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If they can attract their members of TransNet transport exchange to use it for free, then it means that they will have bigger and stronger chances in the competition. A lot of sites are now offering something free for the shippers, online shops, selling focused business, freight forwarders and many more.

The offers on-line based freight and transport exchange CargoNet and TransNet from year 2001. He is a leader with delivering cargo and transport (basicly truck) offers by e-mail, so that is the reason why they are known as leaders by email.

TransNet Promotion

The TransNet Transport Exchange is now free of charge again with the Delivering goods from different countries is now easier and faster because freight forwarders, shippers and transport companies that offer freight forwarding can offer their loads for free. For the same reason it is now easier for people to offer loads, search carriers and search for trucks.
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This news is to attract members of TransNet to offer loads. The is now offering a free of charge TransNet transport exchange to help everyone save their money. With TransNet transport exchange, transport companies and freight forwarders can now offer loads, search carriers and search for trucks by any countries with interest, subscribe and receive trucks on their emails for free for the active members.


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So, for those that are not yet a member of TransNet transport exchange, this is the right time for everyone to be a member of the TransNet so that they can get the free charges and promotions available. The is now offering a lot of promotions for the old & new members that everyone will surely enjoy. With the amazing strong competition in the market today, everyone is now doing their best and to have the TransNet Free of charge at is surely a competitive advantage.

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For more information regarding the TransNet Transport exchange, kindly visit this website
Offer expires on: 20/03/2013