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Verbolatry Laugh-a-Riot Contest 2016 Shortlist announced!

Judging for our very first writing-related humour contest is now complete.

The wait is nearly over. Our awesome judges have given their verdict and the scores have been tallied. Thank you to everyone who participated, whether as an entrant, promoter, sponsor or judge. You're fabulous. Your interest means there's hope and encouragement out there for writers and artists to continue creating good works in good humour!

For a new unestablished contest of this niche, we were delighted with its reach and volume. We received a total of 80 entries. It was fun reading them and many made us chuckle! Of those that qualified, the following is the shortlist in alphabetic order of title:

Category: FREE

Buttering-Up Can Leave Egg On Your Face by Dina Leacock
Literary Evening Turns Bad by Angela Wright
Stream of Consciousness Nonsense by Janice Abel
The Cat-A-List by Anthony Wobbe
The Doubts at the Door by Monica Graff
The Front Line of Writing by Emily Wood
Writers Who Read by Ernad Osmic

Category: PAID

Being a Writer by John Dilworth
New Balls, Please! by Rosemary Hillyard
Press Play by Marjorie Sato-Bukowski
Pride in Creation by Ian Tucker
... and a special mention to Geek Muses by Carmen Welsh for being the only cartoon submitted.

Congratulations to the shortlisters and well done! Your work was cream of the crop and it was a close fight to the finish.

We know you're eagerly awaiting the results, so sit tight and stay tuned to our newsletter issues next month which will announce the winners and present the winning entries. (Winners will also be informed via email over the next few days, so keep an eye on your inboxes.)

Let the party begin!

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