Update to Institutions in the United States

October 16th, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

As some of you may already know, the Libya-U.S. program is currently comprised of two units: Medical/Dentistry, and Academic. CBIE is pleased to inform you that effective immediately, we will be introducing a 3rd Unit in the U.S.: the ESL Unit, which is designed to provide a dedicated and more focused level of support to new students who are currently in ESL programs and preparing for admission to academic degrees. After completing ESL and gaining academic admission, students will transition to the U.S. Academic Unit and will be assigned a new CBIE Academic Manager.

The ESL-Unit will be directed by Ms. Debbie Grantham and will be comprised of two CBIE Academic Managers: Ms. Sarah Levinson, and Ms. Amira Ismail. If your institution currently hosts both ESL and Academic Libyan sponsored students, this means you will now have two points of contact at CBIE – a CBIE Academic Manager for the ESL students, and a CBIE Academic Manager for academic students. For an updated list of states within each unit, please refer to our website at:


As well, we would like to bring to your attention the fact that ESL tuition invoices should now be sent to tuition.esl@cbie.ca, whereas academic tuition invoices can continue to be sent to tuition.us@cbie.ca. (Moving forward, financial support letters issued by the ESL Unit will include the tuition.esl@cbie.ca email address in the letter for your reference.)

To ensure a smooth transition for all involved, please be assured that any pending invoices or issues will be communicated by your current Academic Manager to the new Academic Manager.

US-Libya Team 
Libyan-North American Scholarship Program