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November 2015 Edition
November 2015 Edition November 4, 2015
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Weekly Thursday Trainings in Daly City

People-Centered Internet Project

Discipleship Program

Bio-Logic Aqua Research Water Life Science: "Qigong & Water" Project

The 17th World Congress on Qigong/TaiChi/TCM in Spring 2016

Dear EWAHA Friends,

In this special edition of our EWAHA Newsletter, we are most excited to announce a new series of classes, workshops, and certification programs beginning Friday, November 6th, 2015 at 5:30 PM. Classes will be held each weekend at the prestigious 450 Sutter Medical Building.

The mobilization of these trainings comes as one of many MIRACLES to be celebrated this year. As many of you may know, it is after an extended period of recovery that Grandmaster Chow is in good health to lead us into the new year with as much of her wisdom, strength, passion, and loving spirit as ever before. As we near the end of 2015, join us celebrating another year of Chow Qigong healing miracles and blessings!

We thank you all for your continued support of EWAHA's mission to train the next generation of healers, and to have Qigong incorporated into every walk of life, all schools and organizations, so that all children and families may have that benefit of good health thus a better life. Our children are the hope and future of our tomorrow. Therefore to allow their body, mind, and spirit to take flight, their health is of the utmost importance…and Qigong could be the most important and powerful catalyst of all times!

In loving Qi with hugs, laughter, and Miracle for sound health of mind, body and spirit!

The EWAHA Family & Dr. Chow
Register Now: Chow Qigong Weekend Trainings Nov 6-Dec 23, 2015
The East West of Academy of Healing Arts, with the acclaimed Qigong Grandmaster Effie Chow, is enrolling students to train as the next generation of powerful healers.

With dedicated training you will learn to: relieve physical, emotional, or spiritual blockage, whereby increasing oxygen and circulation to alleviate chronic fatigue and pain, respiratory distress, complications from cancer, Parkinson’s, chronic inflammation, allergies, depression, trouble sleeping, eye/ear problems, digestive and immune disorders, and much more.

The trainees will be under the direct supervision and learning personally from the Grandmaster the "Secrets of the Tao" to become one of the most effective and successful healers in the world and establishing a rewarding career as a Chow Qigong practitioner.

You are invited to bring a guest or a person who has longstanding pain or other problems to this entire weekend. Donations appreciated, but not necessary.

REGISTER ONLINE at http://chowqigongsf.eventbrite.com
Chow Qigong Exercise and Meditation
Every Friday, Beginning Nov 6th from 5:30pm-7pm
Cost: $20 per class

Certification in Chow Qigong, Basic Weekend
Saturday, Nov 7th from 10am-6pm & Sunday, Nov 8th from 4pm- 8pm

Intensive Chow Qigong Training Series for Certification
Dec. 12-13, Jan. 16-17, Feb. 13-14, Mar. 19-20

LOCATION: 450 Sutter St “Mayan Room”
Suite 310, SF
Chow Qigong Weekly Program at the Peninsula Del Rey
Dr. Chow has been leading weekly Chow Qigong training sessions on Thursdays from 3-4:00 PM at Peninsula Del Rey Senior Assisted Living Facility in Daly City.

These sessions have been helpful to numbers of people in the area of pain, unsteady walking, strengthening the knee, legs, and back. One lady who was paralyzed by a stroke and accident for two years can now turn over in bed, and get up and down from bed without any assistance. She is able to walk better.

Many people in the assisted living facilities can use Chow Qigong to strengthen their neuro-musculo-skeletal sytem which would lead to improved self management of Activities of Daily Living! With the senior population on the rise, Chow Qigong can benefit them a great deal.

Please contact us if you or your loved ones would be interested in having Chow Qigong programs in an assisted Senior Care facility near you!

People-Centered Inernet Project
Last weekend at Stanford University, over 20 leaders from countries around the world held a private forum to lay the groundwork for an exciting People Centered Internet Project. The forum brings together global leaders to work together to bring voice, peace, safety, health, wisdom and insight to people of all nations. Dr. Chow had the honor of attending and being one of the co-hosts to this prestigeous event.

The first meeting was convened at Stanford by Vint Cerf (co-creator of the Internet protocol TCP-IP), along with international health leader Mei Lin Fung. Representatives from 12 countries around the world attended the conference.

The People Centered Internet Project aims to examine why integrating health care data through the internet is essential for innovation. EWAHA is excited and honored to be involved in such a groundbreaking cause! More details will be shared as there are new developments.

“This meeting is about exploring new ways to make network infrastructure and applications work to improve the quality of life for many millions if not billions of people. We face a forest of ideas and need to help each other navigate through many of them - learning from one another as we share experience and insight. We are interested in concrete steps that may be possible, embedding them in a longer term vision of plausible evolution.” -Vint Cerf, Chair of the Secretariat for the People-Centered Internet

Now Accepting Candidates for Discipleship Program
Training/Service Exchange Program towards a rewarding healing and financially stable career!

One of the world's most acclaimed Qigong Grandmaster is accepting immediately a select few new disciples to train as the next generation of powerful healers. An extraordinary opportunity of a life-time for someone interested in the alternative-complementary-natural-Chinese-medicine-health field to manifest a highly rewarding career clinically, educationally and financially in energy healing.

This is an exchange program for a select few. One or two applicants may have the privilege to be a live-in full-time disciple. If you wish to be a live-in disciple, please indicate so.

Please review the Application Requirements on our website if you are interested in exploring this as possibly an exciting future! For any inquiries, please email with the subject line "Disciple Opportunity".

Bio-Logic Aqua Research Water Life Science: "Qigong & Water" Project
Dr. Chow has been a guest speaker on the syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour "Power of Water" radio show, hosted by fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne, heard weekly on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. The education oriented show is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua® Research – Water Life Science®, the Research Center’s focus and mission. The global research and technology center specializes in fresh water, the atmosphere, and dehydration.

This year, Dr. Chow has partnered with the Bio-Logic Aqua Research Center to support the advancement of water science research for eye and holistic health on a special "Qigong and Water" project.

Both Sharon and Dr. Chow agree that nothing is more important than water to the life and health of individuals and the planet. They also agree that we must all learn to live with the planet's changing environment. Increasingly dry and polluted air worldwide is causing multiple health problems and dehydration symptoms such as dry eyes, dry skin and dry breathing passages.

Learn more and listen to past shows featuring Dr. Chow here:

The 17th World Congress on Qigong/TaiChi/TCM in the Spring 2016
The World Congress on Qigong/ TCM (WCQ/TCM), the leading international educational event of its kind. From spectacular feats & amazing demonstrations, powerful all-day workshops to innovative keynote speakers, we invite all to join in this global movement to further complementary alternative medicine!

Exciting festivities of the 2016 17th WCQTCM include: science symposium, Traditional Chinese Tea served all weekend, Gala Awards Banquet, Spectacular performances in Qi-Healing and Martial Arts, Dinner with Entertainment, Music and Dance. Read and see more HERE.

The Congress aims to advance the education of natural health practitioners as well as educating the beginner on health and well-being. Applying for CEUs for acupuncturists, physicians, nurses, massage therapists and more! It supports the development of clinical research, and facilitates the delivery of high-quality natural healthcare worldwide. Therefore this educational event will feature as usual, a plethora of world renown experts, including Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts masters, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, physicians, and clinical researchers, as well as other healthcare professionals involved in modern western medicine and natural health care. There will be an exhibition performance of 350 more Tai Chi/Qigong/Martial Arts experts! Join us!

Now recieving applications for presenters, co-sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and nominations for awards of the year.

Get involved early, be part of our fun International Qigong Family!

Stay tuned for more news about dates and locations by visiting our website at: http://eastwestqi.com/worldcongress/

Watch the video trailer on the First Annual Grand TaiChi/Qigong/KungFu Exhibition in San Francisco:

Stay updated of our activities through our website, Facebook and Twitter!

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