May 2011
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New upgrades for the XDS Asterisk® Channel Driver
Enhancements have been added to the XDS E&M Radio Interface and the XDS Station Port Boards. These include polarity reversal (wink) controls which enhance call transfers, and MF-R1 DID signaling support.

The XDS Channel driver for Asterisk continues to be a quick and easy way to implement XDS boards in the Asterisk environment.

XDS boards that are supported include:
  • PCI and PCI Express Boards in the E&M Radio interface format
  • PCI and PCI Express E1 and T1 Boards in 4 and 8-span configurations
  • PCI and PCI Express Station Port Boards (for connection to instruments)
  • PCI and PCI Express Loop Start interface Boards
For more information on the XDS Asterisk Channel Drivers, or any of the other Channel drivers that XDS supports, visit the XDS web site.
New XDS Applications
XDS H.100 PCI Express E&M Board
H.100 PCI Express E&M Board

A few of the most recent XDS Applications include:
  • XDS E&M Radio interface applications in India, Singapore, France, Italy and the USA
  • XDS Station port applications in Prison systems in England and Germany
  • XDS 8-Span E1 applications in Italy and the UK
  • New development board for on board aircraft communications
XDS H.100 PCI Express T1 Board
XDS H.100 PCI Express T1 Board

Custom Development
AMTELCO XDS TechnologyIf you have a specialty board application you would like implemented, contact Amtelco XDS and let us explore how we can assist you in your development.

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AMTELCO XDS offers a wide range of boards to help you with your application. Check out the AMTELCO XDS:

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