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A 3 Minute Mindfulness Meditation (AUDIO) & Three Steps to Greater Self Discipline: Episode 15 of 'the WISDOM PODCAST' (Aug 2018)
Experience the calmness of your breath as you witness the present moment. Share Share Share Share     This meditation will open in SOUNDCLOUD. Get your free SOUNDCLOUD account! Sign up with your name and a password and receive instant access to music, meditations, podcasts and more!    You thrive in self discipline.   Self discipline is personal power - the invisible yet distinctly present force 

Why Taking A Deep Breath Feels Good (the WISDOM BLOG) & A Breath Meditation for Healing Pain (AUDIO) (Sep 2018)
You might be amazed at all of the benefits of taking conscious deep breaths! Share Share Share Share       This meditation will open in SOUNDCLOUD. Get your free SOUNDCLOUD account! Sign up with your name and a password and receive instant access to music, meditations, podcasts and more!  Why taking a deep breath feels good.   The self healing benefits of deep breathing that you need to know. - An excerpt

8 Ways to Fall in Love "All Over Again" with the Same Person (the WISDOM BLOG) & A Meditation for Inner Peace (AUDIO) (Oct 2018)
Falling in love all over again is possible; but you must have this... Share Share Share Share My work with couples includes many who are in long term relationships - some of which span more than 35 years.  It may be said that couples who have been together for a lengthy time have greater challenges keeping their love alive - and fresh; since they have a great deal of history - including old wounds and hurts that may not have been

Do You Let Love In? (the WISDOM BLOG) & Breathwalk in Nature: A Mindfulness Meditation (AUDIO) (Nov 2018)
How Good Are You At Letting Yourself Feel Loved? Share Share Share Share It is possible to shower others with love and kindness; to think of others' needs and to often place these before your own - and still not feel deserving of love. Helping others, being kind and thoughtful, being generous of spirit - is how you are  love in action; and yet being love does not predicate that one is able to feel deserving or worthy of goo

December 4 2011 (Dec 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM for the week of December 4th, 2011:   Live forward...What decisions do you make based on the past comments or behaviors of others?  How much of your daily life do you spend living based on what has happened to you in the past?When you begin to think about what kinds of relationships you want to create; how you want others to perceive you; and how you want to be in your life - consider making choices based on yourself looking forward.&nb

November 27 2011 (Nov 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM for the week of November 27th, 2011:   Believe in the power of LOVEBelieve in the power of loving actions.Look around you.  See what has been created in your own life out of  l o v e.  Consider that loving actions create wonderful possibilities; they create hope; they help us to feel safe and certain in the world; they allow us to feel loved. What are your loving actions portraying?  What actions

November 20 2011 (Nov 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM for the week of November 20th, 2011:   Conscious Truth You can acknowledge and value your truth; even when doing so is sometimes painful and difficult, requiring personal life changes.  You can choose to devalue your truth by mistaking it as something you cannot face and instead dismissing it from your consciousness.  When you ignore or hide from what you know is right; you move this inner knowing - this inner w

November 13 2011 (Nov 2011)
otes of WISDOM  ...for the week of November 13th, 2011:   Where do you retreat to? In our busy lives, in our busiest moments...we can develop a practice that allows us to retreat inwardly.... to "let go" of our 'busy' mind.  Without a way to move out of your conscious, busy, mind - governed by a constant flurry of thoughts, ideas, and images, ...You remain hostage to your 'mental' world. But how do you unplug?  ...pull out of

November 6 2011 (Nov 2011)
Notes of WISDOM  ...for the week of November 6th, 2011:   oneness Most people show only the part of their SELF that they want the world to see.  The idea of oneness is to acknowledge moments when you behave in a way that is "less than" perfect; when you are: angry, critical, dishonest, impatient, selfish, jealous, or judgmental.We all have "moments" when our thoughts and behaviors are of an unkind nature.  This 'shadow' or 'da

November 1 2011 (Nov 2011)
Notes of WISDOM  ... for the week of: October 30th-November 5th, 2011:   when you are joyful, others follow...they are in fact, drawn to you...when you are angry and hurtful, others run awayWhat are you creating by allowing yourself to be consumed with negative thoughts and actions?  What harm do you do to yourself in these moments? As much as you may work to remain positive in all situations, life will occasionally throw you a curve ball - a cha

October 23 2011 (Oct 2011)
Notes of WISDOM  ...for the week of OCTOBER 23rd, 2011:  BE your your your attitude and your faithDon't wait for someone to be 'nice', 'kind', 'helpful', 'loving' to you.Start by living the example you want to see in the world.  Start with a small gesture, a warm genuine smile, a kind word of praise. Let your words, actions, attitude and gestures plant seeds of LOVE in the world.Then watch LOVE grow in unexpected way

October 16 2011 (Oct 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of OCTOBER 16th, 2011:  Just BEGINI'm a big believer in creating goals.  Goal setting works best if you continue to set, review, and re-evaluate what it is you want to create. Yet goal setting remains an ideal unless there is momentum, movement, and action taken.  Consider beginning.  Begin by seeing first the completed goal in your mind.  Feel in your body what it would be like to already have this goal materialize&nbs

October 9 2011 (Oct 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of OCTOBER 9th, 2011:  There is a very powerful practice for releasing FEAR....or any powerful emotion that overtakes you.  First: you must acknowledge and identify the emotion that keeps you repeating the same way of being.   (e.g. fear, anxiety, sadness)Second:  Using imagery - a particular mental picture that you create (that has value and significance for you)... see and feel the emotion going, leaving you.&nbs

October 2 2011 (Oct 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of OCTOBER 2nd, 2011: Brave acts of courage are not just those that others can see.  There are those defining moments where you change right before your own eyes; in part because of the choices you have made, the actions you have taken; but predominantly every change is preconceived by your thoughts, moved forward by deliberate intention and compelling need. There are millions of choices at any given moment.  When do you choose to be courageous

Sep 25 2011 (Sep 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of September 25th, 2011:  Express your true nature.  Be humble .  Admit your shortcomings.  Be willing to reveal your real self to another person.  It isn't about the reaction you might receive but rather your ability to be honest and to express yourself that is most important.  In doing so, you open yourself up to the true nature of love....   "Find a quiet place and 4 minutes... Experience your breath in the simple

Sep 18 2011 (Sep 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of September 18th, 2011:  Contemplate the difference your life can make.... Most of us go through life in search of what life can give us; what life holds for us; what rewards and blessings we might receive.But the biblical adage: "it is more blessed to give than to receive" means that we need to be mindful of giving first.  The wonderful thing is....when we give of ourselves even in small ways (a kind word, a smile, helpful advi

Sep 12 2011 (Sep 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of September 12th, 2011:  ASK.... Maybe you were discouraged from asking for 'things' as a child; or perhaps you stopped asking when you didn't receive what you wanted.   When you ask, you are sending energy in the form of a thought wave - a conscious intention of what you want.  You must ask specifically and then focus on the desired outcome as if it has already come to you.  The Law of Deliberate Creation is

September 4 2011 (Sep 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of September 4th, 2011:  What do you expect? Expectations play a significant role in how you shape your life.  When you have specific expectations for something, you consciously (and unconsciously) create your reality.   Start to ask yourself,  "What do I want today?" or"What do I want to happen?"   Considering the outcome you want helps you to see it in your mind's eye; and then begin to create

Aug 28 2011 (Aug 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of August 28th, 2011:  LimitationsIf you listened to the continuous inner dialogue that fills your mind, likely you would hear just how you limit yourself. Limitations occur when we discount our abilities, when we critique our spontaneous ideas of inspiration, and when we say to ourselves: "I don't believe in you."Often, if what we want isn't happening quick enough or exactly like we think it should, we give up, we change course or direction .... we

Aug 21 2011 (Aug 2011)
Notes of WISDOM ...for the week of August 21st, 2011:  What aspects of your life are you willing to live more truthfully?As you change, grow, and learn... your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs will change and evolve.  It doesn't necessarily mean that your original thinking was wrong.  Rather, with new insights, knowledge, discoveries, and the knowing that comes from listening to your inner wisdom...your ideas and views about what is best and right for you will chan

Aug 14 2011 (Aug 2011)
Your WISDOM "video" Note ...for the week of:AUGUST 14th, 2011   Remember that your true nature is JOY.  Joy is the authentic happiness that exists within you.  To experience JOY as a state of being, find your inner peace.  In moments of quiet, follow your breath and return to the present moment.  As you breathe, feel your inner presence.  Notice the quality of your inner self and the simple aspects of what is... calm, peacefulness ..

Aug 07 2011 (Aug 2011)
Your WISDOM Note ...for the week of August 7th, 2011:  Honouring others with validation.We often think validating someone means we agree with them.  Actually, to validate another means to listen, and acknowledge them by commenting respectfully on their idea or opinion. When we fail to validate another, it strains relationships, and creates a sense of disavowing (not valuing the other person's point of view).  When you acknowledge respectfully what som

Jul 31 2011 (Jul 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM ...for the week of JULY 31st, 2011:  "Forgive them for what they do not know..."   For the latest WISDOM BLOG post for August, visit .....  ______________________________________________________________ Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate). Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker Office locations in Toronto & Thornhill, Ontario           &nbs

Jul 24 2011 (Jul 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM ...for the week of JULY 24th, 2011:  You may be surprised to know...The one real purpose of life is to exist as a divine loving being.that's it - no fancy car required, no 2.4 kids and a white picket fence necessary, no seasons tickets to a sporting event manditory, no......etc, etc.JUST YOU BEING YOU....a loving being ... sharing your Divine SELF with others(anything else you choose to have in your life is the wonderful possibility that you crea

Jul 17 2011 (Jul 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM ...for the week of JULY 17th, 2011:  What limits you?   When do you... move, choose, live near the edge and when you do so - where does it take you?The edge is outside of your comfort zone, away from what is familiar and easy, and all that is new and different.  Consider living 'your edge' and watch what happens next..... - Namaste   ______________________________________________________________ Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP.,

Jul 10 2011 (Jul 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM ...for the week of JULY 10th, 2011:  COMPASSION Meditation:* Quiet contemplation on another person's situation, together with developing empathy and a feeling of closeness to them*Hold this feeling of compassion in your being and returning to it often throughout your day      Watch the VIDEO: 'Contemplating Compassion'   Visit my Youtube Channel:

July 3 2011 (Jul 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM ...for the week of JULY 3RD, 2011:  What do you wait for?   Embrace the 'new' in your life and the opportunities to learn, grow and transform!- Namaste    For some guiding inspiration this JULY, visit my latest WISDOM Blog entry on the nature of Bodycare: Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate). Psychotherapist

Jun 26 2011 (Jun 2011)
Your WISDOM Note...for the week of JUNE 26th, 2011:  What do you aspire to be?  Watch Question FIVE in the video series of '10 Questions for Contemplation' and... Consider how you can become what you aspire to.______________________________________________________________ Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate). Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker Office locations in Toronto & Thornhill, Ontario          

Jun 19 2011 (Jun 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM ...for the week of JUNE 19th, 2011:  How can you remind yourself that you are indeed a part of everything?  How would your connection to everything reflect you?    A loving wish for all Father's and to all men who share their incredible gifts of teaching, mentoring, guiding, and loving others.  ______________________________________________________________ Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate). Psychotherapist,

Jun 12 2011 (Jun 2011)
Your WISDOM Note ...for the week of June 12th, 2011:  What are the events and experiences of your life helping you to learn?  ...for more on "life lessons" check out this week's Video...   Namaste everyone!     ______________________________________________________________ Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate). Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker Office locations in Toronto & Thornhill, Ontario   

Jun 05 2011 (Jun 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of JUNE 5th, 2011:  The idea of impermanence reminds us that nothing is permanent, fixed, lasting; rather everything is changing.  If you live with the full understanding of impermanence you will feel the specialness of this moment.  ......You will live this moment.   Coming UP NEXT WEEK... Question Four in my Summer Video Series: '10 Questions for Contemplation' ___________________________________________________

May 29 2011 (May 2011)
   Your WISDOM note ...for the week of MAY 29th, 2011:  Question Three:  'What is INNER WISDOM?'  How do you connect with your Inner Wisdom?  What guidance does your Inner Wisdom give you?  Every other week all summer long, you can follow my new VIDEO SERIES..."10 Questions for Contemplation" Each of the ten questions for contemplation are inspired by my book: 'Live your Life's Purpose: A guidebook for defining and creating a pu

May 22 2011 (May 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of MAY 22nd, 2011:   Live as pure lightness...pure beauty. Look for reminders all around you that the path you have chosen is right. Are you waiting ... or are you enjoying your life right NOW?    Look for Question Three in my Summer Video Series: '10 Questions for Contemplation' in next week's Notes of WISDOM !   ______________________________________________________________ Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCP

May 15 2011 (May 2011)
   Your WISDOM note ...for the week of MAY 15th, 2011:  Question Two:  "WHO AM I" ?  Remember that to look at all aspects of yourself courageously is the path to change.  Be honest!  Describe how you see yourself as you really are!  Then and only then will your awareness compel you to make small, steady, consistent changes toward becoming MORE! Please visit my website or facebook page for more of my VIDEO SERIES..."10

May 08 2011 (May 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of MAY 8th, 2011:   Consider the idea of creating soul 'ful' relationships ... See the potential of creating soulmate relationships with someone new as well as someone you already have in your life.  For more on soulmate relationships please visit my latest WISDOM Blog @  To ALL Women:  for your many & varied roles in nuturing and caring for others.. HAPPY

May 1 2011 (May 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of MAY 1st, 2011:  To be consciously aware is to "live" both in this moment and in observance of all that is, in this moment.   Blessings for a wonderful MAY!       Namaste,Dorothy   Check my website and facebook page for more in the VIDEO SERIES of "10 Questions for Contemplation" all summer long.  The first question: What is Consciousness? is posted now!  __________________________________

Apr 24 2011 (Apr 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of April 24th, 2011: keeping with April's message of:  'FREEDOM' Open your heart... see the world you live in as full of GRACE (Divine will, action & human freedom).   Imagine your life as it might be.  Hold onto these thoughts for they begin to transform your reality one moment at a time.  Blessings and Happy Easter!       Dorothy   Thank you for sharing this WI

Apr 17 2011 (Apr 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of April 17th, 2011:  Our life is based on moments of FREEDOM...moments of pure awareness and the idea that our life is but a series of moments ...opportunities live ... with a loving heart. Have you begun to contemplate a spiritual practice?  Below, some further ideas based on last week's 'Notes of WISDOM' ... Namaste!    _ Doroth

April 10 2011 (Apr 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of April 10th, 2011:  At the essence of who we are is our spiritual self.  We nurture this aspect of our self by embracing a spiritual practice in our lives. If that practice is regular and purposeful we are able to transform the fear, anger, and sadness we feel; we are able to see that the world we live in is much more than just a 'physical' reality.  Developing your spiritual self helps you to live as loving awa

April 3 2011 (Apr 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of April 3, 2011: Freedom is choice.  It is the power to choose your thoughts, loving actions, and your life.  You are always free to give of yourself without doing so out of obligation or guilt. Find fulfillment and freedom in the vast universe of your mind and body. Read April's WISDOM Blog on FREEDOM (Apavarga):  

March 27, 2011 (Mar 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of March 27, 2011:Self-Esteem = the positive feelings you have about yourself based on your beliefs.Self-esteem is a basic human need.  It's development begins in childhood.  Being encouraged, supported; and having your accomplishments reinforced, nurtures your positive sense of self.  As an adult, your self-esteem continues to develop through intentional self-awareness, & challenging your

March 20, 2011 (Mar 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of March 20th, 2011: What is a spiritual journey?Where do you begin?What do you search for?What does it mean to be 'awake' awaken to your life? Contemplating a spiritual journey is what brings you to a place of 'inner awareness' - of reminding yourself that there is much more potential to how you can live your life than what you have already experienced and seen. Whether you have made a direct intention to begin a spiritual journey o

March 13 2011 Email (Mar 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of March 13th, 2011: What are all the ways in which you bring love YOU?How do you create loving moments in your life?...What are you waiting for? Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate). Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker Office locations in Toronto & Thornhill, Ontario            [fb_like]   Phone: 905.764.2950 |

March 6 2011 Email (Mar 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of March 6th, 2011: What women have inspired you?  How can you honour the women you love most in your life? International Women's Day is Tuesday, March 8th(This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first women's day)The idea of celebrating women is a powerful one.   Acknowledge the beauty and love of women around the world.  Acknowledge the love that women bring into the world - into your life; and the various roles

Feb 27 2011 Email (Feb 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of February 27th, 2011: Self-knowledge is a precursor to self-care & self-love. YOU can never stop learning.  You can never stop growing ...for these are the seeds ...the underlying intentions of life.A gentle reminder: 'The Truth About Love' - A Speaking Event:  Wednesday, March 2nd @ 8pm in Toronto.  For more information please contact me at: or register online at:

February 20 2011 (Feb 2011)
Your WISDOM note for the week of February 20th, 2011: 'True WISDOM is the art of knowing your SELF... since the 'Atman' (the individual soul) is the true embodiment of eternal, unconditional, infinite LOVE.'How to know YOU begins with: What do you know?  like? dislike? How do you want to become different?  Write it down.  Decide on the "action" steps that will move you in that direction.  Begin.  Invest conscious effort in knowing...improving self. __

Feb 17 2011 Email (Feb 2011)
SPEAKING EVENT:  WEDNESDAY MARCH 2nd,  8-10pm  TIMOTHY's WORLD COFFEE Yonge & Eglington in Toronto - 2098 Yonge (2 blocks south of Eglinton)  'The Truth About Love'An intimate conversation and discussion with: Dorothy Ratusny, Psychotherapist & Author Please join me for an experiential & didactic session followed by a Q & A on:* The difference between emotional and spiritual love.*How can you cultivate and experience love from wit

Feb 13 2011 Email (Feb 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of February 13th, 2011: Unconditional love is the purest form of love.  To love unconditionally, you love without expecting anything in return; you love without judgment or fear.  (You may not agree with another person's thoughts, beliefs, or actions but you continue to love the 'being' that they are.)We all have the ability to love unconditionally.... - The next time you might instinctively hold lo

February 6 2011 (Feb 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of February 6th, 2011: What does it mean to experience NEW LOVE?Some questions to contemplate:1) How can you open your heart to love more?2) What new qualities can you bring to an existing love relationship?3) Are you open to giving and receiving new love in your life?Check out February's WISDOM blog on the topic of 'NEW LOVE': you for sharing this WISDOM note with someone you care about!  ________________

Jan 30 2011 (Jan 2011)
Your WISDOM note for the week of January 30th, 2011: Developing a better "sense of self", begins with identifying the parts of YOU that you are less happy with.  And did you know?  A fundamental purpose of life is to evolve - to become more.Ignoring your inner urging for self-growth, means that you need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort focusing on things OUTSIDE of yourself.  Hence ... the stuff you "need" to buy & have, the po

Jan 23 2011 (Jan 2011)
Your WISDOM note ...for the week of January 23rd, 2011: Consider the notion of.... 'surrender & release'.  'Surrender and release' the parts of your life that are not working; habits and old patterns that are not constructive; and any of the well ingrained traits and behaviors that keep you from being all that you truly are. When you “let go” of what is no longer serving you – you make room for something better to replace it.  Y

Jan 9 2011 (Jan 2011)
Your WISDOM note for the week of January 9th, 2011: "Truth lies in the reality, - the realism that your life is.The question is: do you need to live more truthfully than you are ...?  "Do your best each day to listen to the truth within you. Listen to how it sounds, how it feels, and know what it means to live from that place.          -Dorothy Ratusny

Jan 16 2011 (Jan 2011)
Your WISDOM note for the week of January 16th, 2011: " Infinite Wisdom is Divine Intelligence.  It is derived from the god source and is within each of us.  Our fundamental nature is to become distracted by the intelligence of our thinking brain – of what we know and what we think we know. Our innate need for learning and knowledge has meant that much of our time is spent in our minds, and as a result, we have lost sight of our divine wisdom – and our natural ability to con

Dec 31, 2010 (Dec 2010)
Your WISDOM note for the week of January 2nd, 2011: Instead of creating a new year's resolution, consider looking ahead - to the end of 2011.  Imagine all that you will have accomplished, completed, obtained, created and experienced in 2011!  See it as if it has already occurred! Now ... decide on the [action] steps that will make it all possible...and begin! Blessings for all that you imagine to be in this new year! - Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., PhD (Candidat

OFFICIAL launch email (Dec 2010)
Your WISDOM note for the week of December 26th, 2010: Sometimes, when you least expect it...miracles show up to remind you how special your life really is.  You can wait patiently for those miracles, or begin creating them... disguised as magical moments that you decide on.  Go to it!! - Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate). Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

Notes of WISDOM... "Miracles" (Sep 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of:  SEPTEMBER 30th, 2012MiraclesWhen we are open to even the smallest miracle - we always receive so much more. I remember as a child that sometimes my grandmother would lay next to me as I was falling asleep.  She would always lie close to me; so close that I could feel her breath on my face.  She would hold my hand firmly in her strong yet delicate hand.  I used to think that maybe it comforted her to do so.  I felt her expression of

Notes of WISDOM... "Living as HUMILITY" (Sep 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of:  SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2012Living as HUMILITY Humility as a virtue is expressed in the honest revealation of who you truly are.  Challenge yourself to live in self-honesty; openly showing your genuine self to others.  In humility, you require no effort to maintain a facade; nor needing to conceal parts of yourself.  As a character trait, humility allows others to know the real you.  Humility challenges you to

THIS SATURDAY! Join me for a magical FOREST Meditation Practice & Celebrate Fall's Equinox (Sep 2012)
A little WISDOM to experience your life differently...  THIS SATURDAY!  Join me for a magical FOREST Meditation Practice & Celebrate Fall's Equinox THIS Saturday!! September 22nd  7:30AM-9:00AMDivya Prajna MONTHLY MEDITATION PRACTICE with Dorothy RatusnyLocation: 16232 HWY 48 -  The "Eldred King Woodlands" *We will meet in the Parking Lot, just prior to 7:30am.  The walk into the forest to our meditation place is only a couple of minutes.  You may choo

Notes of WISDOM... "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" (Sep 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: SEPTEMBER 16th, 2012What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Sometimes we simply need a reminder that we have unlimited possibilities.  What have you been holding yourself back from?  What fears and doubts still live within you?What do you still dream about and hope for? When we decide that life "just happens" - when we are are unwilling to believe in the positive changes we can make in life, and in our who we are, we lose

Get Ready!...for a Very Special FALL RETREAT: "Honouring SELF on the Path of Enlightenment" (Sep 2012)
DIVYA PRAJNA Retreats with Dorothy Ratusny PRESENTS...- Honouring Selfon the path of Enlightenment - "Discover the WISDOM of your heart and the way to live enlightened now."  A FALL RETREAT As you gently ease into this beautiful and abundant new season, now is the perfect time to go 'within' – to honour the beautiful qualities of who you are.... and who you need to become.  Explore your sacred path guided by your soul consciousness 'your highest SELF' and awaken to livi

Notes of WISDOM... "CHOOSE ONE" (Sep 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: SEPTEMBER 9th, 2012...CHOOSE  'O  N  E' We are constantly bombarded with stimuli, information, 'noise', and of course choices.  Some research suggests that we read more 'news' in any one day than people received in an enitre month just a couple of centuries ago.The message in CHOOSE ONE is self-directed.  When you are faced with many choices, consider what ONE is right for you.  Make your decisions carefully and factoring in all of

Notes of WISDOM... Positive FORWARD Motion (Sep 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2012Positive FORWARD Motion... Moving into a time when our lives shift from the gentle pace of summer to: change, routine, new possibilities, and a building is greatly helpful when we can look ahead with anticipation and excitement.  Not always knowing everything before us leaves us open to experience life rather than simply move through it without taking notice.You move forward with choice.  You move forward

Notes of WISDOM... Removing the Mask, Revealing your true SELF (Aug 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: AUGUST 26th, 2012 Sometimes even Notes of WISDOM take a quiet reprieve.  If you've missed us...we're back!Removing your MASK... Revealing YOUR TRUE SelfWe spend a lot of time hiding parts of our self from others... and simultaneously from ourself.  We hide the parts we judge negatively, and are less happy with; as well as our 'dark' side - the behaviours and life choices that we are not proud of, and don't want others to k

Notes of WISDOM... Feeling Inner Security (Aug 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: AUGUST 12th, 2012 Feeling Inner Security  ...comes with the ability to go within to process answers and feel confident in your own decisions.  Just as you began to rely on yourself to tie your own shoes, get dressed all by yourself, and make your own meals.... your autonomy doesn't cease with simple day-to-day habits.  Develop your sense of self and a confident inner security by making more decisions autonomously... courageously.&nb

Join us for a Meditation Practice at the BEACH with a Special Guest! (Aug 2012)
A little WISDOM to experience your life differently...  Divya Prajna MONTHLY MEDITATION PRACTICE with Dorothy RatusnyOur Monthly Meditation practice continues.... Please join me for a very special morning meditation on the beach! Saturday, August 18th @ 8:30AM-10:00AM* (New Time)   Location:  Woodbine Beach, 1675 Lakeshore Blvd East.*We will meet ON THE SAND near the water's edge, just east (left) of the Woodbine Bathing Station Building.(How to get there:

AUGUST 5th, 2012 - Experiencing Life Through Death (Aug 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: AUGUST 5th, 2012Experiencing LIFE Through Death Through death we experience life and appreciate life and our ability to be alive at this moment. Honour the oneness of life and death.  Through death we experience the sorrow and grief of loss, we experience our love for another living being so largely it becomes so very painful to feel such love in the presence of death.  Through appreciation of life... we might live fully,

JULY 29th, 2012 - Mending Relationships through Action (Jul 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: JULY 29th, 2012Mending RELATIONSHIPS through Action Summer is a restful time.  It reminds us of our need to play, relax, and enjoy the simplicity of life.   Reflect on all that is good in life.  When you can appreciate what is, you shift your attitude deliberately and positively.  Next, consider what relationships may not be as close or connected as they once were.Any relationship requires attention, po

JULY 22nd, 2012 - "PLAY" (Jul 2012)
Notes of WISDOM...for the week of: JULY 22nd, 2012Life supports your need for...P L A YWhen was the last time you purposely made PLAY your priority?Summer may be the perfect reminder to slow down, allow yourself to flow through life rather than follow a specific routine... and make space to play.   Visit any park or beach on the summer weekends and you will see adults enjoying the simpliest of activities: picnics, swimming, water sports, relaxing in the shade under a tree - a

JULY 15th, 2012 - Who is your FAMILY? (Jul 2012)
Notes of WISDOM...for the week of: JULY 15th, 2012We can choose our family.  We choose it by how deeply we develop the relationships with those in our family of origin ("our birth group") and with those we have made "our family". -WHO is YOUR FAMILY?-Family isn't simply your biology.  Family are those special others with whom you have formed a deep bond; and those who you choose to share your life with. If you consider the ancient teachings of sages a

JULY 8th, 2012 - Honouring YOUR TRUTH (Jul 2012)
Notes of WISDOM... for the week of: JULY 8th, 2012What fulfills you, allowing you to easily feel your inner happiness is different today then five, ten, or twenty years ago. -HONOURING YOUR TRUTH-How well do you really know yourself? How can you make decisions and choices that honour your happiness, when you don't really know what makes you happy?As much as you tell yourself you know the answers to these questions: do you really? What are th

JULY 1st, 2012 - Observing our SELF in Kindness (Jul 2012)
Notes of WISDOM... for the week of: JULY 1st, 2012 Observing our SELF in Kindness When you are in interactions with others, do you observe yourself using 'present moment awareness'?  Do you sometimes review and assess your words and actions at a later time, or at all?  The level of self-awareness and 'present moment' observation you might bring to any situation helps ensure that there are no regrets; that you have not said "good-bye" leaving a kind wo

JUNE 26th, 2012 - Manifesting Personal Growth (Jun 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: JUNE 24th, 2012 Manifesting PERSONAL GROWTH When you challenge yourself beyond what you have always done...including how you currently think and behave ... you begin to manifest a transformation.  This transformation and the growth it provides offers you a way of seeing the possibility you have for creating - manifesting any and all of your future ideals.  Yes, it may feel more familiar to stay in what you k

'NEW' Monthly 'Meditation Practice' Begins this SATURDAY! (Jun 2012)
A little WISDOM to experience your life differently...  Divya Prajna MONTHLY MEDITATION PRACTICE with Dorothy Ratusny Please join me in a new monthly group practice of meditation.  For those who live locally, experience a gentle guided practice in a different location throughout the Toronto area (and celebrating the many beautiful and tranquil settings that will support and open you to a new way of experiencing meditation).    Please join me in our ve

JUNE 17th, 2012 - NON-JUDGEMENT (Jun 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: JUNE 17th, 2012 A Practice of NON-JUDGEMENT How better to honour those in our life than to reflect on the gifts of love - the teachings of wisdom they have given us?  Of the many ways we can practice NON-JUDGEMENT, consider what we learn from each person, each life experience, each challenge and situation that is before us.   When you observe all others, let what you see and hear become a means of learning rather than critique, 

JUNE 10th, 2012 - Forward Movement (Jun 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: JUNE 10th, 2012 Foreward Movement Life is movement.  Life moves ever so perfectly moment by moment.  Do you follow in this ever so perfect exchange of moments? or do you pull back? or halt completely fear, uncertainty, grief, embarassment, self-loathing, envy, judgment, critical thinking, or by the simple unwillingness to believe in yourself?    There are not one by TWO certainties regarding life span:  The first is

JUNE 3rd, 2012 - Meditation Practice (Jun 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of: JUNE 3rd, 2012 Meditation Practice Regular meditation contributes to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  Its true aim is to go beyond the limits of the finite mind and free you from all (ego-driven) “thought”.  In quieting the mind, you are free to experience pure consciousness.  Pure consciousness is the universal divine within you.  It is what you experience whenever you live from your heart – when you experi

MAY 27th, 2012 - CELEBRATING YOUR "BIRTH" DAY (May 2012)
  Your WISDOM Note for the week of: MAY 27th, 2012 Celebrating your "BIRTH" day   We equate a birthday with 'getting older', 'another year passing', and celebrating our changing "age".What about celebrating the day of your "birth" as an occasion to honour the life you live; the person you currently are; and the person you continue to become.  On your next "birth" day, measure your life not simply with the passage of 'cloc

MAY 21st, 2012 - 'CONSCIOUS & DELIBERATE CHOICE' (May 2012)
  Your WISDOM Note for the week of: MAY 20th, 2012 "Conscious & Deliberate CHOICE"  When you choose consciously, you are directing your life path with deliberate intention.  Making deliberate and conscious choices happen when you reflect on the infinite possibilities, and as you decide what you want based on knowing yourself well.One of the universal blessings we are given is free will.   Even if your life situation at times is limi

MAY 13th, 2012 - 'The BEAUTY of LIFE' (May 2012)
  Your WISDOM Note for the week of: May 13th, 2012       "The BEAUTY of LIFE"  The beauty of life is what we see when we notice everything from a perspective of "seeing beauty".  Think of the many miracles that we somehow manage to take for granted:  joy, laughter, friendship, abundance, family, inner calm, love in its pure and unconditional form...and the birth of life and of being alive.    

MAY 6th, 2012 - 'Honouring Self' (May 2012)
  Your WISDOM Note for the week of: May 6th, 2012       "Honouring Self"  Sometimes we may think that we are doing a good job honouring ourself.  Most of us have been conditioned with rules around how to "not be selfish" or "self-focused".  This has been one of the greatest tragedies of the human race: that it is somehow wrong or bad to honour, devote time to, place importance on knowing and building SELF.Consider wh

APRIL 29th, 2012 - 'The Teacher is the Student' (Apr 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: April 29th, 2012       "The Teacher IS the Student"  Knowing the answers is just the beginning.  Seeing every situation and experience with an openness to learn means that you are forever a student.  Reading, studying, experiencing, and learning directly from others, are some of the ways that we grow in knowledge and wisdom.  Sharing our knowledge helps others exponentially.  Learning fr

APRIL 22nd, 2012 - 'Inner Confidence' (Apr 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: April 22nd, 2012.       "Inner Confidence"  Inner confidence is the sure knowing felt deep within as you trust in yourself; and in your abilities.  Self-trust comes most naturally out of 'inner work' - and the resulting knowledge of who you are as well as who you are becoming.    Inner confidence reflects the ongoing reward of your 'inner work

APRIL 15th, 2012 - 'Your Highest Self' (Apr 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: April 15th, 2012.       "Your Highest SELF"  A spiritual journey begins when you believe in a divine nature infinitely greater than yourself (that is all-perfect and all-loving).A spiritual journey is your inner discovery.  It is an inner observation that manifests as the outer reflection of your life.It begins with you stepping outside of the 'doing'... to experiencing, 'being', and exi

Join me for a sacred SPRING RETREAT: "Awaken Your Spiritual Self" (Apr 2012)
a gentle reminder to all ..... As we prepare for the rebirth of a new season, I invite you to Awaken Your Spiritual Self."Develop a new or deepen your existing spiritual practice."  Please join me as I facilitate a special  Spring RETREAT at THE BRIARS Resort - Jackson's Point. Sat April 21st 10am until Sun April 22nd, noon       ALL-INCLUSIVE: Guest accomodations in a private LODGE with walk out decks

APRIL 8th, 2012 - 'Blessings of Spirit' (Apr 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: April 8th, 2012.  A Little Side "Note":  For some time now, I have been witness to the many clients who come to therapy with the added desire to explore the idea of spirituality, to connect within to their inner Self, their wisdom and the higher universal consciousness that they know to be "all-good" and "all-loving".  I am blessed and honoured to be able to guide others on their journey of discov

APRIL 1st, 2012 - 'TRUTH' (Apr 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: April 1st, 2012.  "Truth" When you awaken into your life, into your consciousness; you discover so much.  Your eyes are opened in a way that allows you to see and experience life as you have never before.  It is a spiritual awakening since you begin to contemplate the idea that there is indeed much more to life than your mind has focused on; there is much more to the possibilties of life than you had thought existed.This

MARCH 25th, 2012 - "BEING and Becoming" (Mar 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: MARCH 25th, 2012.  "BEING and Becoming"At any moment, you are either being (your current state; by choice or unconsciously) or becoming (some future version of yourself that you can determine and decide).  The idea of this reminds us of your infinite potential.  Even if you have put effort and work into becoming your present-day version of yourself; who you are today is not the same

MARCH 18th, 2012 - 'What Inspires Us To Love?' (Mar 2012)
What Inspires You To Love? Your WISDOM Note for the week of: MARCH 18th, 2012.  What Inspires You To Love?From the first moment we come into this world in our delicate physical state....we are surrounded with love.Yet it isn't until we are a little older that we 'learn' to love.  Love is both inherent (we are born with the capability to love unconditionally) and learned.   Have you ever considered what inspires you to love?Are you moved to l

MARCH 11th, 2012 - Your Divine Nature (Mar 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: MARCH 11th, 2012.  Your Divine NatureThe beautiful thing about who you are is your inherent nature.  All of us come into this world void of fears, hostility, anxiety, and grief.  We have "no baggage" largely because we experience the first part of our life in present moment awareness and without judgment.  Consider the pure nature of you divine self.  You are divine in that you are perfection, beauty, and grace.

MARCH 4th, 2012 - Your Inner Journey (Mar 2012)
 Your WISDOM Note for the week of: MARCH 4th, 2012.  YOUR 'INNER' JOURNEYBecause our physical world is easily distinguishable...and ever demanding, it is easy to become distracted with everything outside of our self.An inner journey is just that.  It is an infinite discovery ... where you find quiet, calm, and the wisdom of your highest self.An inward journey requires a commitment to self-observation, to being present, and to exper

SPRING RETREAT 2012: Awakening Your Spiritual Self (Mar 2012)
  As we prepare for the rebirth of a new season, I invite you to Awaken Your Spiritual Self."Develop a new or deepen your existing spiritual practice."  Please join me as I facilitate a special  Spring RETREAT at THE BRIARS Resort - Jackson's Point. Sat April 21st 10am until Sun April 22nd, noon     Pre-registration SPECIAL until Thursday, March 8th, 2012  $430.00* (pp/db occupancy, incl. taxes).A

FEBRUARY 26th, 2012 (Feb 2012)
 Your VIDEO WISDOM Note for the week of:  February 26th, 2012:  AWAKENING  Today's Note of WISDOM is a video message.  Please enjoy! Wishing you all the blessings of life!       For more videos please visit:                    __________________________

FEBRUARY 19th, 2012 (Feb 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of February 19th, 2012:  FREEDOM to 'BE' What are your choices to be? Do you acknowledge that there is a difference between living in the shadow of your mind's constant dialogue ...and being in your life in simple, yet perfect ways?"Freedom to be" suggests you have chosen to live in the present, that you choose to experience each singular moment ...rather than living in reaction to your mind's constant demands, 

FEBRUARY 12th, 2012 (Feb 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of February 12th, 2012:  Live from your HEART  [These are simply words until you attempt it...experience it ...for yourself.] When we live from our heart we act out of love, kindness, and the infinite nature that is our truth.  Often our true nature as loving beings is pre-empted because the critical, untrusting, hurt, or fearful words of our mind become so loud.  You would like to: (e.g. smile, say a kind word, reac

FEBRUARY 5th, 2012 (Feb 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of February 5th, 2012:  What Do You IMAGINE ?  Imagination can be tricky.  Because of your fears, your thoughts can quickly take you to what you fear the most and then your mind remains fixated on what you 'don't want'.  When I suggest people imagine what they want, I am saying: Clean your mind's "wipeboard".  Then start from scratch.  Using ideals from what you may have 'seen', and what your heart mos

JANUARY 29th, 2012 (Jan 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of JANUARY 29th, 2012:  -choice- In every moment, there is a choice.There is a choice to move forward or stand still - to be kind and loving,  ...or to remain within yourself - challenge your true nature with new acts of kindness and courage that stretch you out of your comfort zone,...or remain safe, still - where you always were.These choices and any more that you can decide on become the true blessings of your real self.&n

JANUARY 23rd, 2012 (Jan 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of JANUARY 23rd, 2012:  TONIGHT'S NEW MOON in Aquarius begins a new lunar cycle that will help us access our own higher consciousness more fully if we choose.  Mars now in retrograde, gives us the space to discern more clearly what we really want, before we proceed any further. It is perfect timing for: CONTEMPLATIONReflective contemplation paves the way toward new beginnings and choices by being sure of what it is that y

JANUARY 15th, 2012 (Jan 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of JANUARY 15th, 2012:  Quieting the MindYou may not recognize how noisy your mental energy is until you begin to deliberately practice quieting your mind.    Fundamental to meditation, quieting the mind is also an important part of strengthening your ability to focus on a task at will and not be distracted by the constant stream of thoughts that keep you disconnected from experiencing all that is occuring around you. Quieting

JANUARY 8th, 2012 (Jan 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of JANUARY 8th , 2012: In this first week of a brand new year....What have you decided for your life? What will be entirely different than before?What will be consistently better?   Change happens all of the time.  But are you choosing the change you want for your life?  The beginning of any change starts with self-awareness.  Self-awareness helps you to see yourself as you are.  It allows you to know

JANUARY 1, 2012 (Jan 2012)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of JANUARY 1st , 2012:  In the two previous Notes of WISDOM were the messages of LOVE and FAITH.  It is fitting that we begin a New Year with the message of..... HopeHope calls to light the need for belief in something deeply important to you.  With belief and faith in something, you can use hope to inspire you to right action.   Your best use of hope is to cultivate a desire of excellence. 

December 25 2011 (Dec 2011)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of December25th, 2011:   FAITHFrom where we call on faith, we also find our greatest inspiration of courage.  To be in moments of faith you must feel impassioned in your commitment to life and all that life holds.  To have faith is your greatest path to freedom of life.Faith is our way of knowing everything is possible."Bring to yourself all of the blessings of the world and what life has to show you."     

December 18 2011 (Dec 2011)
Your WISDOM Note for the week of December18th, 2011:   Remember LOVECall moments of love to you by being the first to demonstrate LOVE through generous thoughts and actions.Feel LOVE's nature, feel its generosity, feel its grace touch you.In the moments of love your heart is open to receive but also to demonstrate freely what love can bring to the lives of others.   Choose to express love freely without holding it back, without needing it returne

December 11 2011 (Dec 2011)
Your Note of WISDOM for the week of December11th, 2011:   New beginnings...Consider what new beginnings are before you.What are you willing to embrace that is new and different?  What new beginnings can you contemplate right now that will ensure your life is on track in a brave new way?   Without our realization that new beginnings are always near, we can never challenge what we have always done; we never stretch ourselves; we never consider that we c

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