Important Update for Sponsored Libyan Students
in Canada

19th December, 2014

Dear Libyan Students in Canada,

CBIE continues to experience delays in receiving essential budget transfers from Libya covering scholarship benefits for eligible students. Understanding the nature of the current political situation and the critical implications on students and their families in North America, we have taken steps to engage senior government officials in our efforts to resolve the funding delays.

We are currently communicating with various stakeholders in Libya, the Libyan Embassies in Ottawa and in Washington, and senior Canadian and US government officials.

We are hopeful that these combined efforts will result in ensuring that all scholarship-related funding will be transferred by the Libyan Central Bank as a priority, including the essential budgets for MLA, health insurance and tuition.

Further to the above, please be advised that we have not yet received the 2014/2015 annual tuition budget. We have been informed that the Scholarship Department has finalized the Tafweedat List for the tuition budget, and it is anticipated that the budget will be sent to the Ministry of Finance within the next week.

As well, regarding the Quarter 1, 2015 MLA, we have not yet received the official quarterly list and we anticipate a delay in receiving the budget transfer. Early signs suggest that it may be transferred at the beginning of January.

Please be assured that CBIE shares in your concerns regarding the funding delays and we will continue our efforts to engage senior government officials at all levels in ensuring that serious implications resulting from the delays in budget transfers are communicated.

We appreciate the efforts made by the Scholarships Department as well as through the Libyan Embassies in Canada and the US in also engaging their key government officials.

CBIE will inform you of the status of the Quarter 1, 2015 MLA transfer and other new developments during the first week of January.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program