Harmful Effects of Xenoestrogens in Thermal Receipts, Drinks, Cosmetics, Plastics and more
CHI HEALTH LETTER                October 31, 2014      
In our industrialized environment, we are constantly exposed to xenoestrogens. Clouding agents are used in juices, sports drinks and fruit jams, syrups, tablets and powders. Phthalates are found in plastics and cosmetics. Pesticides are often used on fruits and vegetables. And recently studies show that a highly toxic xenoestrogen called Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in thermal cash register receipts. Furthermore, the use of hand sanitizers and creams were found to increase absorption of BPA into the system.

Xenoestrogens – such as clouding agents, phthalates, pesticides and BPA – mimic estrogen and disrupt normal functions in the body that leads to damage to the reproductive system and other organs and even cancer. Simply put, xenoestrogens contribute to estrogen dominance. In men, they lead to feminizing qualities, reduces sperm count, and increased risk of testicular, prostate and male breast cancer. In women, it can induce early puberty, cause menstrual abnormalities, and increase breast cancer risk. Children are especially vulnerable. Xenoestrogens can be passed on from the mother to the fetus. Or these substances can be transferred to babies when they come in contact with adults wearing cosmetics.
Myomin counteracts Xenoestrogens

Of course, minimizing exposure to xenoestrogens is the best and most obvious step to take to preserve our health. However, this is impossible to do in this day and age. Xenoestrogens are, after all, everywhere. Because xenoestrogens mimic the action of estrogen in the body but produces harmful effects, it is imperative to reduce our own body's estrogen.

Myomin can reduce the production of the "bad" estrogens, estrone (E1) and estradiol (E2), by reducing the conversion of androstenedione to E1 and testosterone to E2. As a result, more of the good estrogen, estriol (E3), will be produced. Furthermore, Myomin can also occupy estrogen receptors so binding of the "bad" estrogens (including xenoestrogens) to these receptors will be minimized, reducing their harmful effects.

Myomin works so efficiently for this purpose that Dr. Hugo Rodier, MD from Utah, continually recommends Myomin to his patients to combat the effects of xenoestrogens.

It is also important to note that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and birth control pills are also considered xenoestrogens because they do mimic estrogen and its effects. When taking these, Myomin should be added to correct excess estrogen accumulation.

We can see Myomin's effect in reducing levels of "bad" estrogen through these cases.

M. Renaud, LAc from Florida, reports on a 52-year-old female patient who has been on Bioidentical HRT but still had hormonal imbalance. After adding Myomin for 8 months, her estrogen quotient (EQ) increased to over 2. This means that she has more of E3, the good estrogen, than E1 and E2 combined. An EQ over 1 signifies a lower risk for cancer.

G. Depke, ND from CA, has a 47-year-old female patient taking progesterone and DHEA for adrenal fatigue. She had high E2 and progesterone levels. As expected, her Pg/E2 ratio is low, signifying estrogen dominance. Then after taking Myomin for 4 months, she achieved hormonal balance: her E2 reduced and progesterone increased.

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