LNASP Important Financial Update

June 6th, 2014

Dear Institutions and Partners,

We are writing today to provide you with several important updates. As you know, the situation on the ground in Libya over the past few weeks has deteriorated. Regrettably , such events directly impact the Libyan North American Scholarship Program. For example, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to transfer funds out of Libya.

As such, after communicating with the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research and the Libyan Embassies in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa on this matter, CBIE has informed students that the June monthly living allowance will be delayed until new funds are received.

As well, in the absence of a transfer of new funds, the students’ United Health Care insurance plans may be terminated effective July 1, 2014. Other financial processing, such as reimbursements to students and tuition payments, have also been temporarily placed on-hold until new funds are received, the timing of which is currently unknown. However, CBIE would like to underscore that all Winter/Spring 2014 tuition invoices received through the end of March have already been processed and paid.

As well, we encourage institutions to continue sending new invoices as usual, with the understanding that there will be some delays in processing until new funds are received.

CBIE fully understands the serious negative implications the above measures will have on students, and in no way was this decision taken lightly. We are working with senior Government officials to assist in expediting the release of funds for Libyan sponsored students in the U.S., but we cannot say with certainty how long the process will take.

In the meantime, we want institutions to be fully informed of the situation, as it is likely Libyan sponsored students may be coming to you with questions and concerns. We truly appreciate any support you are able to offer to them during this difficult time.

Please be assured that we continue to be committed to communicating with institutional partners and stakeholders so that everyone is fully informed of updates and developments as they become available. As a reminder, copies of all Benchmark messages sent to students and institutions will be posted on our website at:


CBIE Libyan-North American Scholarship Program