November 2013
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AMTELCO Announces NEW XDS HMP PCI 16-port Modular Line Interface Board!
XDS HMP PCI 16-Port Modular Line Interface Board

For applications requiring a scalable, cost-effective solution
for support of FXO and FXS analog line interfaces,
AMTELCO has your solution!

Features of the 16-port Modular Line Interface board include:

  • Is a PCI compliant, half-height (2U) board designed for easy integration into current Asterisk® environments
  • Is a full-length HMP board that accommodates between one and four optional FXO or FXS modules of your choice
  • Each module presents either four FXO ports (for loop start interfaces), or four FXS ports (for DID or station behavior)
  • Loop current for station interfaces in generated locally from standard PC power supply voltages
  • On-board echo cancellation is included for all modules installed
  • Four modular jacks on the rear of the board, one per module, provide all necessary interconnect points for each active port

Compact and reliable, the 16-port Modular Line Interface board presents an ideal approach for new telephony applications as well as the continued support of existing analog terminal devices and trunks.

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XDS HMP 4-Port 2/4-Wire E&M Board

AMTELCO offers XDS HMP 2/4-Wire E&M boards in both PCI
and PCI Express formats, and are Asterisk Compliant.

These are lower cost E&M boards that use host media
processing to control the board and its functions.

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New Applications Using XDS Technology
A few of the recent applications using AMTELCO XDS Technology include:
  • New application in Europe for two-way radio transmission for ship-to-shore communications
  • New UK application for military communications system for battlefield communications
  • New communications system for an airport security system
XDS PCI Express T1 Board
XDS PCI Express T1 Board

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AMTELCO XDS supports numerous drivers, including Asterisk®.

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