Important message to new Libyan students who have activated their scholarship in the US during the past year

February 6, 2015

Dear Libyan Students in the United States, 

As you know, the events on the ground in Libya have affected the Libyan government’s capacity to transfer essential scholarship benefits for all Libyan students in the U.S. Furthermore, the delays in receiving essential scholarship budgets covering the cost of tuition fees for the 2014-2015 academic year as well as health insurance since August 2014, further impacts the program’s ability to assist our current active students at this time.

CBIE understands that the delay in receipt of all budgets is resulting in undue financial hardship for students and their families who have had their scholarships activated this past year, including complications related to academic registration, university application, immigration status, health insurance and living conditions.

With the best interest of the students and their families in mind, effective immediately, CBIE is temporarily placing the activation of all nominated students on hold until further notice. This refers to students who have not yet activated their files with CBIE and who have not yet received a Financial Support Letter for registration purposes from CBIE.

We have advised nominated students not to travel to the US until such time that CBIE releases an update to confirm the reinstatement of the file activation process. Please refer to the link by clicking here.

This past year, CBIE proceeded in activating scholarships for new students who were included on the Ministry’s New Student Tafweedat lists #1-24. For students included on lists #1-15, we have received the budget transfers covering only two Monthly Living Allowances (MLA), $9,000 in tuition fees and a computer allowance.

For students included on lists #16-24, CBIE has not received any budget transfers. Based on assurances that budgets would be forthcoming, the funds that CBIE has disbursed to students on both the funded and unfunded lists have well exceeded actual funds received by the Ministry. Unfortunately, CBIE is not in a position to release any additional MLAs to students whose MLA budgets have not been transferred.

As usual, CBIE will continue our efforts in communicating with key stakeholders, including the Libyan Embassy in Washington, regarding the critical nature of the program’s funding and to provide regular updates to students. However, new students who are experiencing serious funding challenges may apply to CBIE by February 12, 2015 to close their files and request a final ticket to Libya. CBIE will consequently liaise with the Scholarship Department to request funding on an urgent basis to cover final tickets to new students who opt to return to Libya.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program