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Email Archive
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2019 Late January New Features Announcement (Mar 2019)
Updated Archive Module, New "Prospect" Resident Type, added Blood Sugar Checks New Features to Make Your Job Easier In keeping with our commitment to help you provide outstanding care for the residents in your community, we’re excited to be announcing some time-saving enhancements that were just launched. We've heard your suggestions and will continue to make the software easier to use. Below are some of the new features and how they'll help. You should be seeing the

Jan 04 2019 New Feature Announcements Email (Jan 2019)
Our team is proud to announce several significant enhancements to our software.. Exciting New Features for You Our team is proud to announce several significant enhancements to our software to kick off 2019. As always, we’re committed to delivering up-to-date features and tools for your success. Our partnership is based on a pledge to continually enhance your user experience and provide software that is the easiest-to-use in the industry, while also improving your effectiven

2018.09 New User Login Design Email (Oct 2018)
Our team at AL Advantage is constantly working to make your job more efficient. Introducing the AL Advantage Redesigned User Login Screen Why is the redesign coming? Our team at AL Advantage is constantly working to make your job easier. We're redesigning this initial screen (sample above) to be easier to read and understand, with buttons in places where there were once only links. We've also added links to helpful FAQs and removed the large buttons at the top of the sc

Sep 26 2018 Caregiver Articles Announcement Email (Sep 2018)
You’re busy, and may not have time to look for the latest news on senior care... Announcing Caregiver Articles of the Month We know you’re busy, you work hard and want to be effective every day, but may not have time to look for resources to help improve and enhance your career and senior care duties. As a company that focuses on caregivers, we want you to succeed in this vital role of caring for our most vulnerable community, so, in the months to come, we’ll be highlight

Community Snapshot Announcement (Dec 2017)
Introducing: Your Community Snapshot Greetings!, The team at AL Advantage is excited to announce the launch of our new Community Snapshot page. This community data summary screen replaces the “Resident Info” screen as the first page users see after logging in. We’re confident that you’ll find it very helpful as a quick reference tool for daily actions and activities within your community, as well as a way to focus on residents that need special attention. Watch for this change to occ

Leave of Absence Tracking Announcement (Oct 2017)
AL Advantage is thrilled to announce resident “Leave of Absence" tracking! ANNOUNCING: Resident Leave of Absence Tracking Hi , The team at AL ADVANTAGE is thrilled to announce the launch of our lastest enhancement. Now, whenever a resident is away from your senior care community, everyone who needs the information can know where the resident is. Whether it be away for a vacation, home visit, hospitalization or any planned or unplanned absence. Once the resident

Jul 20 2017 Assessment Change Notice Announcement (Jul 2017)
The team at AL Advantage is pleased to announce a NEW enhancement - Assessment Change Notification Emails

March 2017 New System Admin Features & Data Protection (May 2017)
Announcing New System Administrator Tools for your team and Confidential Data Protection best practices

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