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November 6, 2017
Eastern Update
Board Math Initiative
It has come to our attention that some teachers interpreted our last email as discouraging participation in the Board's Math Initiative. This is to clarify that this is not the Association's intention.
Many teachers have, and will continue to participate in this PD opportunity.
We are aware that Math scores declined in the past EQAO results and the Ministry of Education has provided Boards with resources to assist students in improving future Math scores. Our board introduced the Math Initiative and is committed to working with teachers to ensure it's success.
Role of SERT Teachers
In our last round of negotiations, we agreed to the following "Letter of Intent", found on page 102 of the Permanent Teachers' Collective Agreement:
"The parties agree to form a committee to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Special Education Resource Teachers with a view to identify and encourage best practices."
To that end, we are asking teachers to volunteer for this committee to prepare for the joint board meeting. This committee is open to all teachers in both the elementary and secondary panels. The local OECTA executive will select the successful applicants that will form this committee.
PA Days for Part-Time Permanent Teachers
This is another reminder that part-time permanent teachers have the option to stay and be paid for the portion of the PA day they are able to attend. The teacher will decide whether they want to stay beyond their FTE status and will get paid for that time.
As an example, if you are a .5 FTE permanent teacher and you choose to stay for .75 of the PA day, you will be remunerated for .75 of a full day. If you choose to remain for the full day, you will be remunerated for the full day. As a part-time teacher, you choose how much of the day you will attend and get paid for. You must inform your Principal so he/she can advise HR what portion of the day you need to be paid. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the unit office.
College Strike Information
The OPSEU College Strike is beginning it's 4th week. Many of the college teachers work in precarious jobs with little or no job security. For more information about the issues surrounding this strike, go to collegefaculty.com or standwithfaculty

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