View from the Chair

ECG Management Consultants, Inc. has been engaged to conduct an assessment of CDU’s business operations and to provide interim management support to the institution. The initial conclusions arising from their evaluation include:


  Several core functional areas currently are being staffed at minimal levels.


  In many areas, there is only one staff member to perform key functions, with no cross-trained staff to cover in case of vacation, illness, etc.


  Many positions are vacant, consistently have new staff due to turnover, or are filled by people without adequate training or experience to fulfill the duties of the position.


  Upgrades and maintenance of systems, facilities, and equipment have been delayed due to budgetary concerns.


The Initial Summary of CDU Resource Needs list included support in areas of Audit/Compliance, Human Resources, Development, Facilities Administration, Finance, Information Systems, Media Relations and Communications, Educational Administration, etc. This initial document has been shared with the Board of Trustees, at last week’s Board meeting, and with some Board of Councilors.


The plan is to fill the identified roles with in-kind support from partners, ECG or internal resources, while working towards a long-term and a more sustainable model. The California Endowment has been especially supportive with this initiative. 


 I will be holding a University Forum in the next few days to give the University community an update on some recent progress. The announcement will go out as soon as the reservation arrangements are finalized.  

M. Roy Wilson, M.D., M.S.
Board of Trustees

Gaining StatusThrough New Accreditation 


Dr Orum
Dr. Gail Orum

The Health Information Technology program in the College of Science and Health  recently passed accreditation. The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management recognized the program for completing a rigorous process of voluntary peer review, while meeting or exceeding the commission's minimum standards.  The recognition means the program adheres to strict codes and standards. The designation also helps students realize they will be learning professional level skills and knowledge, and establishing academic eligibility for professional certifications.  "The achievement of this great milestone is due to the tireless efforts of the program director, Ms. Monica Thurston, her faculty and staff," said Dr. Gail Orum, dean, College of Science and Health.  "It speaks to the program's commitment to academic excellence."

Making Service and Support a Top Priority

(From left to right) Michael Perry, Nathaniel
Clark, Nathaniel Brown, Dionisio Ong
Staff members in the Administration and Risk Management Department recognize their responsibility to provide effective administrative support services to students, faculty, staff and campus guests. To keep the service objectives in the forefront of what they do, the following set of Vision & Expectation Statements were developed:
RISK MANAGEMENT - To proactively, cost-effectively and collaboratively protect and safeguard the university community and environment by systematically identifying and analyzing exposures to risks; selecting and implementing cost-effective risk mitigation strategies; financing risk assessed or incurred losses, and monitoring the environment for opportunities to continually improve and enhance the risk management, control and compliance functions. (Michael Perry; Nate Clark)


FACILITIES & PLANT MANAGEMENT - To proactively and cost-effectively provide an exceptionally well-managed, clean, safe, and orderly campus physical environment for students, faculty, administrators and campus guests by improving upon existing policies, procedures and practices, while incorporating facilities and plant management's best practices.  (Donny Ong)


PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY - To proactively and cost-effectively serve and safeguard university stakeholders; to secure university assets by providing customer-oriented protective and advisory services, while striving to exceed customer expectations by adopting public safety and security best practices.  (Nate Brown)


LEADERSHIP & SUPPORT STAFF - To provide Risk Management; Facilities & Plant Management, and Public Safety & Security with effective, competent and consistent leadership, quality administrative staff support, as well as professional guidance and technical assistance. (Nate Clark, Tonya King) 


News in Brief



The Administration and Finance Department will be presenting a series of three sessions explaining in detail that the university is financially sustainable.   

Part 1: Mon. Dec. 20

What is sustainability and how is that measured?


Part 2: Mon., Jan. 10, 2011

The current financial status.


Part 3: Mon., Jan. 24, 2011

The business plan.


All sessions run from noon to 1:30 p.m.  in Cobb 281.  (Refreshments will be served.)




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