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Global Newsletter June 2014


Dear friends and supporters,

Last month, in support of International Children’s Day we continued our efforts to promote child helmet use and protect children from head injuries when they are riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. We donated 364 helmets to primary school students in Cambodia, led provincial government meetings to increase local child helmet rates in Vietnam, and attended this year’s GRSP Asia Seminar in Manila with the focus on improving road safety for children.

Read on for other activities our teams have done to help prevent road injuries and deaths among children.

Kind regards,

Mirjam Sidik
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation


Table of Contents

1. Global

2. Vietnam

3. Cambodia

4. Thailand

5. China

6. Uganda



Transport for health: the global burden of disease from motorized road transport - The report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation assesses the global health loss from the combined impact of road injuries and pollution that can be attributed to motorized transport. The road transport death toll exceeds that of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, or diabetes. The statistics further reinforces the call for global action.
Report: Transport for health, 31 March 2014.


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The GRSP Asia Seminar 2014 – improving road safety for our children
23-24 June - Manila

Mirjam Sidik, CEO of AIP Foundation presenting during the “Decade of Action Global and Regional Updates” session.

This month, the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) hosted its annual Asia Seminar focusing on the serious issues of child road safety. The event was attended by nearly 300 road safety experts, practitioners, business representatives, NGOs and government officials from all over the world. Attendees shared their ideas, initiatives and best practices to help reduce road deaths and injuries among vulnerable road users - children.

AIP Foundation representatives, Mirjam Sidik, CEO, and Nhu Nguyen, Program Coordinator presented AIP Foundation’s recent monitoring and evaluation achievements and showcased the Safe Kids “Safe School Zones” project in Vietnam.

The event is part of a global 'Week of Action' to encourage participation in the UN's global 'My World' vote, which has already seen 2 million people cast votes for their priorities in the next global development goals.

The seminar provided capacity building, highlighting effective road safety programs and research developments within Asia and other regions. The seminar helped stimulate support and entice action for the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.


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News Update:
Motorbike-taxi drivers give first aid to traffic victims- A group of motorbike-taxi drivers in Binh Duong Province have formed a team to give free first aid to victims of road crashes. Set up under and an initiative of the Red Cross, the teams are provided with first aid training and kits. The group’s willingness to arrive quickly at crash sites and give aid has helped over 2,000 people.
Source: Vietnam Breaking News, 30 June 2014.

AIP Foundation presents at Johnson & Johnson's Asia Pacific SAFE Fleet meeting
28-29 May – Singapore

In May, Johnson & Johnson celebrated SAFE Fleet’s 20th Anniversary. SAFE Fleet is J&J’s approach to protecting its employees, families and communities. It provides education and training to employees about safe driving techniques, and has led to reductions over time in road crash rates and injury rates.

To celebrate the twenty year milestone, a meeting was held to improve fleet safety and business-related competencies, share best practices and corporate social responsibilities, and cultivate external relationships and partnerships.

AIP Foundation representatives, Nuong Nguyen, Director of Programs, and Naomi Fujiki, Development Coordinator, attended the meeting and presented on Johnson & Johnson's sponsorship of the Helmets for Kids program in Vietnam under the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. Through this program which started in 2012, Johnson & Johnson will have donated over 30,000 helmets by the end of 2014.


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Within six months of training, journalists publish eighty child helmet awareness articles
1 June – Ho Chi Minh City

In October 2013, AIP Foundation, funded by the Global Road Safety Partnership, with financial assistance from the Bloomberg Philanthropies, trained policymakers and the media to report effectively on road safety issues. The training workshops were developed to strengthen the implementation of child helmet regulation and awareness raising in Vietnam. In the six-month post-training assessment, 95 percent of government officers and 87 percent of journalists reported that they had applied what they learned in the training to their work, and the majority reported that they had shared the knowledge with others.

Following the training, journalist trainees produced 80 news articles, features, and TV documentaries. Government trainees applied the training through a variety of activities, such as training others, developing communication plans, and assessing the current helmet use situation.


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AIP Foundation develops capacity building programs to suit provincial needs
2-17 June – An Giang, Can Tho, Tra Vinh, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh, and Long An

Road safety stakeholders of Binh Duong province meet to discuss the provinces road safety needs.

In June, AIP Foundation, met with road safety stakeholders from the Mekong Delta and Binh Duong Province. Government officers including representatives from the Traffic Safety Committee, Departments of Education & Training, Traffic Police, and the local media in provinces of An Giang, Can Tho, Tra Vinh, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh, and Long An attended. The meetings, funded by the Global Road Safety Partnership, with financial assistance from the Bloomberg Philanthropies, were held to gather necessary information about each provinces’ child helmet use situation and develop capacity building courses.

Provincial governors showed their interest in the project requesting for follow-up activities and road safety programs for local primary schools which AIP Foundation agreed to support. In return, each province committed to make their own annual action plan to increase local child helmet rates. Govenors also committed to providing AIP Foundation all the necessary reports and local statistics as required to implement the project.

By July, AIP Foundation expects to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the participating provinces to formalize the commitments and roadmaps aimed to increase child helmet wearing rates in these localities.


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FIA Foundation visits AIP Foundation offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi
26 June – Ho Chi Minh City

Avi Silverman, FIA Foundation’s Director of Campaigns and Communications and the AIP Foundation team vote for ‘better transport and roads’ to be included in the UN’s Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

On June 26-27, Avi Silverman, FIA Foundation’s Director of Campaigns and Communications visited AIP Foundation offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The FIA Foundation, an independent charity that promotes road safety has supported AIP Foundation’s programs since 2008.

Presenting the “MY World” campaign to the AIP Foundation team, Avi emphasized the necessity of support needed from countries and organizations to advocate for road safety and reach the campaigns target to reduce road traffic fatalities by 50% by 2030. He also stressed the importance to vote for ‘better roads and transport’ and ‘better healthcare’ as part of the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goal priorities.

During his visit, Avi observed the lack of helmet use among children in Vietnam. He commented on Twitter, “Just at the HCMC children's hospital #Vietnam w. @AIPFoundation. There's work to be done! #TargetSaveLives.”

Make your voice heard by going to the MY World website and vote for your top priorities. In the priorities, we ask you to vote for ‘better transport and roads,’ ‘better healthcare,’ and also suggest ‘road safety’ in the optional priority tab.


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The UPS Foundation donates 364 helmets to mark International Children's Day
30 May – Kandal Province

Students of Kor Ki Primary School receive helmets and road safety education during International Children's Day.

The UPS Foundation supported International Children's Day in Cambodia by donating 364 helmets to first grade students at Kor Ki Primary School of Kandal Province. The Helmets for Kids program aims to promote child helmet use and protect children from head injuries when they are riding as a passenger on a motorcycle or on a bicycle.

Since 2012, AIP Foundation has worked together with The UPS Foundation at three schools in Kandal and Kampong Speu Provinces to donate helmets and provide road safety education to students and teachers. Last school year, 2,760 students in Cambodia received helmets under the Helmets for Kids program sponsored by The UPS Foundation. The results of the initial helmet donations have surpassed expectations with average helmet use rates across the schools, originally near zero, increasing to an average of 86 percent at the end of the school year.


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Traffic Police remind students of their vulnerability on Cambodian roads
June 24-26 – Kampong Speu and Kandal Province

A Senior Traffic Police Officer from Kandal Province explains the importance of helmet use.

AIP Foundation's Helmets for Kids program, sponsored by The UPS Foundation ran interactive road safety activities for school children in Kampong Speu and Kandal Provinces. Traffic Police led the activities and lessons to increase students’ road safety awareness before their school vacation. Through the activities, students were reminded about their vulnerability on the roads. The Traffic Police also equipped them with life-saving road safety knowledge and skills.

In parallel with the activities, The UPS Foundation donated nearly 1,000 additional helmets to new students at Hun Sun Prek Russey, Vorsar, and Kor Ki Primary Schools. The helmets are a daily reminder for students to observe the information they gained from the Traffic Police.


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Manulife helps mothers protect their children from road crashes
June 26, 2014 – Phnom Penh

A mother expresses her thoughts related to the reasons children do not wear helmets.

Road safety education in schools is very important, particularly sustaining the messages and helmet use rates within the school’s community. To address this, AIP Foundation held a “My mom and helmet use.” forum sponsored by Manulife (Cambodia) Plc, at Wat Preah Put Primary School to help mothers further inform and educate their children.

During the forum, fifty mothers were educated around the topic of road crashes related to helmet use, parents’ roles in helmet use, and the impacts of road crashes. Additionally, mothers were given the opportunity to express their ideas and concerns related to their own road safety and of their children’s. Real life examples were raised and discussed to expose the seriousness of road crashes and the importance of helmet use. Parents also pledged to encourage their children to wear helmets no matter the distance or time.


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Automotive Focus Group chooses AIP Foundation as beneficiary of their annual golf tournament
8 May – Bangkok

Members of the Automotive Focus Group donate to AIP Foundation.

Last month, the Automotive Focus Group (AFG), Thailand’s premier automotive business leader’s networking group selected AIP Foundation to be the beneficiary of the proceeds from their AFG Annual Golf Tournament held on May 8.

All proceeds from the day will help produce road safety signage around high risk traffic schools in Udon Thani. The signs aim to educate the students and community members on helmet use and basic traffic safety knowledge.


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AIP Foundation’s Thailand Country Director shares the organizations plans in a featured editorial
15 May – Bangkok

AIP Foundation’s Thailand Country Director, Ratanawadee Winther is featured on Thailand’s Public Opinion newspaper.

AIP Foundation’s Thailand Country Director, Ratanawadee Winther was featured on Thailand’s Public Opinion newspaper. The article writes about her contribution to AIP Foundation where she mentions its current plans to work closely with the Office of the Basic Education Commission and Ministry of Education to expand the Helmets for Kids program in 30 schools across Thailand. The program which provides students with helmets and education aims to create a helmet wearing norm for all children.

See the full article here (in Thai only).


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Government bodies help sustain Helmets for Kids through innovative enforcement trials
26-28 May – Udon Thani

In May, AIP Foundation met with key stakeholders in Udon Thani to review progress on the Helmets for Kids program at Ban Makkhang and Nong Sumrong School. The meetings with the Road Accident Victims Protection Co. Ltd., Royal Thai Police, and Land Transport Department of Udon Thani, were very productive and led to a continued commitment to support the program and to trial innovative enforcement activities at the project schools.

Both school principals also shared ideas with AIP Foundation to improve the children’s helmet wearing rate and future projects in the schools.

The final results from the 2013-14 school year will be available in September 2014.


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Royal Thai Police launch new traffic safety policy, "5 serious actions"
6 June – Bangkok

AIP Foundation congratulates Lt-General Wuthi Liptapallop - Advisor of Deputy Commissioner General on the launch of the new policy.

AIP Foundation attended a meeting at the Thai Traffic Police Department where Royal Thai Police adviser Lt-General Wuthi Liptapallop presented a new traffic safety policy called “5 serious actions.” The policy aims to improve road safety by preventing disorderly road behavior and increasing enforcement of traffic regulations.

The "5 serious actions" campaign targets unsafe behaviors such as drink driving, illegal parking, and speeding. The policy launched on two major roadways in Bangkok will expand into other areas of Thailand.


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The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand commits to support future road safety projects
12 June – Bangkok

Mr. Banpot Hongthong, President of RAAT and Greig Craft, Founder of AIP Foundation sign a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in future road safety projects.

The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (RAAT), a representative of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding as a commitment to work in partnership with AIP Foundation in future road safety projects.

RAAT, founded in 1933 promotes road safety and provides emergency road services for its members. The RAAT in its role as a FIA member does its part to develop special road safety programs. AIP Foundation is pleased to have RAAT’s support in their future projects.


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AIP Foundation launches "Slogo competition" for new Thailand helmet project
16 June - Bangkok

This month, Save the Children and AIP Foundation launched a "Slogo” competition inviting Thailand design professionals, university students, and the general public to submit ideas for a slogan and logo for The 7% Project.

The 7% Project is a new campaign led by Save the Children and AIP Foundation and supported by Vespiario (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the FIA Foundation, and others. The project aims to decrease motorcycle fatalities and injury among students in Thailand by promoting regular helmet use as the accepted norm. A majority of Thailand’s 18 million children travel as a motorcycle passenger without wearing a helmet.

The project will launch in November 2014 and include education programs, public awareness activities, and enforcement initiatives.

The Slogo competition closes on July 16. To learn more about The 7% Project and the Slogo competition, visit (in Thai only)


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Global organizations meet at the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
22-26 June – Bangkok

Dr. Mohammad Daim Kakar - General Director of Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority visits the AIP Foundation booth.

The Sixth Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, hosted by the Royal Government of Thailand was held in Bangkok on June 22-26.

AIP Foundation participated in the conference to discuss methods of reducing disaster risks including the high rate of road crashes in Thailand. The conference provided a unique opportunity for Asian organizations and practitioners to shape the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction to be considered in the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and its Preparatory Committee meetings.


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Primary schools continue AIP Foundation’s road safety activities and “walking busses”
30 May - Kai County

Students of Baihe Primary School lead a "walking bus" to promote road safety in their community.

Throughout May, six schools from Kai County province organized and replicated road safety activities previously led by AIP Foundation.

A road safety quiz for 900 students of Baihe Primary School was conducted to assess the output of the road safety classes held by AIP Foundation during the school year of 2013-14. The students were very active and eager to participate in the contest which also reminded them of road safety messages before they commenced their school vacation. The school also led a “walking bus” where a group of students and supervisors walked along safe walking routes, carrying road safety message signs to share with the community. The “walking bus” routes are pre-established paths for children to safely walk to and from school.


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Eighteen project schools complete 1,440 road safety classes
20 June – Kai County

Students complete road safety classes in the school yard.

AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise project, sponsored by Chevron has completed 1,440 road safety classes among eighteen schools during the 2013-2014 school year.

In order to improve the effectiveness and quality of future road safety classes, AIP Foundation will organize a variety of post survey workshops. The workshops will assess the initial impact of the project and determine the changes needed to make the project even more successful. Representatives from each school will also be invited to evaluate the teaching manuals and share their teaching experience of the road safety classes.

Within the next school year, the Walk Wise project will expand to a total of 36 schools.


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Pedestrian traffic modifications help students keep safe
20 June – Kai County

A student from Gaoqiao Primary School uses the new pedestrian footpaths to walk to school.

Environmental modifications such as speed bumps, road signs and painted pedestrian paths are an important part of keeping children safe around schools. In Kai County, 18 schools have started to make changes in their environment, thanks to advice and funding from AIP Foundation.

AIP Foundation has provided the schools with a School Environment Modification Manual, which was developed through the in-kind support of the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB). The evidence-based treatments in the manual are low-cost and appropriate for the local road environments around the schools. Using the manual, parents, teachers, and community members can design projects that will help keep students safe as they walk to and from school.

AIP Foundation will also be running a grant scheme to support the schools to implement the environmental modifications. Over US$15,000 is available, and the grants scheme also encourages schools to provide additional funds to complete the work. Any remaining funds from the grant scheme will be used to support schools with maintaining the modifications. Local partners, including the Education Department and Traffic Police Department, will help to evaluate the project.


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Exciting signs of sustainability for AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise program
23-26 June – Kai County

Due to it’s popularity, local shops close to school grounds replicate and sell pedestrian safety caps.

Students of Kai County often walk to school in dark and foggy conditions. As part of AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise project, students were given bright yellow caps to make them more visible to drivers. The caps are also a daily reminder of the road safety messages they have been taught in class.

Hangfeng Primary School, one of the three randomly selected evaluation schools has been particularly committed to ensuring that students wear their caps. The success of the caps has extended to local businesses who have begun to produce and sell their own bright yellow caps - complete with road safety messages. Community members and students who have lost or damaged their caps can buy new caps at shops just outside the school. When the evaluation team asked about the caps, shop owners explained how they contribute to road safety, and confirmed they are a popular item.

This is an exciting sign that the Walk Wise project is noticed and understood in the local community, and that the project has sustained its messages. The final results from the 2013-14 school year are currently being analyzed and will be available in September.


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UHVI helps revise Uganda's Traffic and Road Safety Act
19 May, Kampala

Earlier this year, the Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative (UHVI) provided inputs to the revision of Uganda's Traffic and Road Safety Act. On May 19, UHVI attended a stakeholder workshop where the final draft was presented to national road safety stakeholders before it is sent to the cabinet for approval. All of UHVI's recommendations on passenger and child helmet use are included in the revised draft. A committee has been established to ensure the proper revision of the act, and UHVI representative, Barbara Mwanje, Regional Manager of UHVI has been asked to be a member. The draft of the revised Traffic and Road Safety Act will be finalized in the coming months.


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Singer Bobi Wine launches radio campaign urging motorcyclists to wear a helmet
20 May - Kampala

Singer Bobi Wine, endorses motorcyclists to wear helmets.

The Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative launched a series of helmet safety radio commercials to be aired across Kampala. Local music artist Bobi Wine is featured in the commercials, urging motorcycle riders to always wear their helmet: "It's a good thing to be alive, my friend! So be wise, wear a helmet." The radio commercials are part of a larger helmet campaign in Kampala titled "Obulamu Bwe Bugagga (Your Life is Your Wealth) - Wear a Helmet!" Sponsored by CrossRoads and supported by the Department for International Development, the radio commercials will air throughout the city for thirteen weeks.


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