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Next, and maybe most importantly HOW ARE YOU!? Probably now more

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That is the goal of our debut Newsletter! Not much “news” just some  things to make you smile or give you a boost of happy. So, Here we go!

Baby Animals!

Camp baby count is up to three! We’ve got a baby wallaby peeking

out of a pouch in the Pentagon and two baby lemurs hanging onto

their mama in Lemur Island! The count is sure to go up as we

approach what is CaMp BaBy SeASon! We’ll be posting more pictures

on our social media platforms soon! 


New Camp Animals

Along with the babies, you’ll be meeting lots of NEW animals at
camp this year! All of these animals have been donated to camp just in the last month! We kind of want them to be a surprise for just
a little longer. So we’re not going to say what they are quite yet. But we’ll give you a riddle to a family of three we just received last WEDNESDAY: What animall area is named after a species animall
we didn’t have at camp llast year? You’ll see these South American creatures back at camp in 2020!
The New Camp Brochure +
We have finished two (and a half) HUGE projects:
A New Camp Brochure, a massive overhaul to the Parent Handbook,
and major updates to the ASIT Manual (that’s the half since it
wasn’t an entire overhaul). You can view the new Camp Brochure
ONLINE and you can read about the process via our most recent
blog post HERE. The Parent Handbook has been snipped, snapped,
and pieced back together with major updates to
information/added information and crispy new pics.  The ASIT
Manual was sent out March 24th to camp families with ASITs
for the 2020 summer. If you have not received it yet, send
Ari an email by clicking HERE.
NEW on the Website: Camper Corner

We had an idea for an area on the website dedicated to our
campers way back when we first started building the new site.
We wanted to make a place where they can share camp memories,
connect with friends, and watch some camp videos. That place is
LIVE now on the website! You can check it out HERE.
Dog Adoption Updates

Brown Boy is ADOPTED! Interestingly, he was adopted to a family
not related to our camp world who lives in Ari’s hometown
of Clarksville, Tennessee. He is loved and loves his forever
family. He now has a mom and dad who spoil him rotten, two
sisters, one human and one canine, who he is obsessed with, and
two cat siblings- one of which he avoids at all costs! He is
truly happy, he fits perfectly in his new home, and his
family couldn’t love him more! We still need to find a home for
Blue. If you know anyone interested, let us know :)
Micro Gardening
Lori is super excited about some new things she wants to bring to
camp this year. One of which is Micro Gardening! Micro gardening
allows growers to produce
relatively high amounts of a product (greens, vegetables, etc) in smaller areas/plots. In order for these plants to produce quickly and well, they need healthy and living soil that is comprised of natural materials. Microgreens grow great in composted soil so we also want to bring composting
to camp this summer! 
It’s Spring!

I don’t know about you, but we love Spring. It means that camp
is close and Cub Creek in the springtime is beautiful! As you
look through the woods, you can start to see the colors
popping: reddish buds on the oak trees, small green leaves on
bushes, wild violets are blooming in front of Bears Den, the
yellow forsythia bushes are bright all through camp, and the
tulips have bloomed in the driveway. Don’t even get us started on
the Redbud blooms! We just can’t wait! The bees , who live closer
to the cave, also made it throw the winter! Yahoo! They have
started to buzz around and Lori is excited that they’ll be
producing honey.  Spring also is the start of longer days.
It’s staying light outside for longer which is really helping
boost the mood! 
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