Important Notice from the LNASP
June 6th, 2014

Dear Libyan Students in the United States,

This message is a follow-up to our previous correspondence sent on April 11th, 2014 and on May 16th, 2014 concerning the financial status of your scholarship benefits and the steps that CBIE is currently taking in addressing the current budget shortfall resulting from the delay in receipt of budget transfers from Libya.

Due to the evolving political situation in Libya, CBIE has not yet received the anticipated 2013/2014 health insurance budget from the Ministry of Finance, despite the fact that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has approved the transfer. As you know, CBIE has maintained the coverage for health insurance during this past academic year based on the Ministry’s intent to transfer the budget to our account, understanding the importance of ensuring uninterrupted health coverage for students and their families.

As of today, we have not received the transfer of funds from the Ministry for the 2013/2014 health insurance budget, nor have we received any indication when we might anticipate the transfer of funds from Libya. Furthermore, we expect that the Third Quarter MLA (July to September) budget transfer will be delayed under the circumstances.

Understanding the critical implications of this situation on students and their families in North America, CBIE is currently in close communication with senior government officials and various stakeholders, including at the Ministry of Finance and the Libyan Embassies in Washington D.C. and Ottawa, to expedite the transfer of outstanding budgets. In addition, we will be meeting with the Libyan Ambassadors to the United States and Canada to discuss the current financial status of the scholarship program and to jointly examine possible solutions.

Due to the program’s current financial status, regrettably, we are therefore required to confirm the following measures, which will be in place until such time when the anticipated transfer of the 2013/2014 health insurance and other budgets are received by CBIE:

1. The June MLA will continue to be on-hold. (Includes budgets transfers through First/Second Quarter MLA budget and through separate Tafwedat lists).

2. The UHC health insurance will be placed on hold as of July 1, 2014.

3. New/nominated students are advised to postpone their travel plans and file activation.

4. All eligible reimbursements to students have been placed on hold.

5. Mid-period tickets to Libya continue to be on hold.

6. Graduating students or students wishing to close their file and return to Libya will be eligible to request their final ticket to Libya and their baggage allowance, however, thesis reimbursement processing has been placed on hold.

7. Financial Support Letters for Admission Purposes will continue to be issued at this time.

8. Financial Support Letters for Registration Purposes for the current Summer 2014 session continue to be issued to eligible students, and institutions are also being informed of possible delays in tuition processing due to the current funding situation.

9. Financial Support Letters for Registration Purposes for Fall 2014 have been temporarily placed on-hold.

Furthermore, CBIE has sent a separate message to institutions updating them on the overall funding situation, including the delay in issuing the June MLA, the possible impact on health insurance and the possible delay in payment of tuition fees. We anticipate that the institutions will be understanding and supportive due to the current political situation in Libya.

We regret these circumstances and assure you that we will continue to follow-up on this urgent matter and to keep you informed of new developments.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program