Hephatha Lutheran Church Pastor's Weekly Letter
Pastor's Weekly Letter
Below you will find an archive of Pastor's Weekly Letter for Hephatha Lutheran Church and School. Browse through the issues below, or follow the link located at the bottom of this page to subscribe.

January 7 2019 Email (Jan 2019)
January 7, 2019 Greetings in Jesus Christ,   As a kid, I remember New Year’s Eve, as being a special time. One year, parents from our neighborhood gathered together in the front room of our old house. Meanwhile, a lot of the kids were all thrown into a bedroom watching the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve special TV show. I still remember playing games and trying to listen to “adult stories” in the other room. When midnight came, we all came running out to our parents. They were shocked we were

January 14 2019 Email (Jan 2019)
January 14, 2019 Greetings in Jesus Christ, Happy New Year!   I’m so grateful for the great Advent and Christmas season we just celebrated together.   In The book of Revelation, St. John, the beloved disciple, wrote these wonderful words, “Look! I’m making everything new. Write it all down—each word dependable and accurate” (Revelation 21:5).   The New Year is here … and 2019 promises to be a wonderful year of spiritual growth at Hephatha Lutheran Church!   We’ll take an e

January 22 2019 Email (Jan 2019)
January 22, 2019 Greetings in Jesus Christ, Contentment is something we long for. Yet, we all struggle to achieve contentment, don’t we? If we happen to achieve it, it seems that it is quickly lost. Wouldn’t it be great to live a contented life? What if we were contented in 2019? Is that even possible? Back in the first century, the apostle Paul discusses the notion of contentment in the book of Philippians. Interestingly, Paul is in prison for preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. And

January 28 2019 Email (Jan 2019)
January 28, 2019 Greetings in Jesus Christ, As many of you know, last Sunday we were blessed to kick off National Lutheran Schools Week. This year, our national theme is “Real. Present. God.” Indeed, God is present in all our schools and, through the Holy Spirit—He works in powerful ways each day. And the theme is based on Psalm 46. In this section of Scripture, the Psalmist wrote,  “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1). Personally speaking,

February 4 2019 Email (Feb 2019)
February 4, 2019 Greetings in Jesus Christ, As a kid, I would often wonder what it would be like to play in the Super Bowl—have you ever wondered that? To be sure, it’s a long and tough road to get to the Super Bowl. In my own opinion, the two teams that make it have put together a rare combination of hard work, determination, and, yes, a lot of luck. Last Sunday the Patriots and the Rams squared off for the Lombardi Trophy. Both teams faced great teams to make it to the championship ga

February 12 2019 Email (Feb 2019)
February 12, 2019 Greetings in Jesus Christ, Very soon, on Valentine’s Day, when the world celebrates “love” with flowers, cards, candy, and various other trinkets, what part does this day play in the Christian’s life? Actually, the love often celebrated on Valentine’s Day by the world is not the exact same love Christians celebrate. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is, in my observation, an example of materialism, and commercialism thinly veiled in the name of love. While there is nothing wrong wi

February 18 2019 Email (Feb 2019)
February 18, 2019 Greetings in Jesus Christ, As many of you know, within the Christian Church, there are distinct seasons. These seasons fall into what is known as either the liturgical or church calendar. The seasons within the church year each emphasize different themes and practices, but they also highlight different aspects of Jesus’ life and the life of faith.   And like any calendar, the church calendar shows important days and events that the church celebrates. Some seasons are s

Hephatha New Year Update (Dec 2018)
December 27, 2018   Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, When the New Year is upon me, I always become reflective, and maybe you do too. First, I am so thankful for the many and varied blessings at Hephatha. We have been blessed this past year with wonderful new members, young and more seasoned, being confirmed in Christ, as well as many baptisms. In addition, our enrollment in our School Ministry has been steady and our teachers continue to proclaim Christ and show love and care for ou

December 21 2018 Email (Dec 2018)
December 21, 2018 Greetings in Jesus Christ,   Christmas provides a unique opportunity each year for us all to re-focus. Not only are we reminded of the awe-inspiring, world-changing, life-altering gift that is Jesus; but we are also reminded of our need for this Jesus to save us from our sinful condition. That is indeed why he came, wasn’t it? To bring peace between God and man. This is why the angels declared triumphantly,  “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among tho

December 17 2018 Email (Dec 2018)
December 17, 2018 Greetings in Jesus Christ,   As you read this letter, the wonderful season of Advent has been upon us and we will enter into Christmas. As you know, these seasons usher in a New Church Year. Personally speaking, I look forward to savoring these remaining weeks of Advent and, of course, Christmas, and I hope you do, too. The world celebrates it with us, in ways both good and other ways that serve individuals rather than the Lord of Christmas. Like many of you, I have some

December 10 2018 Email (Dec 2018)
December 10, 2018 Greetings in Jesus Christ,   I personally love Christmas music. The day after Thanksgiving, I am ready to decorate a tree. I even love wrapping presents! But when it comes to worship, I need Advent. I need one place where the world isn’t buzzing, and instead it’s quiet. I need a place where people look less like perfect Christmas cards and more like Mary and Joseph searching for the inn. I need one place to confront life’s hard realities, like the wise men facing Herod o

December 3 2018 Email (Dec 2018)
December 3, 2018 Greetings in Jesus Christ, Let’s be honest, Advent doesn’t get much attention compared to Christmas. Although interest in Advent is growing steadily in many churches and in many Christian homes. Now that’s not to say everybody is an “Adventophile,”  or a lover of Advent. I didn’t grow up with Advent, but I truly love the Advent season.     Why does Advent matter so much to me? Why have I come to love this season that is often ignored? Among many reasons, t

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