Photo Tip of the Month
How To Take
Pictures on Ski Slopes
& Other Wintery Environments
Hi ,

A lot of people here in South Florida head off to the ski slopes at this time of the year!
That includes many of our most avid photographers.
But, honestly, the last thing you need when you're barreling
down a mountainside is a heavy camera around your neck.
So, we thought you'd appreciate some
simple tips on how to get great
pictures without putting your good camera
 ... or your safety ... at risk .
Tip #1 - Use Your Cell Phone Instead of
Your dSLR
It's cold in them thar' hills. 
  • Comfort: Taking off your gloves can be downright uncomfortable. You may actually be able to leave your gloves on and still take pictures with your cell phone.
  • Versatility - With built-in lenses and cell phones' ability to make multiple exposures with a single touch, your phone can let you catch images that are comparable to your dSLR.
  • Protecting Your Equipment - Your phone will be safe & accessible in your padded jacket. Even if your camera/phone "takes a fall" it will probably be undamaged. (Hopefully, you will be, too!)
  • Print Capability - You'll be able to order prints directly from your phone on our site.
Learn more about how to order prints from your iPhone or Android.
Tip #2 - Shoot With A Single-Use Camera
Why These Cameras Are A Good Choice 
  • Ease of Use: You'll probably be able to use any of these One-Time-Use Cameras (OTUCs) with your gloves on ... particularly with one of the underwater models offered by Kodak and Fuji.
  • OTUCs Are Practically Bulletproof - They're tough ... and their batteries won't fade in the cold. The worst that can happen? You'll lose the 15 or 20 bucks you paid for the camera.
  • New Developing Technology Turns These Analog Film Cameras To Digital - Choose digital scans, prints or both from the camera's 35mm film.
Online Ordering & Delivery - Check out our new site at
Here's how our film developing order system works:
  • You key in the number of OTUC cameras or rolls of film you'll be sending us online. (Ordering time is under 5 minutes.)
  • We'll email you a postage-paid mailing label. You'll affix the label to any secure envelope and drop it in the mail to us.
  • We'll develop your film and either scan or print your images. Scans can be used just as you would with digital camera images or for social media.
  • Scans will be sent to you ... with a download link to bring the files into your computer ... via email. Optional prints, with your negatives, will be mailed to your home.
If You'd Prefer Using A Digital Camera ...
  • iPrints Classic allows cropping to the proportions of the print size you're ordering. There's no learning curve!
  • works on Macs, PCs & cell phones. Just choose a print size. Then, use the slider tool on computers or finger movements on your smart phone to crop your images.
  • iPrints Professional is for computer proficient amateurs & pros. You'll download our ROES ordering software into your Mac or PC. ROES has both slider tools and the ability to input numerical changes for precise cropping.
Any of our free programs will allow you to crop your images
to perfection.
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I hope you find these ideas useful. 
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