June 2016

XDS HMP 2/4-Wire E&M Boards
The XDS HMP 2/4-Wire E&M boards help make interfacing to transmitters or E&M circuits easy and reliable.
  • Available in a 4-port 2/4-wire configuration
  • Available in either PCI or PCI Express (x1) formats
  • Available with optional echo cancellation
  • Asterisk® compliant
  • Standard 8-port H.100 boards are also available in both PCI and PCI Express formats
  • All at a very competitive price!
XDS HMP T1/E1 Boards
Check out the newest XDS addition: the HMP T1/E1 boards! These boards offer high reliability, several special features, a variety of formats, optional echo cancellation, compact size, Asterisk® compliance, and all at a very competitive price!
The XDS HMP T1/E1 boards are available in:
  • PCI 4-Span - with or without echo cancellation
  • PCI 8-Span - with or without echo cancellation
  • PCI Express 4-Span - with or without echo cancellation
  • PCI Express 8-Span - with or without echo cancellation
Special features of the XDS HMP T1/E1 boards include:
  • An on-board processor to increase the reliability factor, especially during high traffic periods
  • Special high impedance monitoring/tapping function to passively monitor audio on a span
  • Spans are T1 or E1 selectable in 4-span configurations
If your T1/E1 application needs high reliability and special features, click here to contact AMTELCO XDS today for a very competitive quote for your project!
XDS HMP Modular Analog Line Interface Board
The XDS Modular Analog Line Interface board lets you mix FXS and FXO interfaces on the same board.
  • Up to 16 FXS and/or FXO ports can be added to each Modular Interface board
  • Interfaces (FXS and FXO) are available in 4-port removable modules
  • Mix and match FXS and FXO interfaces to meet your application requirements
  • Available in either PCI or PCI Express (x1) formats
  • Asterisk® compliant
  • Analog Interfaces are also available in H.100 PCI and H.100 PCI Express formats
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Asterisk® Interoperability Partnership

AMTELCO XDS is a Digium® Asterisk Interoperability Partner. If you are building an Asterisk application contact AMTELCO XDS today!

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New Applications Featuring AMTELCO XDS Boards Include:
  • A communication package for high-speed trains
  • Improved quality for sports broadcasting
  • A communication package for busy airports
  • Improved military wireless communication
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Which format do you use?

Select the high performance boards to meet your application needs and start experiencing the high reliability factor that AMTELCO XDS boards provide!

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