Important Update to Students in the United States and Canada 

April 25th, 2013


Dear Libyan Students in the United States and Canada,

CBIE is delighted to share with you the good news we received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (the Ministry) today regarding the transfer of funds for the health insurance expenses as well as the second quarter MLA.

CBIE would like to thank the Ministry for their expedited decision to extend funding to all eligible students and the Libyan Embassies in Canada and the US for their support towards resolving the funding issue.

We would also like to thank all students for their patience and understanding throughout the process. CBIE is committed to work together with the Ministry and all stakeholders to ensure that the scholarship services and program funding are uninterrupted and delivered in the most professional and expedient way.

Below please find more information on various entitlements:

Health Insurance

We are happy to inform you that  Health Insurance coverage will continue through the month of May for all eligible students. We are working with the Ministry for the transfer of additional funds to cover the period beyond May 2013.

Monthly Living Allowance

On April 9th, 2013, the Ministry released a list of students approved for the 2nd Quarter MLA. Subsequent reports were submitted by CBIE and were reviewed by a special Ministry Committee in Libya.

We are pleased to inform you that today two new lists have been issued authorizing approximately 699 more students to receive the 2nd Quarter MLA (provided these students are also eligible according to CBIE records).

Please note there remains a small number of students who are currently not in the Ministry’s records. CBIE will continue to work with the Ministry to resolve these discrepancies.

For students in Canada

Please note that on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 CBIE received funds allowing us to pay the second quarter MLA. These funds were earmarked specifically for students who are active in CBIE’s database and included on the Ministry’s second quarter budget list.

The April MLA has been processed to these students today, Thursday, April 25, and should be in your bank accounts in the next 2-3 business days.

The April MLA for those students in Canada who were recently added to the second quarter budget as well as the May MLA for all active students, will be to be processed shortly.

For students in the United States

CBIE has not yet received the 2nd quarter MLA transfer. We are in communication with all parties involved, including the Ministry and the Libyan Embassy in D.C., and we remain hopeful that the funds will be received sometime early next week, at which time we will promptly process the April and May MLA to students.

Note that students must be active in CBIE’s database and included on the Ministry’s second quarter MLA lists.

MLA/Dependent/Marital Status Adjustments

For students on the Ministry’s list and active in CBIE’s database, CBIE submitted a report to the Ministry documenting the  marital status, MLA rates, and names of dependents. The Ministry is also aware that there are discrepancies in scholarship dates.

A special Ministry Committee is working to determine the best way to correct and align scholarship information for students. CBIE is in communication with the Committee to provide information as requested.

Other Scholarship Entitlements

CBIE anticipates resuming all scholarship benefits, including issuance of Financial Support Letters for the Summer 2013 session for all eligible active students in the near future based on confirmation we have received from the Ministry that funds will soon be transferred. We will continue to keep students updated as more information becomes available.  


The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program