Important Update to Students in the United States and Canada

  May 17th, 2013

Dear Students,

Further to CBIE's message sent on April 25th, 2013, we would like to provide you with an update regarding the status of your scholarship benefits.

Health Insurance

The Ministry will soon be transferring health insurance funds for June 1, 2013 onwards that will enable CBIE to continue uninterrupted health insurance coverage to eligible students, as per Ministry records.

Please note that insurance benefits will be terminated at the end of your sponsorship period and cannot be extended for students with pending 2nd Master’s or 3rd PhD extension requests.

If you have questions concerning your health insurance eligibility, please contact your Academic Manager.


CBIE is currently waiting to receive the transfer of funds from the Ministry for payment of tuition fees. Spring tuition payments for eligible students have been processed and the cheque will be mailed to universities upon confirmation of the transfer of funds from the Ministry to CBIE.

Financial support letters for Summer 2013 registration may be issued to primary students who are active in CBIE’s database, as well as active in the Ministry’s records. If you require a financial support letter to register for summer courses, please contact your Academic Manager.

Monthly Living Allowance

There remain a small number of students who are currently not active in the Ministry’s records, but who are considered active with CBIE. The Ministry is in the process of reviewing the urgent reports submitted by CBIE on behalf of this group of students. Until these discrepancies are resolved, however, CBIE remains unable to pay MLAs to students who are not active in the Ministry’s database.

Mid-term Travel

Please note that CBIE has not yet received funds from the Ministry to cover the costs associated with mid-term travel. As such, we are unable to process mid-term travel requests at this time. Students who choose to purchase their own mid-term travel tickets to Libya are advised to keep copies of all travel documents, including itemized receipts/proof of payment, boarding passes for round-trip travel as well as the letter from the supervisor confirming that the vacation will not interfere with the anticipated completion date. While we cannot offer any guarantees to eligible students that their mid-term ticket will be reimbursed, we may be in a position in the future to consider your request.

As well, students may wish to discuss proposed itineraries and travel costs with their Academic Managers, keeping in mind that average round-trip ticket costs typically average $1,600 per adult. Students who choose to travel at their own expense are asked to inform their Academic Manager of the dates of travel and to discuss summer registration and the visa renewal process. For complete details on the policies related to mid-term travel, please reference the Travel Form available on the website.

Extension Requests

Students who require an extension to their original scholarship must submit the required documents a minimum of three months in advance to their Academic Manager, using the Extension Form accessible through the website.

With a complete extension request on file and submitted to the Ministry for authorization, CBIE is able to continue select scholarship benefits (tuition/insurance only) during the first Master’s extension period (maximum 6 months) and the first and second PHD extension period (maximum 8+4 months). However, effective immediately, the MLA will not be processed until CBIE receives confirmation from the Ministry that funding has been transferred for the approved extension period. This financial confirmation is separate from the approval decree issued by the Scholarship Department. CBIE must receive both the approval decree and the financial confirmation in order for the MLA to be reinstated. This is the case for standard Masters and PHD extensions, as well as 36 month extensions from Masters to PHD study.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your continued patience as we work with the Ministry to streamline our communication and support for Libyan students in North America.

Finally, please note that CBIE’s office will be closed on Monday, May 20th, in celebration of Victoria Day.


The Libyan-North American Scholarship Program