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September 2015
NEW! Infinity Series H.100 Resource Board
with Enhanced Conferencing and Voice Resources
Due to continuing customer requests for a high density enhanced conferencing board, Amtelco XDS now has your solution!

The new Infinity Series H.100 Resource Board (#257L167) has:
  • Five hundred and twelve (512) conference inputs, and two hundred and fifty four (254) conference handles
  • Four (4) line level audio inputs which can be used for announcements or music on hold and are accessible via four (4) jacks on the rear of the board, eliminating the need for PCI slot connectors
  • Two hundred and fifty six (256) voice resources, allowing streaming H. 100 time slots directly to the PCI bus
  • Single slot full length H. 100 PCI form factor
  • For high density applications, up to sixteen (16) boards can be added to a chassis
Click here to find out more!

Also Available:
Infinity Series H.100 Resource Board
Without the Voice Resources
This new board features all the functions of the of the High Density Conference Board listed above (512 conference ports) but does not have the voice resources. If you need just high capacity conferencing then this new High Density Conference board will be a great solution, and it is available at a very competitive price!

Contact Amtelco XDS today for all the details!

XDS HMP T1/E1 Boards
Check out another new XDS addition: the Host Media Processing (HMP) T1/E1 boards!
The XDS HMP T1/E1 boards are:
  • A compact size, Asterisk® compliant, and very competitively priced!
  • Available in either a 4-span or 8-span configuration
  • Available in PCI or PCI Express formats
  • Available with or without echo cancellation
  • Includes an on-board processor to increase the reliability factor, especially during high traffic periods
  • Includes special monitoring/tapping function to monitor voice traffic on an external span
  • DTMF tone detection is available
  • Spans can be T1 or E1 selectable in 4-span configurations
If your application needs high reliability T1/E1 solution, then click here to check out the Amtelco XDS solution!

Additional HMP Solutions
Amtelco also offers additional Host Media Processing (HMP) solutions in the PCI or PCI Express formats.

These include:
  • Station/Loop Start (FXO) (FXS) modular combo board - can accommodate up to four optional 4-port modules
  • 2/4-Wire E&M radio interface boards - available in a 4-port configuration with echo cancellation available

Click here to check out the Amtelco XDS solutions!
Additional Amtelco XDS solutions:
XDS H.100 PCI and PCI Express Boards

Other full length H.100 PCI Express and H.100 PCI boards include:
  • 2/4 wire radio interface boards (8 port)
  • T1/E1 boards (4 and 8 spans)
  • BRI Interface boards (16 ports)
  • Loop Start boards (12 ports)
  • Station Port boards (24 ports)

For more technical information on these boards and the complete line of Amtelco XDS boards visit or e-mail
Asterisk® Interoperability Partnership

Amtelco XDS is a Digium® Asterisk Interoperability Partner. If you are building an Asterisk application contact Amtelco XDS today!

Other operating systems are also available.

Contact Amtelco XDS >>
For more information on the Amtelco XDS Products,

800-356-9224 or 608-838-4194

or e-mail:
Bill Curtin III

Jim Becker

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