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Global Newsletter March 2014


Dear friends and supporters,

In this month’s newsletter I am pleased to share with you our 2013 Annual Report.

Within the last year we have increased collaboration with governments, expanded pedestrian safety work, and brought helmet safety to more schools than ever before.

Please read the Annual Report here to find out what we have accomplished.

Kind regards,

Mirjam Sidik
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

Table of Contents

1. Global

2. Vietnam

3. Cambodia

4. Thailand

5. China

6. Uganda


News Update:  Fewer Helmets, More Deaths – Within America the number of motorcycle fatalities are rising. Dr. Ruth Shults, who leads the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) research on vehicle crash prevention, links the increase due to pressure from motorcycle advocacy groups to repeal universal helmet laws causing the immediate spike of motorcycle fatalities.
Source: NY Times 31 March 2014

CDC features AIP Foundation’s Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative in its quarterly newsletter
28 March – Atlanta, USA

GHVI featured in CDC's Spring 2014 quarterly newsletter, describing motorcycle helmets as a vaccine.

This month, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) featured AIP Foundation’s Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative (GHVI) in their Spring 2014 quarterly newsletter.

The article covers the partnership between CDC and AIP Foundation in support of the expansion of the public health intervention GHVI, in Cambodia and Uganda over the past three years. The article mentions, “CDC supports research and evaluation efforts through direct technical assistance to GHVI staff in every phase of their work – from developing surveillance tools to analyzing motorcycle helmet observation data.”

With CDC’s support AIP Foundation is able to identify high risk populations, barriers to motorcycle helmet use, and increase effectiveness of GHVI programs including Helmets for Kids in Cambodia and efforts focusing on motorcycles operators in Uganda.

Read the full article here.

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FedEx aims to spread pedestrian safety messages among 7,000 students
5 March – Ho Chi Minh City

Promotional poster for the nationwide photo competition.

AIP Foundation (Safe Kids Vietnam) in partnership with FedEx, and in cooperation with the National Traffic Safety Committee and Ministry of Education and Training, launched a nationwide photography competition with the aim to promote and gain high school students’ viewpoints of pedestrian safety. Launched on March 5, the competition will run until May 25 and is expected to attract 7,000 high school students from across the country.

The competition will require students to capture safe pedestrian behaviors and road risks through photography. When registering, students are required to review an online safety pedestrian guideline which will generate further awareness for themselves helping them become safer pedestrians.

FedEx volunteers will screen the photo submissions and join the panel of judges that will select the winning photographs. The program will conclude with an award ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on May 29 where the winning entries will also be showcased in a photo exhibition.

To visit the competition website (in Vietnamese) click here.

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AIP Foundation develops an action plan for child helmet use advocacy in 2014 and beyond
12-14 March - Hanoi

Road safety stakeholders attend GRSP’s child helmet use workshop in Hanoi.

AIP Foundation representatives attended two workshops on child helmet use and helmet quality organized by the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) Vietnam on March 12-13 and 14.

Facilitated by Bloomberg Philanthropies Advocacy Incubator Advisor and GRSP Grant Programme Manager, and attended by representatives from the World Health Organization, VIJUSAP, Vietnam Red Cross, and AIP Foundation, participants brainstormed solutions to advocate for enforcement of child helmet regulation across the country. On March 14, AIP Foundation representatives also took part and contributed to the second workshop which focused on advocacy issues relating to helmet quality. Both workshops were very constructive and resulted in commitment from all stakeholders to follow-up on specific and actionable items.

In response to the workshop and in order to increase child helmet use rates nationwide, AIP Foundation has developed an action plan to continue advocacy and targeted interventions in 2014 and beyond.

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A “huge” exhibition targets young motorcyclists
14-16 March - Ho Chi Minh City

The high-speed motorcycle exhibition displayed at Phu My Hung.

This month, AIP Foundation collaborated with the Ho Chi Minh Traffic Safety Committee, Phu My Hung Development Co., Ltd., and Y&R Vietnam to organize an innovative communication campaign to expose the dangers of high-speed motorcycle riding among youths.

The exhibition involved three large shipping containers stacked on top of each other providing a surface area of 35m2. The message, “Crashing at 60km/h is equivalent to being crushed by 7 tons of containers.” was superimposed on the huge container background providing a bold and effective visual. The display was exhibited on the weekend of March 14-16 at Ban Nguyet Lake residential zone, Phu My Hung, in Ho Chi Minh City.

The exhibition is the first of such a large public display to be set up in Vietnam, it is hoped that this new and creative approach will bring maximum impact to the target audience - our youth.

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Sealed Air and ARRB Group bring fun back into learning
25-26 March - Hai Duong

A student participates in informative road safety activities.

As part of the Helmets for Kids program, AIP Foundation organized an event called “Fun with Traffic Safety” at two schools in Hai Duong on March 25-26. The event involved extracurricular activities hosted at Cam Thuong Primary School sponsored by Sealed Air, and Ai Quoc Primary School in Hai Duong sponsored by ARRB Group. The two events were attended by 1,414 primary school students, teachers, parents, and representatives from Hai Duong Department of Education and Training, Hai Duong Traffic Safety Committee, and local authorities such as the People’s Committee and Youth Union.

At the events, students learned important road safety lessons through fun and interactive activities including traffic simulation games, traffic sign identification games, and helmet painting. The students were also taught the three steps of correct helmet use through informative and entertaining performances.

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Abbott Laboratories launches Helmets for Families, promoting standard helmets for parents
28 March - Ho Chi Minh City

Alvin Yap, Finance Director of Abbott Laboratories presenting at the stakeholder orientation workshop.

Helmets for Families, a new road safety education project, sponsored by the global healthcare company Abbott Laboratories, and based on AIP Foundation’s proven school-based program Helmets for Kids, launched in Ho Chi Minh City on March 28.

The project commenced with a stakeholder orientation workshop attended by Alvin Yap, Finance Director of Abbott Laboratories, government partners, including the National Traffic Safety Committee, Ministry of Education and Training, Ho Chi Minh Traffic Safety Committee and Department of Education and Training, local authorities, traffic police, and project school principals and teachers. All participants are collaborating on the new project to raise awareness around the safety benefits of helmets that meet the national standard.

By partnering with road safety stakeholders and donating free helmets, as well as offering parents subsidized standard helmets in exchange for their low quality helmets, Abbott Laboratories and AIP Foundation hope to change behavior among students and parents and increase standard helmet wearing rates.

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Chevron continues to deliver road safety education to high schools in Phnom Penh
3 March – Phnom Penh

A Road safety assembly held at Wat Phnom High School.

On March 3, AIP Foundation organized road safety assemblies at two high schools in Phnom Penh.

The road safety education assemblies sponsored by Chevron, were attended by a total of 2,500 students, encouraging them to retain road safety messages, particularly about helmet use and share the message with their family and friends.

Students and school management were enthusiastic to participate in these road safety activities, requesting for more activities to further inspire students to practice safe road behaviors and respect traffic laws.

Since road safety activities have been implemented in the project schools, no crashes have occurred.

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Mothers share road safety ideas during International Women’s Day
6 March – Phnom Penh

A mother shares her road safety concerns during the "My Mom and Helmet Use" forum.

In support of International Women’s Day, a “My Mom and Helmet Use” forum sponsored by Manulife (Cambodia) Plc was held at Wat Preah Put Primary School in Phnom Penh.

During the forum, 60 mothers were educated around the topic of road crashes related to helmet use, parents’ roles in helmet use, and the impacts of road crashes. Additionally, mothers were given the opportunity to express their ideas and concerns related to their own road safety and of their children’s. Real life examples were raised and discussed to expose the seriousness of road crashes and the importance of helmet use.

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Students gain lifesaving road safety skills through activities sponsored by Manulife
13 March – Phnom Penh

Students gain pedestrian skills on a traffic simulation corner.

On March 13, extracurricular road safety activities sponsored by Manulife were organized for 150 students at Wat Preah Put Primary School in Phnom Penh. Students were trained on the fundamentals of road safety, including how to follow traffic laws and wear their new helmets correctly. Activities included Q&A, drawing contests, pedestrian and bicyclist safety lessons, and interactive road safety games.

These activities aim to create enthusiasm among students about the importance of helmets and exercising safe road behaviors every day.

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Peer-to-Peer education multiplies road safety knowledge among youth
27 - 29 March – Phnom Penh

A mother A student teaches her fellow peers road safety skills.

AIP Foundation’s peer-to-peer program sponsored by Chevron is designed to reinforce road safety education school wide and maintain sustainability of the Helmets for Youth campaign messages. The program aims to encourage students to share road safety information with their peers, friends and family and in parallel allows students to familiarize themselves with the important road safety skills and risks they will be imparting.

During the program, student representatives were informed about road safety and the general situation of road crashes in Cambodia, including the high number of fatality and injury rates reported in 2012 and the reason behind the high death toll caused by road crashes. Students gained road safety skills around the prevention of road crashes, injuries, and fatalities, focusing on the importance of helmet use and wearing helmets correctly. Moreover, peer educators informed students about the approved action plan for the Road Safety Policy by the government, activities leading up to National Road Safety Week in April and the high risk of road crashes during the upcoming Khmer New Year, typically a time of travel for Cambodians.

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Preschool students excited to wear their personally decorated helmets from Sigma Elevator
25 February – Bangkok

A young student shows off his personally decorated helmet.

Following the first effective extracurricular activities held at Ban Kukot Pattana Preschool in Bangkok, sponsored by Sigma Elevator, AIP Foundation, conducted a second round of activities on February 25, to further motivate students to wear and appreciate their helmets.

AIP Foundation organized creative workshops encouraging students to design and decorate their own helmets with the aim to make the young students feel proud to wear them, taking the opportunity to exhibit their personal artwork on their way to and from school. In conjunction with the activities, students were educated about road safety and how to protect themselves by wearing a helmet correctly.

Check out the photos here.

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Vespiario helps young students protect themselves through correct helmet use activities
6 March – Bangkok

Young students present their road safety message artwork.

As part of the Helmets for Kids program sponsored by Vespiario to increase helmet use and reduce road fatalities and injuries among young children in Wat Sommanat Primary School in Bangkok, AIP Foundation conducted extracurricular activities for students from kindergarten to 6th grade. Students participated in interactive and educational sessions, designed their own helmets and learned about traffic signs, road safety and how to protect themselves by wearing a helmet correctly.

Check out the photos here.

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AIP Foundation meets with Thai Royal Police to reduce road crashes during Songkran celebrations
25 February – Bangkok

AIP Foundation in collaboration with Save the Children met with the Thai Royal Police on March 7 to discuss preventions and ways to protect road users and reduce the number of road crashes during upcoming Songkran Holiday on April 11-14.

Participants acknowledged that unsafe road behaviors during celebration times were the main reasons of the high increase of road fatalities and injuries during holiday periods. The Thai Royal Police committed to addressing the problem of bad road behaviors with stronger enforcements during this period, targeting helmet wearing, driving while under the influence of alcohol, and speeding.

To view photos of the meeting click here.

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Primary school teachers receive valuable road safety training
20 March – Kai County

Teachers work in small groups, to practice using the road safety education materials.

On March 20, AIP Foundation organized a training session aimed to provide teachers with the skills to run their own road safety classes with students.

The training session was led by three master trainers who have previously undergone intensive training for teaching road safety, and was attended by a total of 13 teachers from Qili and Gaoqiao Primary School and representatives from the Education Department and AIP Foundation.

The session introduced teachers to a locally-tailored road safety curriculum, training them how to use the teaching materials effectively and demonstrating the effectiveness of the use of games and participatory approaches in teaching in-class road safety skills.

With these training sessions, AIP Foundation expect teachers to gain valuable methods of teaching road safety and lead more fun and creative activities in their classes.

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Walk Wise stakeholder meeting introduces new e-learning curriculum to 18 primary schools
21 March – Kai County

Attendees of the Walk Wise stakeholder meeting in Kai County.

AIP Foundation hosted a stakeholder meeting to commence the next phase of the Walk Wise project in Kai County. The Walk Wise project brings much needed road safety education to children and the community encompassing the locally-tailored road safety curriculum involving teacher and parent trainings, traffic simulation corners on school grounds, and reflective gear for students as they walk to school each day.

The meeting on March 21 was an opportunity to increase communication between stakeholders and the 18 project schools chosen to be part of the Walk Wise project, introduce the new e-learning curriculum, environmental modification manuals, and grants.

Attended by representatives from the education and police department and 32 school principals from the 18 project schools, the meeting also reviewed project work completed in 2013 and discussed planned project activities for the upcoming 2014 spring semester.

Mr. Liu from the Education Department summarized the meeting with, "It was a very successful meeting, now the 18 schools, especially the 16 new schools have received guidance and ideas about what previously worked and what is planned for the New Year." He also emphasized to the schools, "This is a very responsible and transparent project, and we hope each school should follow the plan and show accountability during the whole process."

To further help the schools understand the processes and requirements, staff from the Education Department and AIP Foundation committed to support all the 18 schools in implementing successful Walk Wise projects.

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New Update: Uganda police to 'halve road accidents' by 2020 – Police are aiming to reduce road traffic accidents across Uganda by 50 percent by the year 2020, disclosed the Police Commissioner in Charge of Traffic, Steven Kasiima. According to the 2013 Annual Crime Report, there was a seven percent reduction in road traffic accidents compared to 11 percent in 2012. Steven Kasiima said “the reduction should go up to 50 percent by 2020, as aimed by the UN global action plan.”

Source: New Vision, 13 March 2014

UHVI expands its helmet wearing campaign workshops to 2,000 motorcycle taxi drivers
22 March – Kampala

Boda boda operators attend road safety workshop in Kampala.

In continued partnership with the CrossRoads Programme, a DFID and EU-funded program, Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative (UHVI) jumpstarted phase III of the “Your life is your wealth – wear a helmet!” campaign in Kampala.

On March 22, the first of 20 road safety workshops targeting 2,000 boda boda (motorcycle taxi) operators commenced with attendance from 100 boda boda operators. Each attendee received a free high-quality helmet, was trained on traffic laws and regulations, and learned valuable skills including road crash preventions, proper helmet use, and defensive driving. The workshops coincide with a large-scale public awareness campaign which includes radio announcements, billboards, and additional publicity throughout Kampala, aimed at increasing the helmet wearing rate in the city.

The “Your life is your wealth—wear a helmet!” campaign builds on UHVI’s three years of experience promoting helmet wearing and road safety in Kampala.

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