VoIP channels connected to the PSTN or a PBX environment via T1/E1.

Additionally, the T1/E1 interfaces can be used in a high-impedance mode and combined to provide a tapping/monitoring function. In this mode, incoming calls from either interface are sent to the Asterisk dialplan for connection to other IP telephony resources. The audio streams from the T1/E1 interfaces are combined and sent to the connected VoIP resource for recording or monitoring, as needed.

The XDS Dual T1/E1 Appliance has the following features:

  • Two T1/E1 interfaces (software selectable) supporting PRI/PRA ISDN
  • Software programmable termination impedance, including a high-impedance monitoring mode
  • Web-based programming
  • Linux operating system
  • Full-featured Asterisk switching to and from SIP service providers
  • Hardware-based echo cancellation available*
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) operation is available, supporting IEEE 802.3as standard as type 1 PD (13W)
  • Can be powered from a +5V DC adapter if PoE is not used or both for redundancy
  • Power switch for clean shutdown and startup of the appliance
  • Single RJ-45 connector for connecting the T1/E1 interfaces
  • Status LEDs for each T1/E1 interface
  • DMA audio transfers to minimize software overhead for transferring audio to and from the T1/E1 interfaces
  • Appliance dimensions approximately 92 mm (W) x 160 mm (L) x 48 mm (H)

*Telephony systems may under some circumstances experience the phenomena of excessive echo where speech is reflected from the far end with a noticeable delay. This is particularly true when the call involves VoIP, satellite links, or analog endpoint devices that combine the audio paths into a two-wire interface through a hybrid circuit. To combat this echo, the T1/E1 appliance is available with an optional echo cancellation feature that is integrated with the ISDN interface.

XDS HMP 2/4-Wire E&M Board

The XDS HMP 2/4-Wire E&M board is designed to provide up to four 2-wire or 4-wire E&M interfaces for use in PC-based telephony systems. The board is:
  • A compact size, Asterisk compliant, and very competitively priced!
  • Available in PCI or PCI Express formats
  • Available in a 4-port configuration
  • Available with or without echo cancellation
Additional XDS HMP Solutions

In addition to the 2/4-Wire E&M Board above, Amtelco also offers additional XDS Host Media Processing (HMP) solutions that are available in the PCI or PCI Express formats.

These include:
Infinity Series H.100 Resource Board
with Enhanced Conferencing and Voice Resources

Due to continuing customer requests for a high density enhanced conferencing board, Amtelco XDS has your solution!

The XDS Infinity Series H.100 Resource Board (#257L167) has:
  • Five hundred and twelve (512) conference inputs, and two hundred and fifty-four (254) conference handles
  • Four (4) line level audio inputs which can be used for announcements or music on hold and are accessible via four (4) jacks on the rear of the board, eliminating the need for PCI slot connectors
  • Two hundred and fifty-six (256) voice resource channels, allowing recording and playback of audio files to and from the H.100 bus
  • Single slot full length H.100 PCI form factor
  • For high-density applications, up to sixteen (16) boards can be added to a chassis
Additional Amtelco XDS Solutions
XDS H.100 PCI and PCI Express Boards

Other full-length H.100 PCI Express and H.100 PCI boards include:
  • 2/4-wire E&M radio interface boards (8 port)
  • T1/E1 boards (4 and 8 spans)
  • BRI Interface boards (16 ports)
  • Loop Start boards (12 and 24 ports)
  • Station Port boards (24 ports)

For more technical information on these boards and the complete line of Amtelco XDS boards visit or e-mail

Asterisk® Interoperability Partnership

Amtelco XDS is a Digium® Asterisk Interoperability Partner. If you are building an Asterisk application contact Amtelco XDS today!

Other operating systems are also available.

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or e-mail:
Bill Curtin III

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