Policy Update for Medical Doctors in the United States
December 2014

Dear Specialized Medical Doctors in the United States,

This message is intended to inform the Medical Doctors in the US regarding policy updates resulting from the Meeting of the Steering Committee between CBIE and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research from October 23 – 25, 2014.

Please refer to the recently updated Policy Document & FAQs for Medical Doctors in the United States.  We encourage you to take a moment to review these new policies to determine how they may impact your scholarship and your study plan at this time.

As a summary, the Ministry instructed CBIE that doctors on Specialized decrees are eligible to do a Master’s program, as a “plan B” on your Specialized scholarship. Doctors in a Master’s program, on a Specialized decree beyond 36 months, are not eligible to participate in the Match.

As well, scholarships for doctors in Master’s programs, on Specialized decrees, will be discontinued upon obtaining a Master’s degree or upon reaching the end of the Ministry scholarship.

Self-funded doctors on Decree 655 are no longer eligible to participate in USMLE Preparation or the Match. As such, your options are to close your file and return to Libya or to start a Masters program. If a Master’s program is started, the scholarship will terminate at the end of the scholarship and an extension cannot be requested.

Please review the attached policy document, especially sections 3 and 4, to see how it will affect your scholarship going forward. Doctors, who may be impacted by these new Ministry policy decisions, who have questions or concerns need to contact your CBIE Academic Manager by email after your have reviewed the policy document.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program