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Volume #1, Newsletter #1 03-2012

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The Celtic Colours Collection  - New book
CBC Television Show featuring Cape Breton fiddle makers and their music.
The Fiddletree  - Otis Tomas book & CD 
Bill Lamey and Angus Chisholm  78 reissues
Cape Breton Octogenarian  releases CD 
Irish Music 78 discs & Archival Recordings
Natalie MacMaster's  new CD
Brenda Stubbert's  new CD
Ashley MacIsaac  - transcriptions posted
The Glengarry Collection  - Book & DVD from Highland fiddler Angus Grant
CB Heritage Series PDF indexes
4 Part Pipe March  for Rembrance Day 2011
A New Jig - for The Land & Sea Film-makers

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Introductory Note from the Editor

Lately I've been busy compiling material for The Cape Breton Scottish Collection a new tunebook, which, when completed, will be the 8th volume of the Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series.  In the meantime, as you scroll down, you will see that has lots of new (and old) music and information to offer.

Paul Cranford
Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
The Celtic Colours Collection 
During 2011, from January through October, I was occupied putting together The Celtic Colours Collection, a compilation of music composed as a result of the first 15 years of Cape Breton's Celtic Colours International Festival. Forty-four composers, most of them well-known touring musicians, are represented. The book includes bios and stories from those artists as well as musical notation of their songs and tunes and a history of the festival. It has been an exciting collaboration - the diversity of styles is a departure from the focused tunebooks I am known for. Dozens of sample page layouts and mp3s are posted.
New book
CBC Television Features Fiddle Makers
Otis Tomas
Otis Tomas
Recently the Cape Breton fiddle culture was featured on the well-known and long running Canadian TV program, Land and Sea.  Luthier-fiddlers Otis Tomas and David Papazian, both conributors to past Silver Apple News articles were the focus of the show. As well, interviews and performances by myself and my wife Sarah Beck, were included as we both play their instruments. The show also gives footage of Cape Breton scenery and a local fiddle music session at Rollie's Wharf, North Sydney. This half hour show can be streamed from the CBC website
The Fiddletree Book & CD
Summer 2011, marked the culmination of a remarkable project by my good friend Otis Tomas.  As mentioned he is a well-respected luthier and he has crafted a book and recording as beautiful as any of his work.  It is a publication that musicians and non-musicians alike will enjoy.  The Fiddletree  story tells a 17 year tale - from cutting down the tree to building a set of instruments. A cast of international musicians perform Otis’ tunes on the included CD.  The lavishly produced, stitched hardcover book, includes music notation and colour photos. It is also a personal story that provides an intimate look at what happens at a violin maker’s workbench following the making of a fiddle.
 Angus Chisholm  and  Bill Lamey 
Downloadable Cape Breton 78 reissues
Paul MacDonald, has his Fiddlestream site up and running.  Well-known as a producer of Cape Breton, Irish and Appalachian CDs, Paul is now applying his expertise to archival recordings for sale as high resolution CD quality or mp3 files.  His first releases include the 78s of two great Cape Breton fiddlers, Angus Chisholm and Bill Lamey. To encourage everyone to take a look at Paul's work I have posted a few transcriptions and sound clips.
Angus Chisholm
Angus Chisholm 78s
  Octogenarian fiddler releases first CD  
Lloyd MacDonald
In November, Paul's octogenarian father, Lloyd MacDonald, released his first CD. Titled Aires in Bloom. Produced by Paul it features Lloyd's solo playing of slow airs and includes group playing with Paul, three of his brothers and piano accompanists, Doug MacPhee, Sheamus MacNeil and Mildred Leadbeater. Irish pipes & whistles by Ryan MacNeil of the Barra MacNeils.
Classic Irish Music
Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan Solo fiddle
Those of you interested in Irish music will be happy to see that many of classic 78s are once again available on CD including Michael Coleman 78s  (1891-1945) and From Ballymote to Brooklyn (78s of James Morrsion & Paddy Killoran ) as well as a new release of archival recordings from fiddler-composer Sean Ryan  (2 CDs). Representative transcriptions, interpretive settings, scans and sound-clips, are posted for all of these CDs. 

New Tunes

Since you last heard from me over 100 tunes have been added to

Most of the 2011 additions include select music notation complementing the descriptions of books and recordings referenced in this newsletter.

  Natalie MacMaster Cape Breton Girl 
Natalie MacMaster's newest CD is titled Cape Breton Girl .  It's her first straight-up traditional recording since My Roots are Showing. On most tracks she is accompanied by Mac Morin on piano. Sample sound clips and transcriptions are posted. 
Natalie MacMaster
Natalie's Latest CD
Ashley MacIsaac
I've transcribed a number of tunes from Ashley MacIsaac's early albums.  Close to the Floor  was made in 1992 when Ashley was still in high-school.  It is a very traditional fiddle album with accompaniment by Dave MacIsaac and Joey Beaton. Sound clips and musical notation are posted. We've also brought in a couple of Ashley’s other recordings and posted some music from Fine Thank You Very Much (his 1996 recording).
    Brenda Stubbert - Different Strokes With Different Folks
Brenda Stubbert has a new CD, Different Strokes With Different Folks. She is accompanied by Howie MacDonald and Dave MacIsaac with guest appearances by Nuala Kennedy (flute), Kenneth MacKenzie (pipes) and Blanche Sophocleous (vocals). Brenda is a prolific composer of fiddle tunes and this recording includes some great new ones created since her last book. Those newly composed tunes are posted on the site.
Brenda's New CD
Angus Grant - The Glengarry Collection  (book & DVD)
Angus Grant's book DVD
Published in 2010,  we now carry The Glengarry Collection  (The Music of Highland Fiddler Angus Grant), a 136 pg spiral bound book comprised of 164 tunes with stories, history and photographs. The book comes with a 2 hour DVD making this a great instructional package. I've scanned and posted a few pages to display the quality of the presentation.
Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series  Searchable/printable Indexes
One of our customers, Calgary's Michael Pollock, has formatted indexes for the entire Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series (1688 tunes). These are, printable, searchable pdfs which display within your browser:  i. CB Heritage Series - Alphabetical Index . ii.  CB Heritage Series - Index by Tune Type

Alternately you can download individual PDFs from links given on this page
CB Heritage - 7 books
Ross MacKenzie Stewart - 4 part pipe march  
Ross MacKenzie Stewart
4 part pipe tune
My great uncle died in the Battle of Vimy Ridge and this was composed in his memory.

Arranged for fidders, pipers will have to add their own gracings. If a reader can add the proper pipe gracings for us please FAX or email your setting to me and I will post it as well.
 Land and Sea  - A new Jig
To conclude, as a parting offering, here's a new jig composed to honour the film-makers who did the Land and Sea Show mentioned above. Enjoy!!


Paul Cranford
Cape Breton Island
March, 2012