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 April 2016

Board Succession: Getting it Right; Fatal Flaws in Risk Management; private company governance appointments, news and more.

Board succession: Getting it right


How does a company get a high-performing board?


With a strong board of directors, a company can impact the present and forge the future. But how does a company get a high-performing board? How does it “grow” board members? How does it handle board member succession? Often, the answers are different for public and private companies.

A strong board needs a strong director succession plan. And a strong succession plan needs a robust leadership development program. 

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Fatal Flaws in Fraud Risk Management

The typical organization loses 5 percent of revenues each year to fraud.


Boards of directors face a tall task in overseeing an organization’s enterprise risk management (ERM) function. Nowhere is the need to ask questions and understand the process more important than in the area of fraud risk management. According to the most recent Global Fraud Study from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the typical organization loses 5 percent of revenues each year to fraud―a significant financial loss.

Knowing what questions to ask and what discussions to have is essential to successful oversight and enterprise-wide risk mitigation.
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Registration is now open for the fourth annual Private Company Governance Summit, May 11-13, 2016 in Washington, DC.
Session topics include:
  • The Board’s Role in a Crisis
  • Dealing with Conflicts of Interest on Private Company Boards
  • How to Interview Director Candidates
  • Cybersecurity and the Private Board
  • Preparing for the Board Meeting
  • Private Company Capitalization, Liquidity and Shareholder Return
Expert briefings on:
  • The IPO/M&A-ready Board
  • Onboarding independent/non-family directors
  • Board liability and risk
  • Board strategy
  • Board diversity
  • The dynamics of family members on the board
  • Private board committees
  • Director and board evaluations
  • The board’s role in talent oversight and development 
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KPMG Survey: Management Oversight, Innovation And Competitors are Top Concerns for Directors

Private-company directors say they are concerned most about risk management oversight, assessing innovation and their competitors. Meanwhile, tight budgets and potential resource constraints pose the most significant peril to their ability to manage their top issues effectively according to a new survey from audit and advisory firm KPMG LLP.

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Being "Compromise Ready" Better Positions Companies to Respond to Incidents

According to the 2nd annual BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Response Report phishing/hacking/malware was the cause of 31% of data security incidents during 2015, revealing a shift from 2014 when human error was the leading cause.
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