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August 9, 2011
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Dear Subscriber,
Here's a heads-up on a brand new product that can make you money:

Gallery Blocks
are up and running on our ROES site.

These beautifully crafted plaques are composed of photographic prints on stand-out wooden blocks. Your images wrap around the blocks for a classic museum look.

The Center Stage - Mini 12 x 9

The Classic Three - 28" x 11"

The Invite - Mini 15" x 10"

This is a real photographic process. Your images are printed on Kodak Metallic paper, mounted on raised blocks and sealed under a protective coating. The back of the plaque is solid wood.

Gallery Blocks are ready to hang in your clients' homes or offices. They can be shipped directly to your clients, to your studio or may be picked up in our South Florida store.

Ordering is really easy. Just drag your JPEG images into one of dozens of ROES templates. Then, crop to taste and place your order online.
  • Your Mark-Up - Gallery Blocks are an entirely new product. So, you'll have to be the judge of what to charge. But, we believe you can mark up Gallery Blocks by 100% to 200% above your lab costs.*
  • Design & Ordering Time...should be under 10 minutes. (You may need some extra time to add type or effects in Photoshop.)
  • Samples For Your Studio - Please key in "Studio sample not-for-sale" in Instructions... We will deduct 10% of the product price on each of the Gallery Blocks you order.
To Place Your First Gallery Blocks Order:
  1. Click to download or start ROES.
  2. Select the Gallery Blocks catalog.
  3. Crop your images. Then, order online. Note: Be careful that sections of your image that you want on the front are not on the wrapped side portions of the blocks.
South Florida pros: Schedule a Gallery Blocks demonstration in our store. We'll show you quick and easy tips on how to present and create Gallery Blocks for your customers. Just call us at (954) 925-0103 to make a personal appointment.

Now is the ideal time to prepare for Fall's opportunities. Let us help you make the profits you deserve!

Best regards,

Dale Farkas
iPrints Professional by Dale Laboratories
South Florida's only ROES/Kodak DP2 Pro Lab

Questions?  Call us at (800) 327-1776. We're here to help!

P.S. We'll be demonstrating our Gallery Blocks...and other great products...in Booth #35
at the Florida Professional Photographers convention on August 14th & 15th in Orlando. Please stop by if you're attending the convention.

*Your pro costs are clearly marked below each template. Here are a few representative prices:

Single Gallery Blocks - 8" x 10"... $31.99; 16" x 24"... $74.50; 24" x 30"... $119.99
Floating Gallery Blocks (w/Multiple Blocks) run from $99 (w/1 raised block) to $239.99 (w/6 raised blocks.) Most Floating Gallery Blocks are priced in the mid-$100 range.

Note: You can turn off displayed prices by un-clicking "Show Prices" in ROES Preferences. This is a useful technique if you want to work with your customers to select and crop images for their Gallery Blocks.

• Many of our pros have found our Monitor Calibration Chart to be very useful in calibrating their monitors. Please click here to download our chart. It's free.