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The biggest surprise in photography has been how so many savvy photographers have begun shooting film ... again.
Younger people are "discovering" film while older amateurs & pros are bringing their film cameras down from closet shelves ... at least for some of their photography.
A problem for photographers: It can be difficult to find film in retail stores. That's especially true for pro films. So, we've decided to help!
Our Solution:
We're Now Stocking
Amateur & Professional Films
For Your Convenience
Order fresh film from us by phone or online ... or we'll
provide you with optional replacement rolls when you
send us your film for processing.
Consumer Films
               $7.00/36 Exp.                    $7.00/24 Exp. •  $8.50/36
KODAK quality at an attractive price.

KODAK's most economical films provide an excellent combination of color saturation, accuracy, and sharpness.

Single Use Cameras
Fuji QuickSnap Flash - ISO 400 - $13.50/27 Exp.
Waterproof/Weatherproof - ISO 800 - $15.50/27 Exp.

Worry-Free picture taking made easy!

  • A single use camera is a great way to experiment with film photography.
    • Shooting film is emotionally rewarding because you're forced to visualize how your image will turn out.
    • Once you see prints & scans from even these simple cameras you'll understand film's new attraction.
  • These cameras are a safe choice in situations where you don't want to put your expensive digital camera at risk.
  • Fuji's underwater camera (up to 35 feet) is great for kids or any outdoor adventure.
Try Before You Buy - If you enjoy shooting with a "no frills" camera you may consider buying a gently used Nikon, Canon or Pentax. There are lots of great cameras on the market!
Professional Films
35mm Color Print
 $54.50/5 Roll 36 Exp. Propack       $11.50/36 Exp. Singles
The world’s finest grain high-speed color negative film

At true ISO 400 speed, this film delivers spectacular skin tones plus exceptional color saturation over a wide range of lighting conditions.

35mm B&W
 $9.95/36 Exp.


Black-and-white is honest. At times beautiful, at times brutal. Always revealing the truth—of a situation, of an emotion, of the fleeting permanence of nature.

35mm Transparencies & Slides
Chrome. Bold Color. Vivid Detail.


KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E100 delivers outstanding image quality and performance:

  • Virtually grainless scans and enlargements
  • Clean, bright whites
  • Moderately enhanced color
  • Neutral tone scale
  • Outstanding skin tone reproduction
 $15.95/36 Exp.
120 Color Print
 $47.50/5 Roll 120 Propack            $10.50 Single 120 Rolls
Here's How To Conveniently
Order Fresh Film:
Our goal is to help you enjoy your photography.
We're a one-stop shop for your processing & film needs.
South Florida residents can visit our store.
Order optional replacement film when you send your rolls to us for processing.
To order from anywhere in the United States:
Phone us at (800) 327-1776.
Or...click here for an order form you can print out, fill-in and attach to an email. Send your email to film@dalelabs.com.
Shipping: $8 for any number of rolls in the US. Free shipping on your replacement film rolls if your film order is included when you send us rolls for processing.
Easy access to factory fresh films
add to your photographic experience. 
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Call us if you have any questions at (954) 925-0103.

We're here to help! Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM
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