BEST MED (Beyond European Sustainable Tourism MED Path) Steering Committee and Kick-off meetings took place on 30th and 31st January in Sliema (Malta). The Malta Marittima headquarters hosted this first project meeting in which representatives of the JTS and project partners participated. This meeting served to initiate work on this project which will run for the next two and a half years and end in June 2022.

The leader of BEST MED, the Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí, presented the general lines and objectives of the project approved within the framework of PANORAMED (INTERREG MED Programme). During the meeting, the partners in charge presented the actions and calendar of the different work packages that make up the project. In the same way, the lines of work that will be followed during the project implementation period were also advanced. Francesca Marcato (Project Officer, JTS) stressed the importance of creating synergies with other strategic and horizontal projects of the programme.

Group photo of the partnership of Best Med project during the meeting in Malta.

In addition to the representatives of the partners, different stakeholders,representatives of the General Secretariat of the Interreg Med Programme and members of the Maltese civil society were also present during the Kick-off meeting.

The purpose of these meetings was to familiarize all partners with the overall concept, methodological framework, work plan and procedures of the project, as well as to make all partners aware of PANORAMED – INTERREG MED Programme rules and reference material.

BEST MED will contribute to the objective of enhancing Mediterranean Governance, being the main challenges to fight against seasonality and lack of effective cooperation among main tourism actors, including the citizen active participation on the policies design. It aims to have a new integrated and sustainable touristic planning aiming at the mitigation of seasonality in the MED area.

BEST MED will follow a strategy of previous approaches and outputs, testing an updated toolkit of data and indicators, contributing to the design of a new Green model (MED S&C Path), focusing on integration of tourism planning into wider development strategies, together with mobilizing key players both at local and specifically at transnational

level, creating synergies across MED countries and promoting the awareness of the MED area. The total EU Funds of the Project is 2.999.774 euros. It was approved in October 2109 and is framed within the Axis 4 of Governance of the INTERREG MED Programme. The 1st call for strategic Projects involved a total budget of 12.099.774 euros, with an ERDF co- financing of 10.038.936’90 euros. The 4 partnerships included 44 partner organisations from 10 Mediterranean countries. Although being top-down projects they tackle 2 key topics for the area, selected by the Monitoring Committee: Maritime coastal tourism and Maritime surveillance.


(MADRID, 19th-20th FEBRUARY)

Representatives of the JTS of Interreg Med 
and the Ministry of Finance of the Spanish Government 
during the Coordination Meeting in Madrid (Spain).

BEST MED project was presented last February in the PANORAMED working session and gathering with Strategic and Horizontal Projects at the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Spain in Madrid. 

FPA El legado andalusí, BEST MED’s Leader Partner (LP), presented the project and made several contributions in the Coordination meeting in Madrid last 19th of February. This first day was aimed at addressing the relationships between PANORAMED and the Strategic Projects and the Horizontal Projects and to foster the draft documents of Policy Recommendations where some different ideas were discussed.

This occasion served the purpose of discussing and consolidating concrete policy recommendations that the PANORAMED Community is putting forward to improve INTERREG MED’S multilateral governance in the area of sustainable tourism, maritime surveillance and innovation. Among the results achieved during this first day of meeting: Ensuring the outreach of the 4 Strategic Projects launched in the context of PANORAMED; influencing key policy makers with regards to the new programming period by presenting relevant conclusions and project’s results, enlarging the existing PANORAMED platform community for better governance, ensuring the outreach of the 4 Strategic Projects launched in the context of PANORAMED, continuing with the open dialogue with the MED Horizontal Projects and getting ready for the upcoming PANORAMED dialogues on multilevel governance.

The second day was devoted to the MED coordination mechanisms between Horizontal Projects, Strategic Projects and PANORAMED, and the mainstreaming modalities where the LP of BEST MED Project made different contributions. On this occasion, we reinforced our links to other Strategic Projects, especially SMARTMED and enhanced our relationship with the MED Sustainable Tourism Community.

Presentation by Ms. María de la Concepción de Santa Ana, managing director of El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation.


The Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí presented BEST MED Project at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid-FITUR 2020 last January 24th. This tourism fair, one of the most important in the world, held its 36th edition from 23rd to 26th January.

This presentation was made by the managing director of the Foundation, Ms. María de la Concepción de Santa Ana, and was attended by the Regional Deputy Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Government of Andalusia, Mr. Manuel Alejandro Cardenete, and the Delegate of the Government of Andalusia in Madrid, Mr. Vicente Azpitarte, among other representatives of the Andalusian Government, the province of Granada and numerous stakeholders.

Ms. María de la Concepción de Santa Ana reminded the importance given by the Foundation to BEST MED in which it's playing the role of leader partner.In her speech, she also highlighted the relevance of the project's objectives.These are to enhance the Mediterranean Governance –as she remarked- in the search of possible solutions to the problem of tourism’s seasonality and lack of effective cooperation among main tourism actors in the Mediterranean basin.Finally,she pointed out that this project involves 11 partners from 8 European countries that will contribute to get an updated and integrated approach for promoting tourism sustainability in the Mediterranean area.Furthermore, the aims of this project are to propose a new integrated and sustainable touristic planning aiming at the mitigation of the mentioned seasonality through the connection between coastal regions to inland regions. On this matter, the leader partner brings the good practice of The Routes of El legado andalusí.

For his part, Mr. Manuel Alejandro Cardenete stressed his organization's commitment to this project. The Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Regional Government of Andalusia is also a partner of this project.  The event ended with a video recalling the work of the Foundation El legado andalusí, and one of its fundamental pillars, The Routes of El legado andalusí, which are internationally recognized by the Council of Europe as European Cultural Route.


Following the recommendations of the INTERREG MED Programme Communication Manual, the project partners chose by majority this poster among the various options presented. The image on the top of the poster aims to incorporate key elements of the project such as governance and its evocation of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí. Leader Partner

  • Lazio Region (Italy).

  • University of Algarve. School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism

  • Croatian Chamber of Economy. Rijeka Country Chamber


  • Ministry of Tourism. General Secretariat for Tourism Policy and Development (Greece).

  • CPMR. Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe

  • Malta Marittima Agency (Malta).

  • National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro (Montenegro).

  • Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration. Regional Government of Andalusia

  • University of Maribor. Faculty of Tourism (Slovenia).

  • Calabria Region. Programming Department. Programming Cooperation and Institutional Capacity

The aim

BEST MED (Beyond European Sustainable Tourism Med Path) contributes to enhance Mediterranean Governance in the field of sustainable tourism. Its main challenges are to fight against seasonality and the lack of effective cooperation among tourism actors in the Med area, including the citizen active participation on the policies design.

Project Duration

1st November, 2019 - 30th June, 2022

Total Budget

2.999.774.00 €

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