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August 29, 2023
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Trucking Industry Asked to Rank Top Concerns
EV Data Collection Webinar
Depositions: Zoom vs. In-Person
Chain Up Tips
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MCE Registration Opens
CMCA Office Closed
Death of Capt. David R. Dodson, Retired
CMCA Safety Group Training
Know Before You Go
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Trucking Industry Asked to Rank Top Concerns



Washington, D.C. –  The American Transportation Research Institute, the trucking industry’s not-for-profit research organization, today launched the 2023 Top Industry Issues Survey. The annual survey asks trucking industry stakeholders to rank the top issues of concern for the industry along with potential strategies for addressing each issue.


Now in its 19th year, ATRI’s annual analysis not only ranks the issues overall but also provides insights into how critical topics are ranked differently by motor carriers and professional drivers. The report also allows stakeholders to monitor issues over time to better understand which issues are rising, or falling, in criticality.


“The annual Top Industry Issues Survey has long been a crucial part of understanding the challenges facing our country’s supply chain. ATRI’s research provides an opportunity for thousands of trucking industry professionals, from drivers to executives, to weigh in on the most important topics that affect trucking and collectively decide on the best strategies for addressing each,” said ATA Chair Dan Van Alstine, Ruan Transportation Management Systems President and COO.


“I encourage my fellow drivers to take a few minutes and complete ATRI’s Top Industry Issues Survey. Whether your top issue is truck parking, driver compensation, detention, traffic congestion or something else, it only takes a few minutes to make your voice heard and for us collectively to let the industry know what drivers are most concerned about,” said Ken Duncan, an America’s Road Team Captain and professional truck driver for Walmart Transportation.


The results of the 2023 survey will be released October 14, 2023 as part of the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition to be held in Austin, Texas.


Industry stakeholders are encouraged to complete the 2023 survey available by clicking hereThe survey will remain open through September 29, 2023.


Colorado’s Medium- and Heavy-Duty EV Data Collection Project Webinar | Overview and Results


Lawyer using laptop for video call


Depositions: Zoom vs. In-Person


Recently, two separate claims managers said, “I want my attorney at the deposition, in the room, looking the other person in the eye.” OK. But, in today’s Zoom world, is “in-person” better?

I don’t think so. Particularly if you do it right, record the video, and maximize Zoom’s capabilities.

We live in a YouTube society. It is the No. 2 most visited website, trailing only Google (which owns it).

Additionally, YouTube is the primary source of news for many. And “how to” videos. And music. And…

YouTube has had a major impact on our society. Videos on YouTube have brought to light occurrences that would never otherwise have seen the light of day.

So why not align our evidence with the realities of today’s society? Why not present our case in the format most jurors get their information? And meet their expectations in a world in which everything is thought to be on video? Video is validation.

Let’s take it to the next level by maximizing the power of visualization. Integrate exhibits on screen with the testimony of the witness.

Video, from in-cab to Ring doorbells, is vital evidence in more and more cases. Why not have it onscreen while the witness comments, rather than disjointed in multiple media?

Instead of the “old school” of presenting the top of the witness’s head while he reads from the document or she comments on a photo, show it on screen, simultaneously with the testimony.

And let the jurors see it and read it for themselves. There are legion of studies about retaining information you see rather than hear.

Video greatly enhances the production. And trials are productions. They must be the most attention-retention presentation of information in the most credible manner, or how the jurors see it for themselves. That is why, back in the day, we had those blown-up photo and documents on Styrofoam boards. Let’s take it to the new reality. Let’s bring it into the 21st century.

Zoom can also have the “Nightline Effect.” On the late-night news show, guests were isolated in a studio looking only at the camera, creating a level of intentional discomfort.

Sure, the attorneys are seen on screen, but are small. Barely discernible and potentially distracting. And can only be seen to the witness and are not on the final video.

Sometimes you get really lucky and get a bonus by Zoom. For example, I recently took the Zoom deposition of a plaintiff in a case filed in Philadelphia. The plaintiff testified from his home, which was covered in Dallas Cowboy memorabilia. For a case in Philly. How do think that went when a jury of local Philadelphians saw the plaintiff’s shrine to the Cowboys, the city’s most hated sports franchise?

There are times for in-person depositions. But the vast majority can be more effective, efficient and more economical by Zoom.

However, neither in-person nor Zoom will be effective if the deposition is not done right. In 42 years of practice, I have seen my share of bad depositions. Bottom line: Zoom depositions can be much more impactful if done with the required preparation and vision for the end product that is most effective/persuasive and aligned with today’s video world.


This article was written by Doug Marcello, Esq. and appeared in Saxtun & Sump's newsletter.

The Mountain Rules: Chain Up Tips



Commercial vehicles driving on I-70 between Dotsero and C-470 must carry chains starting on September 1st.


Starting Friday you must carry chain on I-70 from the 259 to the 133!


Read these tips from The Mountain Rules campaign to get prepared!

Register for our Annual Convention! 

Contact us to sponsor!

CMCA Office Temporarily Closed


The CMCA Office Is Closed. We are relocating scheduled in-person meetings, and form sales will be handled by appointments. Email if you need forms and we can schedule a time for pickups. 


We expect to be open for forms sales on September 5th.


Thank you for your flexibilty!

Death of Capt. David R. Dodson, Retired


It is with sadness we advise you that Capt. David R. Dodson, age 84, died on August 19, 2023, in Round Rock, Tx. He joined CSP in April 1964. He was assigned to Sterling, where he served for 6 years. He was then promoted to Sgt. and assigned to Idaho Springs for 6 years. Upon being promoted to Lt., he was assigned to Golden. After 3 years of being in Golden, he was assigned to the academy for 2 years. He was subsequently assigned to Headquarters where he served initially as the officer in charge of the Colorado Safety Institute and then the manager of MCSAP. He retired at the rank of Captain after almost 27 years of service in January 1991. He retired from his second career as a Field Office Supervisor with the US DOT – Office of Motor Carriers in 2005 in Austin, TX.  Condolences can be sent to his wife Mrs. Diane Dodson – 20407 Bear Road – Lago Vista, TX  78645 or to his brother Mr. Robert Dodson – Cimarron Trailer Park – 12205 Perry Street - Lot 323 – Broomfield, CO 80020. 
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