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Oct 22 2020 Email (Oct 2020)
Beyers Lumber & Hardware (B.L.C) - A Builder's Resource! NEW Concrete Forms! TruWood Valueform for Concrete 7/16" 12 in x 16' in unprimed Coming Soon! (8" x 16' in unprimed) Replacing the old Masontie Siding, ValueForm radius capability makes it ideal for highly curved forming designs such as walkways, patios, pool aprons and driveways. More cost effective than other forming materials. No silica dust Makes your concrete jobs easier.  Redu

Cedar & Pressure Treated Apr 01 2021 Email (Apr 2021)
🚚 NEW Inventory!! #1 KDAT Pressure Treated Yellow Pine - IN-STOCK!! 1", 5/4" & 2" PINE D 1X4 (S4S GC CA KDAT)  PINE D 1X6 (S4S GC GA KDAT)   PINE PREM 5/4X6 (S4S GC CA KDAT)   PINE #1 2X2 (S4S GC CA KDAT) PINE EXL 2X4 (S4S GC CA KDAT) PINE EXL 2X6 (S4S GC CA KDAT) PINE #1 2X8 (S4S GC CA KDAT) PINE #1 2XI0 (S4S GC CA KDAT) PINE #1 2X10 (S4S GC CA KDAT) PINE #1 2X12 (S4S GC CA KDAT) Timbers & Plywood PINE #1 4X4 (S4S GC CA SDAT) PI

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