MLA Update 
January 31, 2014


Dear Libyan Students in North America,

This message is in follow-up to our messages sent on January 10th & January 24th, 2014 concerning the delay in processing the Monthly Living Allowance (MLA) .

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research informed CBIE this week that the 1st Quarter MLA budget for January – March 2014 has not yet been transferred. Regretfully, this means that CBIE continues to be unable to process your January MLA, and the February MLA will also be delayed.

CBIE is in daily communication with the Ministry and upon receiving news of a concrete timeline and confirmation that the funds are in-transit, we will update all students.

As mentioned in our previous messages, we are prepared to process the MLA to all eligible students as soon as we receive the funds.

We understand the difficulties that this delay in payment may cause to you and your families, and we will keep you informed as new information is available.


The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program 

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