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June 2011

If you are interested in endorsing my accounting books, please contact me at The process is that I will contact you when a new book is ready (the next will be in about two months), and send out a PDF version of the book in exchange for a two-sentence endorsement that goes on the back of the book. You also get a free copy of the book when it is published. This is only available for those with a CPA certification or a manager title.
Video CPE is Coming
The largest continuing professional education provider is Western CPE, and they have just asked me to start creating video CPE for them, which they then make available as webcasts on their website. More information is coming soon!
New Q&A Items in June
Here is a selection of the Q&A items posted on during the month:
Accounting Best Practices Podcast
Episode: #125

Refinancing Debt. When should you refinance debt, and what are the ramifications? More...

Have an idea for a podcast episode? Send it to me at
New Website Pages in June
Here is a selection of new pages added to the website during the month (these are longer articles than the Q&A items noted above):
New Payroll Management Book
Payroll Management
Payroll Management: 2011 Edition
 covers time tracking, payroll processing, and paying employees, as well as United States payroll regulations and reporting requirements related to compensation, benefits, payroll taxes, and tax remittances. There are chapters addressing payroll procedures and controls.
 It even includes a Q&A section after every chapter, and yet it still only costs $19.95 as a PDF download. Available on Amazon for $34.95.  More...
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New CFO Manual
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