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Helmet Vaccine Newsletter February 2013


Dear friends and supporters,

I am delighted to present to you our 2012 Annual Report, along with the February issue of our newsletter.

In the last year, we have expanded our operations in China and Tanzania, established a model community for road safety in Thailand, and seen dramatic helmet use increases among child passengers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, among motorcycle taxis in Uganda, and at our target schools in Cambodia. Read more here.

Kind regards,

Mirjam Sidik
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

Table of Contents

1. Global

2. Vietnam

3. Cambodia

4. Thailand

5. Tanzania


News Update

Beatles' Abbey Road cover in Calcutta traffic campaign – Police in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta are using the picture on the cover of the iconic Beatles album Abbey Road in a campaign to enforce road safety.
Source: BBC News 19.02.2013



News Update

Traffic accidents kill 234 during Tet – A National Traffic Safety Board preliminary report states more than 290 traffic accidents occurred during the first six days of the traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, leaving 234 dead and 284 others injured.
Source: VietnamNet 18.02.2013

Saved by a helmet: Linh’s story

12 February – Ho Chi Minh City

A third grade student at Pham Van Chieu Primary School, Nguyen Thi Anh Linh, was riding with her father on a motorcycle to visit her uncle. Another motorcyclist crossed the street suddenly, and when her father attempted to avoid it, they both fell off. Linh suffered some minor injuries on her legs and arms, but fortunately she was wearing her helmet, so her head was protected.

Helmet use increases by as much as 85 percent at Helmets for Kids schools in Ho Chi Minh City

January to February 2013 – Ho Chi Minh City

Nearly 3,000 students and teachers at Tran Nhan Ton, Tran Van On, Pham Van Chieu, and Anh Duong primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City received Helmets for Kids, sponsored by UPS, in January 2013. Since the donation, average helmet use across the target schools has increased from 39 percent to 98 percent.

In addition to the handover ceremonies, AIP Foundation has conducted teacher trainings, student knowledge tests, parent outreach, and extracurricular activities to reinforce the importance of correct, consistent helmet use and safe road behavior.

These four schools are located in close proximity to high-risk roads. More than 80 percent of students commute to school by motorcycle or bicycle, yet prior to the donation, student helmet wearing rates were as low as 14.9 percent, and of those wearing helmets, most were of sub-standard quality.

AIP Foundation presents at RMIT Vietnam University

25 February 2013 – Ho Chi Minh City

AIP Foundation Communications Coordinator Nellie Moore visited the RMIT University campus in Ho Chi Minh City as a guest speaker in the concurrent English program. Ms. Moore presented on traffic safety in Vietnam and correct helmet use to provide background knowledge for an English class practicing argumentative essays on the topic.



Saved by a helmet: Panha’s story

12 February - Takeo

A third grade student at Prey Sandek Primary School, Chul Panha, was traveling by bicycle along the national road to school. A motorbike hit him, causing his bike to fall. Panha scratched his arms and legs, but fortunately, he did not suffer head injury, because he wore his helmet donated by Go4 Charity Ride, as part of AIP Foundation’s Helmets for Kids program. After resting at home for a few days, he has already been able to return to school.

Parents at Hun Sen Prek Russey, Vorsar, and Kor Ki Primary Schools support Helmets for Kids

16-23 February – Kandal and Kampong Speu

At Hun Sen Prek Russey, Vorsar, and Kor Ki Primary Schools, where UPS sponsored Helmets for Kids for the 2012-2013 school year, helmet use rates have risen over 90 percent since the helmet handover ceremony in January. To keep up these dramatic increases, AIP Foundation followed-up with each school to engage parents and students in road safety activities.

More than 100 parents participated in workshops during February 2013 that focused on the benefits of correct helmet use and on parents’ roles in ensuring that their children wear helmets every day. The parents pledged to put helmets on their children when they ride as passengers on motorcycles.

AIP Foundation also implemented extracurricular activities for over 650 fifth grade students at the target schools. Through games, quizzes, and painting, children were reminded of their lessons in correct helmet use, as well as safe pedestrian and bicycling skills .

Advertisements and radio talk-show promote public action to increase helmet use among passengers

22 February – Phnom Penh

More than 60 concerned stakeholders have endorsed a policy recommendation entitled, “Motorcycle passengers, including children, must wear helmets,” which was submitted to the Minister of Transport on January 10, 2013. Since then, we have promoted the message with 32 tuk tuk advertisements, as well as 17 banners hung on the outside of schools and private buildings.

Together with these print advertisements, we developed a public service announcement featured on leading TV channels, including CTN, CNC, MYTV, Bayon and PPCTV, and radio stations, including FM103, FM102, FM104.5, and FM107.5.

AIP Foundation is also collaborating with DAP Radio FM 93.75MHz to air a 50-minute talk-show four days per week until May 2013. The public has been encouraged to call in to share their views on reducing road crashes and severe head injuries, as well as actions to increase helmet use. We have also invited guest speakers from the private sector and parents whose children wear helmets, including Lundi Keo, Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of American Intercon School, and Mam Sotharin, Director of BSI Safety and Industrial Supply.

Through these activities, we aim to alert the public, including policy makers, private sector, youth, civil society organizations, and motorcyclists, to take action to increase helmet use among motorcycle passengers, including children .

ARRB Group returns to Phnom Dil Primary School, gives 187 helmets to first-year students

28 February – Kampong Cham

ARRB Group, one of Australia’s most trusted advisors regarding road safety technical input, is sponsoring a helmet donation to Phnom Dil Primary School. Less than a year ago, ARRB provided helmets to the entire school body, including 800 students and 28 teachers and, on February 28, 2013, donated 187 new helmets to first-year students and those whose first helmet has been damaged.

Phnom Dil Primary School is located in Kampong Cham Province, along National Road 6. Proximity to this road creates a dangerous environment for the students because motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks travel along the road at high frequency and speed. Helmet observations revealed that the number of the children at this school who wore helmets when they ride to or from school on a motorcycle increased from virtually none prior to Helmets for Kids to 86 percent this year.

The helmets were handed over to the students at a ceremony attended by 250 people, including parents, local authorities, and partners. ARRB Group’s sponsorship also includes helmet observations, teacher training, crash monitoring, extracurricular activities, and communication with students’ parents to reinforce their understanding of helmet use and encourage them to put helmets on their children.



News Update

Warn tourists about Thai driving habits, expert says – It is time for all foreign tourists to be informed frankly about how to travel safely in Thailand, an expert on accident analysis urged February 18th.
Source: The Nation 19.02.2013

Teachers trained to be positive role models at Helmets for Kids target schools in Udon Thani

29 January to 5 February – Udon Thani

Nearly 200 teachers from Ban Mak-khang and Nongsumrong Wittaya Primary Schools in Udon Thani participated in training on correct helmet use and safe road behaviors in January and February 2013. Teachers who undergo Helmets for Kids training are responsible for leading in-class activities to encourage students to wear helmets correctly, and they act as positive role models for road safety at their schools and in the community.

Since UPS donated helmets to these two schools in Udon Thani in December 2012, average helmet use rates across these two schools in Udon Thani have increased from eight percent to 51 percent. AIP Foundation is training teachers to incorporate road safety into the classroom, conducting extracurricular activities with students, and reaching out to parents to improve the helmet use rate even further.

AusCham’s Sundowners features AIP Foundation

6 February - Bangkok

The Australian Chamber of Commerce (AusCham) community service event, Sundowners showcased AIP Foundation's work and accomplishments in Thailand to the Australian Chamber of Commerce (AusCham) community service event, Sundowners, on February 6th. As an AusCham selected non-profit, AIP Foundation will be featured in the monthly professional magazine ‘Advance,’ circulated to 3,500 businesses, and received a 12,500 Baht donation from AusCham Sundowners.

Notable Bangkok citizens volunteer their time for AIP Foundation

11 February - Bangkok

AIP Foundation President Greig Craft met volunteers in Thailand who have agreed to dedicate their time to road safety projects, including Jon Plate and Dharmaporn Alexandersen from Rotary Club of Bangkok South, Ekjaree Thanasawangkul from Dataconsult Ltd., Dr. Chookiet Wongtheptean from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, and Derek Van Pelt from Siam Wheels Co., Ltd. The meeting took place at the Danish Ambassador's Residence on February 11th and focused on ways to contribute time and expertise for AIP Foundation’s work.

National Road Safety Directing Center maps out three-year plan

15 February - Nontaburi

On February 15th, Country Director Ratanawadee H. Winther represented AIP Foundation at a national brainstorming forum to establish the master plan for road traffic safety for 2013 to 2016. Narasuen University facilitated the forum, which was organized by the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), the Secretariat of the National Road Safety Directing Center (NRSDC). Representatives from all five NRSDC sub-committees participated.

The master plan aims to reduce the level of road traffic fatalities to no more than 12.18 deaths in every 100,000 people by 2016. The projection was done based on the police records of annual reported traffic accident cases, but some argued that hospital data may be more reliable.

The forum also covered measures to enhance management at the national level, to promote safety among vulnerable groups, accelerating the implementation of interventions, developing the role of local officials, and integrating the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020).

Further consultations will be conducted based on the outcomes of this forum.

Royal Thai Police chair meeting to reduce fatalities during Songkran holidays

18 February – Bangkok

As a committee member of the National Road Safety Directing Center Sub-Committee #4 on Safe Behavior, chaired by Royal Thai Police, AIP Foundation attended a meeting on February 18th to reduce traffic fatalities during the Songkran holidays observed in April.

Analysis of road traffic crashes during Songkran last year identified the leading cause as drunk driving, followed by speeding. Motorcyclists face the highest risk, and not wearing a helmet increases their vulnerability.

The subcommittee agreed on measures in three phases: preparation from February 1-28, campaigning from March 1 to April 10, and implementation from April 11-17. The main components of the plan include increasing awareness, diverting traffic from high-risk roads, and enhancing enforcement of traffic laws. Local authorities will report their results to the Royal Thai Police, and evaluation will take place at the completion of the third phase .

AIP Foundation conducts pre-evaluation visit ahead of upcoming Helmets for Kids ceremonies

21 February – Bangkok

AIP Foundation Regional Monitoring & Evaluation Manager Michael Florian and Thai staff visited the Bung Rama 9 Community to conduct a pre-survey at target schools with volunteers from Logistics Management at the College of Innovation Management, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Two preschools will receive Helmets for Kids sponsored by Rotary Club of Bangkok South D3350 on March 4 and 6, 2013.


Protec delegation visits proposed site for helmet plant in Tanzania

26 January - 3 February – Dar Es Salaam

An AIP Foundation delegation, including President Greig Craft, Protec Deputy General Director Hoang Na Huong, Protec Engineer Duong Anh Tai, and Technical Advisor Russ Boelhauf, was hosted by the Tanzania Ministry of Home Affairs from January 26 to February 3, 2013 to inspect the proposed site for a Protec Helmet plant to be built in Dar Es Salaam.

The project will be a source of ‘tropical’ helmets for markets in Tanzania and others in the region, including Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Secondary project goals include creating job opportunities for the physically disabled and providing training and jobs within the Tanzania prison system. Accordingly, the new plant will be split, with half inside the prison grounds and the other half outside the prison walls.

This unique plan has received support from the highest levels of the government, including Prime Minister Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda. The Vietnam Ambassador to Tanzania Nguyen Ba Thien expressed satisfaction that a Vietnamese venture and initiative might play such an important role in bilateral relations and has pledged his support.

AIP Foundation is also facilitating the donation of a helmet test lab to the Tanzania Bureau of Standards, thanks to assistance from the FIA Foundation and the Road Safety Fund. .

Kenyan President H.E Mwai Kibaki tours proposed grounds for Protec Africa

21 February – Dar Es Salaam

The Kenyan president H.E Mwai Kibaki was in Dar Es Salaam yesterday, where he was given a tour of the premises that will turn into the Protec Africa helmet assembling plant by Commissioner General of Prisons Mr John Minja, Alpherio Nchimbi, Country Manager of Helmet Vaccine Initiative Tanzania, provided a demonstration of the difference between low-quality helmets and Protec helmets.


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