LNASP Quarter 3, 2014 Update 
August 27th, 2014

Dear Student,

You are receiving this message because you are classified as a 'New Student' in our scholarship program database system, meaning your scholarship was activated in 2014.

After reviewing the Third Quarter MLA List received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, CBIE regrets to inform you that your name was not included on the list.

Although CBIE sends Confirmation of Activation Letters to the Ministry for each new student, due to events on-the-ground in Libya (and subsequent closure of the Scholarship Department this summer), there is a longer processing time than usual.

As such, the Scholarship Department did not have a chance to add many newly activated students to the Quarter 3 list yet.

This discrepancy issue was brought to the attention of the newly formed Special Committee in the Scholarship Department in Libya, tasked with resolving urgent issues impacting Libyan students in North America, and it was agreed that CBIE will proceed in paying new students in this category while we continue to await the MLA transfer for Quarter 3. As well, the Special Committee will make every effort to ensure that all students activated in 2014 are included on the upcoming Quarter 4 MLA list.

Based on the above agreement, please be advised that within the coming few business days, you will be receiving a deposit to your account for the Quarter 3 MLAs that are owed to you, keeping in mind that next Monday September 1st, 2014 is Labour Day (a national holiday in North America) where the majority of businesses, government agencies, and financial institutions will be closed.

The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program