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PN 2300740 fanale led retromarcia_reverse led lamp OE D360540
PN 2300741 fanale led multifunzione_multifunction led lamp OE KRBNG02583P0002
PN 2300742 fanale led retronebbia_rear led fog lamp OE 
Main application_IIA
Bus type_Citymood by Karsan

                        disponibili da Settembre '19_coming in September '19
PN 3100454 manicotto motore_engine hose
OE Man 51964200121
Main application_Man,Neoplan
Bus Type_Lion's Coach/StarCity/Regio, Starliner/Trendliner/Tourliner
PN 2500489 retrovisore con regolazione elettrica per interno_inner electrically adjustable mirror  
OE NGC471000AA, D363504
Main application_IIA
Bus Type_Citymood by Karsan
disponibile da Settembre '19_coming in September '19
PN 3100453
manicotto motore_engine hose
OE A9605010382
Main application_Mercedes,Setra
Bus Type_ Conecto,S400,S500,Citaro,Travego,Integro,Tourismo

PN 3100452 
manicotto motore_engine hose
OE A0249970782, 4741220400
Main application_Mercedes,Setra
Bus TypeCitaro,Intouro,Travego,Integro,Tourismo, S400

PN 2700607 
testina_ball joint
OE A6277630029 
Main application_Mercedes,Setra

compressore TM65 poly V8 D.196

compressor TM65 poly V8 D.196
Main application_IIA
Bus Type_ Citymood (Thermoking AC unit)  

PN 2300744 
fanale posteriore led direzione giallo D.95 mm
led rear lamp D.95 yellow blinker
PN 2300745 
fanale posteriore led stop/posizione/direzione D.95 mm (in foto)
rear led lamp stop/blinker/tail D.95 mm (showed)
PN 2300746
fanale posteriore led stop/posizione D.95 mm
rear led lamp stop/tail D.95 mm
Main application_universale

PN 2605601
elettroventilatore radiale 24V_24V radial blower

OE 503137122,500023566,42576392
Main application_Iveco


PN 2605602
ventola assiale 24V_24V axial fan

OE 500024797  
Main application_Iveco

PN 2600647S
ventola assiale 24V_24V axial fan

Evo A0028309408,A0008383706,A0028309408, Iveco 500021209  
Main application_Iveco,Evobus

PN 2600817
valvola espansione_expansion valve

OE A0038309984
Konvekta  B14-AA3-043
Main application_Evobus

PN 3100642
serbatoio espansione_expansion tank

OE 5801687772
per_for Euro 6
Main application_Iveco
Bus Type_ Arway,Crossway,Evadys

PN 3100807
serbatoio espansione_expansion tank

OE 504311585
per_for Euro 5
Main application_Iveco
Bus Type_ Arway,Crossway,Evadys

PN 3100807
serbatoio aria compressa 1,1L_air compressed tank 1,1L 

OE A0044325701  
Main application_Mercedes, Setra
Bus Type_ Citaro,Conecto,Capacity,Travego,Tourismo,Touro,Tourino, Setra S300, S400, S500

PN 3100648
sensore riempimento_filling sensor

OE Evo A0045400917  
Main application_Mercedes, Setra,Neoplan ,Man

PN 2600400
vite coperchio clima_clima cover screw

OE A0009902606 
Main application_Evobus

PN 2600401
sensore temperatura_temperature sensor 

OE A0041532028
Main application_Evobus

PN 3100014
vite collettore scarico motore_engine screw

OE A9049900412,A9049900312,A9049900212  
Main application_Evobus

PN 2600892
filtro O-RING 7/8" UNF D.75X236
O-RING 7/8" UNF D.75X236 filter

OE A0028352147  
Konvekta  H14-004-044
Main application_Evobus;Solaris
Bus Type_MB Citaro,Capacity,Conecto, Tourismo, Setra S500

PN 2601499
compressore_AC compressor
OE A0008340760
Konvekta  H14-004-044
Main application_Mercedes
Bus Type_Citaro

PN 3100644
OE 81061016499
Main application_Man, Neoplan,Solaris
Bus Type_Lion's City, Solaris linea, Neoplan Centroliner

PN 3000050 serbatoio_fuel tank 235 lt
OE A6284702604, A6284707002
PN 3000051 serbatoio_fuel tank 115 lt
OE A6284707302, A6284708704
PN 3000052 serbatotio_fuel tank 235 lt
OE A6284707402, A6284708804
PN 3000053 serbatoio_fuel tank 190 lt
OE A6284707602, A6284709001
PN 3200054 serbatoio_fuel tank 66/308 lt
OE 36122015055, 36122015067

Main application
_Evobus, Setra, Man, Neoplan

Bus Type_MB Citaro E2/3/4/6, sETRA S400, Man A20-A21, Lions's City, NeoplanCentroliner 

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