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Global Newsletter August 2014


Dear friends and supporters,

The month of August was quite exciting for the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation. We publicly announced at a stakeholder workshop our new project to increase passenger helmet use in Cambodia called “Head Safe. Helmet On.” Supported by USAID, the two-year project will directly benefit 222,445 Cambodians through the distribution of helmets and road safety education. The same month, Cambodia’s Council of Ministers approved a draft traffic law, which includes compulsory motorcycle helmet use for all passengers, including children. At the moment, legislative approval is still needed by the National Assembly for its passage into law. We are encouraged to see advocacy efforts leading toward change, and are excited that “Head Safe. Helmet On.” is being implemented at such a crucial time in Cambodia.

Please see below to read more on AIP Foundation’s activities and achievements throughout the month.

Kind regards,

Mirjam Sidik
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

Table of Contents

1. Vietnam

2. Cambodia

3. Thailand

4. China


News update:

Helmet inspections by police help enforce high-quality helmet use

Hanoi police to check quality of bike helmets—The Hanoi People’s Committee has asked the municipal Traffic Safety Committee to conduct a helmet inspection campaign alongside local police. Inspectors will check trading certificates, bills, and receipts belonging to helmet vendors and importers, and examine working conditions and trademark ownership at helmet manufacturing enterprises. They will also test various helmets to ensure their safety.

The Product Quality Management Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology inspected nearly 80 helmet manufacturing and trading enterprises in 12 provinces and cities in the first six months of this year. Out of more than 300 helmet samples, 46 failed to satisfy quality and trademark regulations.
Source: Viet Nam News, 5 August, 2014

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AIP Foundation partners with Ford to improve driving behaviors in Vietnam
9-10 August—Hanoi

Trainees learn safe driving behaviors in Ford’s Driving Skills for Life program

In partnership with Ford Vietnam, AIP Foundation supported Ford’s Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) training program conducted for two days in Hanoi. The DSFL program aims to address risky driver behavior in order to improve the safety of other vulnerable road users: pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists.

30-40 trainees attended each session, including taxi drivers, community members, representatives from the Hanoi Transportation Association, and AIP Foundation partners. Participants commented that the practical training was very valuable for their everyday duties and that they learned new driving skills during the training.

For more information on the DSFL program, click here.

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Australian Ambassador visits AIP Foundation’s Protec Tropical Helmet Factory
12 August—Soc Son, Hanoi

Australian Ambassador Hugh Borrowman with Greig Craft, President of AIP Foundation, and workers at the Protec Tropical Helmet Factory

On 12 August, 2014, Australian Ambassador Hugh Borrowman visited the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation and the Protec Tropical Helmet Factory in Soc Son, Hanoi. “The Foundation has made great contributions to road traffic safety in Vietnam over the last 15 years, from their advocacy work, to educating children on traffic safety, to the development and production of the helmets themselves,” said the Ambassador.

Owned by AIP Foundation, the Protec Tropical Helmet Factory manufactures high-quality, affordable helmets with a light-weight design, appropriate for tropical climates. Currently, there are 150 employees working in the factory – one third of whom have a disability. The Australian Government was a supporter of the Foundation’s National Helmet Wearing Campaign from 2007-2009, and has supported eight Australian volunteers to work in the organization.

To read more, view the Australia in Vietnam Facebook page.

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Road Safety Day events bring awareness to the Nghi Son Economic Zone
26 July- 21 August—Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province

Student plays a road sign matching game at Road Safety Day at Tan Truong Primary School

Throughout July and August, AIP Foundation conducted a pilot safety project involving school- and community-based Road Safety Days, organized under Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC (NSRP) in the Nghi Son Economic Zone. The NSRP Traffic Safety Pilot Project is designed to reduce the number of road crashes and prevent traffic-related deaths and injuries in Mai Lam, Hai Thuong, and Tan Truong communes.

School-based Road Safety Days were held at six schools (primary and secondary) in the three communes of Mai Lam, Hai Thuong, and Tan Truong. These events bring important road safety messages to students through activities such as helmet painting, bicycle games, traffic sign puzzles, and safe road user activities. Three community-based Road Safety Day events were also held in the three communes to address road safety behavior among the public. These community events—some with over 400 in attendance—included motorcycle driver safety training courses and road safety speeches.

NSRP is a US$9 billion joint venture of PetroVietnam (PVN), the Japanese companies Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (Idemitsu) and Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (Mitsui), and Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI). This largest oil refinery in Vietnam is located in the Nghi Son Economic Zone in Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa Province, and is under construction phase, with operational phase expected to commence in late 2017. The pilot project is the first step in NSRP’s efforts to help communities be safe on the road. NSRP is the first industrial project in Tinh Gia District in Vietnam caring about safety through community investment programs. AIP Foundation hopes that the model will spread throughout Vietnam.

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Students partake in road safety activities supported by UPS prior to summer vacation
10, 17, and 31 July— Kandal and Kompong Speu provinces

Students engage in educational activities, including bicycle riding games, that emphasize road safety

In an effort to increase road safety awareness before the beginning of summer vacation, 500 students from target schools at Hun Sen Preak Russey, Korki, and Vorsar Primary Schools in Kandal and Kompong Speu provinces participated in organized road safety activities sponsored by The UPS Foundation this month.

Students were informed on the fundamentals of road safety, including traffic law adherence and correct helmet use, through different extracurricular activities. Students enjoyed educational games such as pedestrian lessons, bicyclist safety training, road safety ping-pong, bicycle riding games, and question and answer activities to emphasize the importance of helmet use.

In April of this year, for example, observations at Vorsar Primary School found the percentage of students on motorcycles who were wearing helmets to be 0 percent. Observations were taken again this July and 67 percent of students on motorcycles were wearing helmets.

These educational methods reinforce safe road behaviors prior to the start of summer vacation, when students spend more time outside and are more at risk of injuries from road crashes.

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AIP Foundation and USAID partner to save Cambodia millions of dollars
8 August—Phnom Penh

AIP Foundation launches “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project to stakeholders in Phnom Penh

On August 8, AIP Foundation launched the nationwide “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project in Cambodia in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The US$635,993 grant, which supports social impact and improved outcomes for sustainability and scale, will fund AIP Foundation’s two-year project to increase helmet use in Cambodia. Additional financial and in-kind support worth over US$650,000 is being contributed by the FIA Foundation, The UPS Foundation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and AIP Foundation.

More specifically, “Head Safe. Helmet On.” aims to increase passenger helmet rates in targeted communes of Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Kampong Speu to 30 percent within the first year, and to 80 percent in the second year, thereby preventing thousands of unnecessary road crash injuries and fatalities while saving Cambodia tens of millions of dollars. This will be accomplished through a series of three, mutually-reinforcing components: a school-based helmet program that creates a new generation of safer road users, a communications campaign that uses mass media to change behavior, and an advocacy campaign that accelerates critically needed legislative change.

At the launch, AIP Foundation introduced and shared the project’s activities at a nationwide stakeholder workshop in Phnom Penh. Participants included national-level government officials, international agencies, and representatives from the targeted provinces.

For more information, view the Press Release and infographic. View photos from the launch here.

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News Update:

Students learn the importance of helmet use earlier this year at Kor Ki Primary School, Kandal Province. The draft traffic law would mandate motorcycle helmet use for all passengers, including children.

Government approves new traffic law—The Council of Ministers on Friday, August 15, approved a new draft traffic law aimed at improving the safety of Cambodia’s notoriously dangerous roads, with only legislative approval standing in the way of the bill being passed into law. The draft law, which includes changes to 64 articles, the addition of 15 new articles, and removal of 18, will be sent to the National Assembly “as soon as possible,” according to Chhuon Vuon, Vice Secretary General of the National Road Safety Committee.

Drunk drivers will face stiffer fines under the new law and all motorcycle passengers—which will be limited to two adults and one child—will be required to wear helmets.
Source: The Cambodia Daily, 16 August, 2014

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Online pledge campaign launches to mandate the Cambodian passenger helmet law
15 August—Phnom Penh

AIP Foundation’s online pledge campaign calls for the enactment of the motorcycle passenger helmet law in Cambodia

AIP Foundation, supported by The UPS Foundation, has launched a global internet campaign to collect ten thousand pledges supporting the enactment of Cambodia’s motorcycle passenger helmet law.

The campaign is one of a series of “Safe Roads. Safe Communities.” advocacy activities aimed at lobbying the Cambodian government to quickly enact the draft traffic law in which motorcycle passengers, including children, are required to wear helmets. AIP Foundation will promote the campaign on Facebook and through emails to stakeholders, both of which lead to a webpage where they can pledge their support. The campaign will run from August 15 to October 19, 2014. Participants who make a pledge will have a chance to win 1 of 45 helmets.

Currently, helmets are only required for motorcycle drivers, not passengers. However, a draft traffic law devised in 2010 would require passengers—including children—to wear helmets. On the 15th of August, the Cambodian government adopted the draft traffic law, which is now waiting to be passed into law by the National Assembly. The pledge campaign is meant to collect support for mandating the passing of this passenger helmet draft law.

Show your support by making a pledge today. Visit the campaign webpage here (English and Khmer versions available).

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Helmet fittings, color preferences, and baseline survey conducted in preparation for “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project implementation
July and August— Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Kompong Speu Provinces

Students vote for their helmets to be the color red

Throughout the month of July, AIP Foundation in Cambodia visited 18 target schools in preparation for USAID-supported “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project implementation. The team began helmet fittings for future helmet distribution and determined the helmet color that each school prefers. This is to increase students’ favor for their helmets by ensuring they fit properly and are the color they like best. At most schools, students preferred the color red to others.

In August, a baseline survey was conducted to assess the current behaviors, attitudes, and levels of knowledge on road safety in target areas of Cambodia in order to have a reference point before project implementation. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods through face-to-face interviews and focus group discussions, AIP Foundation assessed current road safety information sources and effective communication approaches to influence passenger helmet use. Additionally, the data collected is used to set the baseline indicators against which the Behavior Change Communications component of the project will be measured. The final report of the baseline study will be finalized in early September 2014.

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President of AIP Foundation meets with senior Cambodia government officials
18-21 August—Phnom Penh

Greig Craft discusses “Head Safe. Helmet On.” with His Excellency Cham Prasidh, Senior Minister, Minister of Industry and Handicrafts

A delegation from AIP Foundation led by Greig Craft, President of AIP Foundation, met with several senior government officials in August to introduce the “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project to the Ministries. Officials included the Deputy Commissioner General of National Police; Senior Minister, Minister of Industry and Handicrafts; Minister for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport; Minister of Education, Youth, and Sport; President of Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia; and the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior.

AIP Foundation was warmly welcomed by government officials and received confirmation of support for the “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project as well as ongoing cooperation.

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USAID visits AIP Foundation in Cambodia
21 August—Phnom Penh

USAID-DIV visits AIP Foundation in Cambodia to discuss details on the “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project

On August 21, members from USAID-DIV in Washington, D.C. visited Cambodia to learn about the “Head Safe. Helmet On.” project. With support from USAID, AIP Foundation aims to increase passenger helmet use in targeted communes and districts in order to decrease the rate of road crash injuries and fatalities.

During the visit, AIP Foundation presented the three components of the project: School-Based Program, Behavior Change Communications, and Enabling Environment Campaign. USAID-DIV members also attended a site visit to Sdao Konleng Primary School and Dei Edth Commune in Kandal Province to learn more about the project’s helmet donations and helmet observation methods.

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Low-income students receive over 200 helmets from Helmets for Kids and The Rotary Club of Bangkok South
4 August— Bangkok, Thailand

Children from four child development centers receive helmets from The Rotary Club of Bangkok South

On August 4, AIP Foundation, with support from The Rotary Club of Bangkok South, donated over 200 helmets to students in Huai Khwang District, Bangkok. Four child development centers received much needed quality helmets and road safety education as part of the Helmets for Kids program to raise helmet-wearing awareness and help reduce road traffic injuries among child motorcycle passengers.

Ladprao 42-44 Child Development Center, Ladprao 45 Child Development Center, Bangsue-Ratchadapisek Child Development Center, and Ruamjaipiboon 2 Child Development Center are all located outside of central Bangkok. The four centers were selected for the Helmets for Kids program because the school surroundings put children at risk for injury. Schools are on alleys too narrow for motorcycles to park and lack zebra crossings, sidewalks, speed bumps, and traffic signs, creating a dangerous environment for children commuting to school.

See more photos here.

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Planning commences for Chevron Street Wise project in Thailand
5-7 August—Songkhla Province

AIP Foundation meets with Hat Yai Police, among other stakeholders, to discuss the two-year Chevron Street Wise project

AIP Foundation staff spent three days in Songkhla Province earlier in August to plan for the launch of the Chevron Street Wise project. This two-year project aims to reduce road crash fatalities and injuries among children in Songkhla Province through a comprehensive road safety curriculum, extracurricular activities, parent and community activities, and stakeholder engagement.

AIP Foundation discussed project implementation with members from the project schools in Mueang and Singhanakhon districts and also met with key stakeholders in each district, including the Governor of Songkhla province, the Songkhla Royal Thai Police, representatives from the Department of Land Transport, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited, and the Office of the Basic Education Commission. AIP Foundation is looking forward to working with these stakeholders for the duration of the two-year project.

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Helmets for Kids expands to Bangkok with UPS donation of over 3,200 helmets
21 August—Bangkok, Thailand

Students, alongside representatives from UPS Thailand, express enthusiasm for their new helmets

AIP Foundation has commenced the expansion of the The UPS Foundation’s support for Helmets for Kids to Bangkok with an additional donation of over 3,200 helmets to students and teachers. In total, The UPS Foundation has distributed 5,924 helmets this year in Thailand. The UPS Foundation has supported the Helmets for Kids program for the past two years.

Over six hundred parents, students, principals, teachers, and school staff were present for the donation ceremony. The handover was also witnessed by representatives from UPS Thailand; Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Thailand; Bangkok Primary Education Services Area Office; and Sidekick.

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Walk Wise stakeholder workshop to enhance pedestrian safety education
19 – 21 August— Kai County

Walk Wise workshop held to further improve pedestrian safety

This month, Walk Wise conducted its second county-level stakeholder workshop with 41 representatives from 18 project schools, including teachers, principals, road safety directors, and a representative from the education department.

The workshop emphasized stakeholder engagement, summarized the past year’s achievements of the Walk Wise project in China, and discussed future areas for curriculum improvement.

Schools also shared their road safety education successes throughout the year and discussed road safety materials used by teachers. A representative from the education department, responsible for primary school curriculum development and research, helped facilitate discussion on how to better enhance road safety teaching materials and methods. Overall, stakeholders actively participated in the workshop’s discussion and group activities and gave insightful feedback.

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