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Global Newsletter July 2014


Dear friends and supporters,

Last month, we saw effective results from our programs targeting children’s road safety and helmet use, spoke to communities about the importance of wearing helmets through outreach projects, and witnessed over two thousand parents exchange their low-quality helmets for those of high-quality.

In June, the Community Preventive Services Task Force published reinforcing evidence on the need for universal motorcycle helmet laws in order to reduce fatalities and injuries. Evidence shows that when universal laws, rather than partial helmet laws or no law, are implemented, there are substantial increases in helmet use and decreases in motorcycle-related fatalities and injuries. With our commitment to road safety and to support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety goals, we aim to strengthen our advocacy efforts for progressive legislation to reduce unnecessary deaths and injuries among motorcyclists.

Please see below to read more on AIP Foundation’s activities this past month.

Kind regards,

Mirjam Sidik
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

Table of Contents

1. Global

2. Vietnam

3. Cambodia

4. Thailand

5. China

6. Upcoming events


News Update:
Universal motorcycle helmet laws recommended to reduce deaths and injuries – The Community Preventive Services Task Force, whose members are appointed by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends universal motorcycle helmet laws based on strong evidence from 69 studies. Evidence of effectiveness indicates that universal helmet laws increase helmet use, decrease motorcycle-related fatal and nonfatal injuries, and are significantly more effective than no law or only partial motorcycle helmet laws. Economic evidence also shows that universal motorcycle helmet laws produce considerable economic benefits that greatly exceed costs.

Source: Community Guide News, 19 June 2014.

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BBC World News features AIP Foundation CEO Mirjam Sidik
15 July – Singapore

Rico Hizon, Presenter of Newsday from BBC World News, discusses AIP Foundation with CEO Mirjam Sidik

In July, BBC World News interviewed Mirjam Sidik, AIP Foundation CEO, live on their Newsday program to discuss Asia’s poor road safety. Mirjam discussed why there are more road fatalities in low- and middle-income countries, what can be done about this, and what AIP Foundation is doing to help prevent road crash fatalities and injuries throughout Asia.

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Sky-rocketing results from Johnson & Johnson Helmets for Kids sponsorship
1 April – 31 May, Dong Nai, Ha Tinh, and Quang Binh provinces

Helmet use in Johnson & Johnson project schools in Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, and Dong Nai

Students' helmet use has sky-rocketed following a donation of 4,057 helmets to students and teachers at 39 schools in April. Across seven new schools, students’ helmet use increased significantly from five percent before the donation in April to 93 percent in May.

Schools that had previously received donations also maintained high helmet use rates after implementing educational activities: 81 percent in April and 83 percent in May.

This is the third year of the Johnson & Johnson Helmets for Kids sponsorship in Dong Nai, Ha Tinh, and Quang Binh provinces. Johnson & Johnson will revisit these schools in September to donate 6,000 additional helmets to newly enrolled students.

A rigorous helmet observation methodology, developed in partnership with the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), was implemented in April 2014 that incorporated strategic filming of the traffic flow outside of the schools. With this new monitoring method, AIP Foundation was able to more accurately observe the increase in student helmet use rates.

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Final results from ‘Walk with FedEx Tour’ show increase in students’ pedestrian safety
23 June—Ho Chi Minh City

Students participate in pedestrian safety sessions as part of the ‘Walk With FedEx Tour’

From December 23, 2013 to January 17, 2014, the ‘Walk with FedEx Tour’ educated 12,943 students on safe pedestrian safety. Participating schools hosted a ‘Safety Day’ where AIP Foundation (as Safe Kids Vietnam) and school leaders organized pedestrian safety sessions, simulation corners, educational games, and distributed pedestrian safety booklets and reflective caps. Safe Kids Vietnam later presented a comedy skit at each school in April to emphasize pedestrian safety to students.

After five months of implementation, the final results show impressive program influence. From pre- to post-‘Walk With FedEx Tour’ implementation, students’ use of sidewalks increased from 35 to 80 percent, crosswalk use increased from 66 to 78 percent, and students involved in a crash decreased from 24 to 19 percent in the last six months. These encouraging results reinforce the importance of road safety education and program implementation among children.

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AIG launches its CSR road safety initiative in Vietnam with AIP Foundation
3 July—Hanoi

AIG stakeholders, government bodies, and project school principal attend partnership event

The American International Group (AIG), a multinational insurance corporation, and AIP Foundation announced their partnership to support the road safety program Helmets for Kids this month. The event marked the start of the school-based program at Trung Vuong Primary School in Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi.

Through AIG’s sponsorship of the Helmets for Kids program, all 1,845 students and eighty teachers at the school will receive quality helmets. Additionally, the larger school community, including parents, will receive valuable road safety education throughout the 2014-2015 school year. This program is part of AIG’s long-term initiative to promote road safety in communities throughout Vietnam.

For more photos, click here.

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AIP Foundation discusses year-end  Helmets for Families successes
17 July—Ho Chi Minh City

AIP Foundation meets with local authorities and school representatives to discuss Helmets for Families successes and lessons learned

A year-end meeting took place this month to present achievements, challenges, solutions, and lessons learned from the Helmets for Families project in Vietnam. The meeting took place between AIP Foundation, local authorities, and representatives from the program schools supported by Abbott Laboratories.

Similar to the Helmets for Kids program, Helmets for Families adds a new element that focuses on parents with the goal of changing parent behavior on standard helmets and helmet use.

Prior to the Helmets for Families program, the average helmet use rate among students across the four target schools was only 27 percent, with 81 percent of those wearing sub-standard, low-quality helmets. After program implementation, this rate increased significantly to approximately 84 percent of students wearing helmets, all of which are standard-quality.

In addition, AIP Foundation conducted pre- and post-intervention parent surveys. Results indicate that correct knowledge of standard helmet use increased from 18.5 percent to 62 percent after parent training.

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Effective helmet exchange displays parents’ commitment to quality helmets
10 April – 27 July—Binh Chanh District and District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Demonstration: Students watch how low-quality helmets, exchanged for ones of high-quality, do not protect the head

After learning of the importance of wearing not just a helmet, but a high quality helmet, 2,116 parents from Abbott Helmets for Families project schools participated in a helmet exchange.

Following this success, AIP Foundation worked with the Ho Chi Minh Traffic Safety Committee and the People’s Committees of Binh Chanh District and District 12 to further the exchange of helmets in the surrounding communities. In total, 1,351 “eggshell” helmets in Binh Chanh District and 819 from District 12 were exchanged for much needed high-quality helmets. In a powerful display of helmet quality support—and one that excites students—all of the sub-standard helmets were destroyed on project schools’ premises.

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News Update:
Road fatalities in Cambodia rise to 1,170 in six months—The number of road fatalities in Cambodia has risen to 1,170 so far this year, up 11 percent compared to the same period last year. Some 2,600 cases of road accidents have been reported since the start of the year, up 15 percent from the same period last year. Main causes of the accidents were high-speed driving (45 percent), alcohol driving (14 percent), and overtaking driving (10 percent).

Source: Xinhua News Agency via GlobalPost, 25 June, 2014

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Community outreach activities supported by Manulife promote helmet use
31 July — Phnom Penh

Volunteers reach out to the community near Wat Preah Put Primary School to discuss the importance of helmet use

On July 31, AIP Foundation's Cambodia team conducted community outreach to promote passenger helmet use through the Helmets for Families program supported by Manulife Cambodia.

Community outreach volunteers, selected from AIP Foundation training sessions, reached hundreds of people in the community surrounding the Wat Preah Put Primary School by distributing educational materials on the importance of helmet use and the road crash situation in Cambodia. Posters containing road safety information were placed in strategic high-volume centers to encourage the community to wear helmets. Volunteers also informed the community of the upcoming legislation amendment, which will require passengers to wear helmets.

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News Updates:
DLT and Road Safety Fund work together to reduce likelihood of road accidents—The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has teamed up with the Road Safety Fund network in a campaign to promote safe driving and reduce road accidents by implementing several measures to create a safety environment for road users.

Source: NNT, 29 July, 2014

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AIP Foundation promotes road safety awareness at AMCHAM Annual Picnic
28 June—Bangkok

Children enjoy decorating helmets at AIP Foundation’s table at AMCHAM’s Annual Picnic

At the end of June, The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) held their Annual Independence Day Picnic at KIS International School in Bangkok. At the venue, AIP Foundation organized a booth to increase awareness around road safety and helmet use that included a craft table for children to decorate their helmets. There were approximately 100-120 attendees at the event. Children visiting the booth enjoyed playing road safety games and personalizing their helmets.

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Chevron Thailand partners with AIP Foundation to reduce road fatalities and injuries
15 July—Bangkok

Chevron Thailand representatives and AIP Foundation Thailand begin the Chevron ‘Street Wise’ project

Mid-July, AIP Foundation staff met with Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd., to begin work on the Chevron Street Wise project. This innovative two-year project aims to reduce road crash fatalities and injuries among children in Songkhla province through a series of mutually-reinforcing activities: a comprehensive road safety curriculum, extracurricular activities, parent and community activities, and stakeholder engagement. The Chevron Street Wise project commences in July 2014 and is based upon AIP Foundation’s successful collaboration with Chevron in China.

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AIP Foundation Thailand Country Director interviewed on Amarin TV
20 July—Bangkok

Ms. Winther shown on Amarin TV with student recipients of a Helmets for Kids donation

On July 20, Amarin TV aired an interview with Ratanawadee Winther, the Thailand Country Director of AIP Foundation, on the television lifestyle show "Preaw the Jet Set."

During the interview, Ms. Winther discussed AIP Foundation and its mission of preventing road traffic fatalities and injuries. Thailand is ranked number two in the number of annual road fatalities worldwide; therefore, AIP Foundation’s road safety education and helmet provision in Thailand is tremendously important.

Watch the interview here (in Thai only).

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News Update:
PSA to teach kids about road safety—A public-service announcement has been issued by the nation's public health authorities to help protect children — particularly in rural areas — from traffic dangers. The PSA, which lasts about 20 minutes, will be distributed to various media outlets and educational institutions across the country to spread the road-safety message among children.

Source: ECNS, 8 July, 2014

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News Update:
Why china has the highest traffic fatalities in the world—During the past decade, China’s average annual number of traffic accidents was over 500,000, with an average annual death toll of more than 100,000. This traffic epidemic in China results from the impacts of several factors including driver’s licenses for sale, ignoring traffic rules, poor traffic management, and light traffic fines.

Source: The Epoch Times, 16 June, 2014.

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AIP Foundation China office launches community outreach series on road safety
25, 28, and 31, July—Kai County, Chongqing, China

Children play a road safety activity at an outreach event in Kai County

This month, AIP Foundation China office worked with the Kai County Traffic Police Department to host three road safety awareness events. The community outreach events consisted of an introduction from the township government and police department, interactive road safety games and activities, as well as road safety education videos. The events were very successful and attracted over 1,000 children, parents, and other community members in total. Two more events are planned to take place during the month of August.

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Upcoming events

International Road Federation to hold their first Asia Regional Congress in Bali this November
17-19 November—Bali, Indonesia

The International Road Federation (IRF) has announced that the first IRF Asia Regional Congress and Exhibition will be held in Bali, Indonesia this November 17-19, 2014. The event will run in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Works (Indonesia). Under the theme “Building the Trans-Asian Highway,” transportation decision-makers and industry executives from across the region will attend to gain unique insights into proven and innovative solutions, latest industry technologies, and best practices suited to the region’s growing mobility needs.

For more information and to register, click here.

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