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PN 3100521 membrana_air bellow 
OE 81436010138,81436010126, 81436010095,81436010097, 81436010102, 81436010100
Main application_Man, Neoplan

PN 2605603 ventola_radial blower
OE 420301027
Main application_Beulas
Brand_Sanz clima
MOQ required

PN 2601638
aerotermo 24V c/griglia_24V heater w/grille
OE D046925
Main application_IIA
Bus Type_ Citymood

PN 2604925 tendicinghia_belt tensioner
OE A4572004070, A4572002270
Main application_Evobus

PN 2300228
kit luci led (10 pz) 12/24V c/centralina (2pz)
12/24V led kit (10 pcs) + control unit (2pcs)
Main application_Vdl Bova

PN 2300093
luci led senza posizione_led lights w/o position
Main application_Vdl Bova

PN 8000608 
OE A6286785210
Main application_Mercedes
Bus model_ Citaro
Brand_Saint Gobain

PN 2800448
parabrezza c/predisposizione LDWC
windscreen with LDWC predisposition
OE 36751010577
Main application_ Man, Neoplan
Bus type_ Tourliner > 2015
MOQ required

PN 2000331
gancio tende scorrevoli_metal curtain hook
Main application_Vdl Bova

PN SP30000509
EV.C.009-B40-22 24V GR RA4VCV
OE A0028309108
Valeo 91524B 
Main application_Evobus

in stock

PN 2301610 
fanale posteriore dx_rh rear lamp
OE 5801523221
PN 2301611
fanale posteriore sx_lh rear lamp
OE 5801523220
Main application_Iveco
Bus type_Daily > 2014

PN 2301612
indicatore direzione dx_rh mirror blinker 

OE 5801823334 
PN 2301613
indicatore direzione sx_lh mirror blinker 
OE 5801823572 
Main application_Iveco
Bus Type_ Daily > 2012

PN 2301614
proiettore dx H1-H7 12V
rh headlamp H1-H7 12V

OE 5801375415
PN 2301615
proiettore sx H1-H7 12V
lh headlamp H1-H7 12V
OE 5801375416
Main application_Iveco
Bus Type_Daily 

PN 2301200
proiettore dx c/fendinebbia 12V
rh headlamp w/foglamp 12V
OE 69500010
PN 2301201
proiettore sx c/fendinebbia 12V
lh headlamp w/foglamp 12V
OE 69500013  
Main application_Iveco
Bus type_Daily 2006 - 2010

PN 2605604
elettroventilatore 24V_24V radial blower
OE A0038305208
Main application_Mercedes, Setra
Bus Type_ Mercedes Travego,Integro,Touro,Intouro,Tourismo
Setra S400, S500

PN 2400508
chiave multiuso

più info qui  

PN 2501104
kit pulsanti sedile autista comandi sx 6860/875 NTS 
push button kit driver seat left control 6860/875 NTS
OE Evosbus A0009107738
OE Man 81623986069
Main application_Evobus, Man

PN 3100018
sensore motore_engine sensor
OE A0011532120
Main application_Evobus

PN 2300941
devio luci_column switch
OE 81255090133  
Main application_Man,Neoplan 
Bus Type_Lion's City, Neoplan Centroliner 

PN 2300513
plafoniera 20 led_recessed led lamp
OE 504294750  
Main application_Iveco, Irisbus
Bus Type_Citelis

PN 2301426 fanale posizione superiore_rear upper tail lamp -  OE 81252606093
PN 2301459 fanale direzione superiore_rear upper blinker amp -  OE 81253206093

Main application_Man  
Bus Type_ Lion's Coach, City, Regio, Classic

PN 2501628 retrovisore dx_rh mirror OE A6288103716
PN 2501629 retrovisore sx_lh mirror OE A6288103116

Main application_Mercedes  
Bus Type_ Conecto

PN 2300755
monitor 7"_7" monitor
OE A0098207089
Main application_Mercedes
Bus Type_Citaro

PN 2501630
retrovisore dx con specchio supplementare rh mirror with auxiliary mirror
OE D358200 
Brand_Vision System
Main application_IIA
Bus Type_Citymood

MOQ 10 pcs

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