Dorse & Company | Newsletter Archive
Dorse & Company | Newsletter Archive
Below you will find an archive of Dorse & Company's Newsletter(s). Browse through the issues below, or follow the link located at the bottom of this page to subscribe.

Newsletter - Winter 2019 (Feb 2019)
Dorse & Company Newsletter | Winter 2019 Dorse & Company Newsletter | Winter 2019 Greenheck HVLS MEGAStack VGD 100+ Composite Contact Us Greenheck DS  First AMCA Certified HVLS on the Market Greenheck has recently released the model DS destratification fan. The DS is AMCA certified for air performance and is an industry first. CAPS will provide performance data at various speeds including CFM, and noise levels. Custom color matching, wood

Newsletter - Summer 2018 (Aug 2018)
Dorse & Company Newsletter | Summer 2018 Dorse & Company Newsletter | Spring 2018 TITUS Titus TJD ERVs Titus Helios AER Contact Us NEW TITUS REP!  Dorse & Co. is the New Titus Representative Dorse & Company is proud to announce that Titus has been added to our family of products. Titus has been a long time favorite by many specifying engineers and contractors in the Northwest. We look forward to continuing this tradition by providing ex

Newsletter - Fall 2017 (Oct 2017)
Dorse & Company Newsletter | Fall 2017 Dorse & Company Newsletter | Fall 2017 Venturi Valve Mixed Flow MAU PMT Bubble Tight Contact Us Price Venturi Valve Native BACnet MSTP Critical Control Valves Price Fume Hood Exhaust Venturi Valves (VV) maintain a constant face velocity by controlling the airflow from a variable volume fume hood. The Fume Hood Controller (FHC) calculates the flow requirement by measuring the sash position to calculate the

Newsletter - Summer 2017 (Jun 2017)
Dorse & Company Newsletter | Summer 2017 Silencers vs Duct Lining, Vari-Green Drive, Greenheck modular Pollution Control Unit, how to select louvers correctly, and more!

Newsletter - Winter 2016-2017 (Feb 2017)
Dorse & Company Newsletter | Winter 2016-2017 Dorse & Company Newsletter | Winter 2016-2017 Life Safety FEG Compliance RV/RVE AirMaid Contact Us Life Safety Dampers Installation in Non-Concrete Horizontal Barrier Key Features: Simplified building shaft design More usable space at the base of the shaft Reduced installation time Greenheck introduces the industry’s first line of fire and combination fire/smoke dampers approved for

Newsletter - Fall 2016 (Oct 2016)
Greenheck FumeJet, Price High Efficiency Fan Filter Unit, Edmonds ecoPOWER, a Price Chilled Beam design tool, and U.S. Draft Co. are the highlights. Along with a Spokane Warehouse announcement, and a high turndown indirect gas fired furnace.

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