Important Notice from the LNASP
June 24th, 2014

Dear Libyan Students in the United States,

CBIE is pleased to inform you that today we have received a transfer of funds from the Ministry of Higher Education via the Libyan Embassy in Washington. In this regard, we extend our thanks to the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Libyan Central Bank and the Embassies of Libya in Ottawa and Washington for their role in coordinating and transferring the funds to CBIE.

Based on the funds received today, health insurance benefits for eligible students for the month of July will continue as usual through the UnitedHealth Care (UHC). Furthermore, the June MLA has been processed and transmitted to all eligible students today, which means eligible students can expect to receive the MLA in their accounts within 2-4 business days.

Please be advised that CBIE has not yet received the Third / Fourth Quarter MLA lists and budget from the Ministry of Higher Education. This means that we anticipate the July MLA will be delayed to all students until the lists and funds are received by CBIE. CBIE has communicated with the Scholarship Department in Tripoli to inquire about the status of the funds and lists, and we will continue to follow-up in that regard and to keep you informed of any new developments.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program