LNASP Financial Update for Institutions in the United States

December 2014

Dear Institutional Partners,

As you know from our latest communication on November 12, 2014 due to the situation on-the-ground in Libya, CBIE is experiencing delays in receiving tuition funds from the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. Similar to the tuition delays we experienced last year, we anticipate we may receive the annual tuition budget in mid-January, at which time we are prepared to move quickly in transferring payments to institutions.

As such, we appreciate everything institutions continue to do by way of waiving late fees, extending payment deadlines, and ensuring continued enrollment for students with valid Financial Support Letters for the upcoming Winter/Spring 2015 semester.

Understanding the nature of the current political situation and the critical implications resulting from delayed budget transfers on students and their families in North America, we have taken steps to engage senior government officials in our efforts to resolve the funding delays.

We are currently communicating with various stakeholders in Libya, the Libyan Embassies in Ottawa and in Washington, and senior Canadian and US government officials.

Through past email messages from CBIE (also posted on our website at: http://www.cbie-bcei.ca/what-we-do/student-portal/libya/2014-updates-announcements/), students are already aware of the general delays CBIE has been facing in receiving essential budgets. CBIE recognizes and is grateful for the ongoing support, understanding, and flexibility that you have provided to Libyan sponsored students during these difficult times.

Please be assured that CBIE will keep students and institutional partners informed of new developments through communication early in the New Year.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program