1st and 2nd Quarter MLA Update
February 14th, 2014

Dear Libyan Students in the United States,  

CBIE would like to share with you some positive news regarding the 1st and 2nd Quarter Monthly Living Allowance (MLA) funds. The Libyan Embassy in Washington confirmed to us the receipt of the funds from the Libyan Central Bank.

We anticipate the funds to be transferred to our finance department by next week. Please note that the Libyan Embassy in Washington will be closed on Monday February 17th, 2014 to commemorate the Third Anniversary of the Libyan Revolution.

Once CBIE receives the funds, we will process the January and February MLAs to all eligible students in the United States. We will send an email to our students as soon as we receive the funds and provide an approximate processing time.

At this time, CBIE would like to thank the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as our partners in the Libyan Embassy in Washington for working diligently in expediting the receipt of the funds.

On a final note, we would like to congratulate all our students as well as our Libyan colleagues and partners on celebrating the third anniversary of the Libyan Revolution. We hope this important milestone will enhance Libya’s prosperity and development as a nation.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program