Reasons You Might Consider Shooting Film Again

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Why Use Film?

  • Film is always ready for grab shots in any light
  • Wide exposure latitude for "goof-proof" shooting
  • Great color with no computer expertise required
  • Beautiful slides

  • Impressive black & white enlargements

Dear ,

Believe it or is far from dead!

First, it was students who became freshly enamored with its magic.

Then, we started seeing serious photographers and even pros switching from digital and going back to least for some of their pictures.

In this newsletter we'll take a fresh look at film's benefits. They may surprise you!

Should you bring your trusty 35mm camera and lenses out of retirement ... if only to shoot a roll or two?


We never stopped processing film. So, if you're game to shoot film we're ready to develop it.

This June & July we have a special offer that will give you free Picture CDs. (So you can get great prints and still have digital images.)

See the details at the end of this newsletter! 

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P.S. If you're not interested in shooting film ...or curious...please just click off of this email. I promise to bring you interesting digital information in future newsletters!

Benefit #1: Film Has A Character All Its Own

There's something special about prints and enlargements from film.

Perhaps film's beauty lies in it's tonality. Maybe it's the texture of its grain or the depth of its colors.

Whatever the reason, you may want to try shooting a roll to experience film's very special "look."

Benefit #2: You May Already Own A Film Camera & Lenses 

My guess is that somewhere in your home is a 35mm camera and a collection of fine lenses. Why not use them?

  • Think of film as just one more tool in your photographic tool box. You wouldn't use a screwdriver for every job.
  • My recommendation: Use film in addition to your digital photography.
  • Your camera is paid for. A roll of film costs just a few bucks. So, why not use film where it makes sense? 
Benefit #3: Picture CDs Offer Digital Images From Film

Digital images on Picture CDs can be used for reprints, enlargements and social media sites ... just like images from your digital camera.

Picture CDs are inexpensive. You order them when you have your film developed. Your cost is just $7 (24 exp.) or $9 (36 exp.) roll. (They're free though July when you order prints!)

Picture CDs will produce beautiful reprints and enlargements up to 11" x 14". That covers most of your reprint needs. Use your original film negatives or slides when you want larger prints.

Benefit #4: Slide Films Produce Brilliant Color

Slides are still the #1 choice of many photographic "purists." Transparencies have rich, saturated color and a wide dynamic range. That's why they used to be the required medium in many photo courses. 

You can
also get both prints and Picture CDs from slide films...which we process every day.

This year may be your last chance to experience the color of slides! Kodak has discontinued manufacturing its slide films. Fuji is still producing it, but nobody knows for how long.

There is still slide film on camera store shelves. But, it's disappearing fast.

So, if you're interested in seeing the color that has enthralled generations of avid photographers I'd suggest shooting a roll of slide film this summer.
Benefit #5: Black & White

Black & white prints accentuate your compositions. Their dramatic tonal range ...with characteristic them a classic, artistic feel.

We recommend Kodak's BW400CN.

BW400CN has higher resolution and finer grain than traditional B&W films. Its prints are nothing short of awesome!

Should Pros Use Film?

For event photography I think most pros are better off sticking to digital. Your work flow through our ROES printing system is very easy. So, I don't see any big advantage to shooting film for most of your work.

Places where film images make sense for pros:

  • Pros using a photo-journalistic style often mix some digitized film shots with their digital camera images.
  • For a "retro" look film images can add a nice effect in coffee table albums.
  • Artistic pictures for galleries

Why so many pros still use film - When they're not working most pros love pure photography like the rest of us.

Why I shoot film - There's a tremendous satisfaction in loading a roll of film with finite number of pictures and going out "on assignment."

  • I have to make every shot count.
  • It's an exercise in pure creativity to visualize how a picture will turn out when I can't see an immediate picture on a camera's monitor.

Maybe that's film's magic. It brings out our best talents on every shot we take!

Our June - July Sale: Free Picture CDs When You Order Prints From 35mm Print & Slide Films!

Please mail us your 35mm film. (Local photographers can bring rolls into our lab.) Order 3.5" x 5", 4" x 6" or 5" x 7" prints with your developing and we'll throw in a free Picture CD.

Be sure to write "Free CD Offer" on your mailer or mention this sale to our counter people to receive this "special" offer.*

Our Film Mailer With A Free Picture CD Indicated
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Should you stop using your digital camera? Of course not!

There's a place for both digital and film photography.

How you take your pictures is up to you.

Whether you choose digital or film we'll give you the pro quality you deserve. You snap the pictures...we'll do the rest!

Best wishes,

Dale Farkas
President, &
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Photographs courtesy of David Farkas and Eastman Kodak.

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