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February 2014 (Feb 2014)
A T INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS WE HAVE MOVED OUR NEW ADDRESS 3633 POMONA BLVD POMONA, CA 91768 FEBRUARY 2014 WET DUST COLLECTORS SWET & DRY DOWNDRAFT TABLES ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL BOOTHS PROPERLY SIZING WET DUST COLLECTORS• What is the processing equipment the wet collector will be attached to• Size, dimensions and relevant specifications of the processing equipment• Distance between the processing equipment and wet collector• Length and diameter of the duct• Number of 90 degr

November 2013 (Jan 2014)
A T INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS  December 2013 BECAUSE YOU ASKED MORE WET DUST COLLECTOR SIZES AVAILABLE C12-5000, C20-8000 & C40-15000The C15, C20 & C40 come standard with polypropylene doors. Polypropylene is 60% lighter than stainless steel doors and easier to lift off the larger machines.  The C20-8000 & C40-15000 come standard with the OSHA/NFPA upgraded electrical package and filtration systemWET AND DRY DOWNDRAFT TABLESMODULAR DESIGN = VERSATILITYWet or dry, the modular design of our downdr

A T INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS WET DUST COLLECTORS WET AND DRY DOWNDRAFT TABLES ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL BOOTHS SLUDGE VAC   MARCH 2015 COMBUSTIBLE DUST FIRES AND EXPLOSIONS CAN BE FATAL The cost of repairing and replacing equipment, damage to buildings, increased insurance premiums, possible fines, down time and lost production all pale in comparison to the loss of a life.  A stunning 146 people died this past August in an aluminum polishing plant in China.  Of the workers that survived, ho

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