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July 2020 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Jul 2020)
Summer fun on the coast, a warning about logging in the mountains and more.... This is important! The U. S. Forest Service has extended the public comment period on this controversial project to August 14. Please click on the map...

June 2020 newsletter (Jun 2020)
Stop the presses! This just in from Los Padres Forest Watch! The Forest Service recently announced plans to cut down old-growth forest and chaparral across 755 acres on Pine Mountain Ridge, the same area where I'm leading a Summer Solstice Nature Hike on Saturday, June 20...

May 2020 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (May 2020)
This is how Wednesday's newsletter was supposed to look. Please open it. Thanks! Coming events, a free video class with David Crow, and much more!

Apr 24 2020 David Crow Email (May 2020)
Discover 3 botanical antiviral formulas for strengthening your immune system View this email in your browser HerbWalks.com. Please reconfirm your interest in receiving emails from us. If you do not wish to receive any more emails, you can unsubscribe here. Our 2019 Ojai Herbal Symposium keynote speaker David Crow is offering a free one-hour video tomorrow, Saturday, April 25. Learn how to take your health into your own hands to protect yourself during this global

April 2020 COVID-19 Special Edition (Apr 2020)
I'm sure this quote from "the father of medicine" had nothing to do with sheltering in place but, on the other hand, he could be speaking for Mother Earth right now. This pause in human activity, especially travel, has been a good remedy for her....

March 2020 HerbWalks and OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Mar 2020)
Read about coming events, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, and Herb Walks on TV! Spring is a dazzling time of year to visit the Taft Gardens and Nature Preserve. Their staff and I have a great morning planned for you on Saturday, March 21.

February 2020 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Feb 2020)
Folk medicine meets folk tale at the Stone Soup Picnic on Monday, February 17. The "tienda" shown here is the site of the windmill-fed water station at Euterpe Farms in Ojai. It's also where I'll be hosting the Presidents' Day Herb Walk & "Stone Soup" Picnic on Monday, February 17.

January 2020 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Jan 2020)
Start the new decade with herbal education in the field and in the classroom. Dr. Jim Adams, plant medicine expert and pharmacology professor at USC, returns to Ojai on Saturday, January 11, for a Winter Medicinal Plant Workshop.

December 2019 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Dec 2019)
Happy holidays! All the rain we've had since Thanksgiving week holds the promise of a lush spring and summer in 2020 for Herb Walks and Nature Hikes....Dr. Jim Adams, plant medicine expert and pharmacology professor at USC, returns to Ojai on Saturday, January 11, for a Winter Medicinal Plant Workshop.

November 2019 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Nov 2019)
Announcing the return of the Ojai Herbal Symposium on Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17. Get all the details at OjaiHerbal.org/event/2019-ojai-herbal-symposium

October 2019 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Oct 2019)
Check out my Fall events including the return of the Ojai Herbal Symposium on Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17. Get all the details at OjaiHerbal.org.

September 2019 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Sep 2019)
Announcing the return of the Ojai Herbal Symposium on Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17. Get all the details at OjaiHerbal.org. Be sure to sign up by September 30 if you want to save $50 with the early-bird discount.

August 2019 HerbWalks and OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Aug 2019)
Registration is now open for the 2nd Ojai Herbal Symposium! The July full moon rose in the east at its appointed time while the sun set in the west. An enthusiastic group was there to take it all in. We're doing it again!

July 2019 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Jul 2019)
Sunset Moonrise walk, Arroyo Hondo Preserve, foraged ice cream, and more... Photo: The April full moon rising over the Ojai Valley. Ojai's name comes from the Chumash word 'Awha'y which means "moon." Join us for the next Sunset Moonrise Herb Walk on Monday, July 15. See the calendar and article below for details.

June 2019 HerbWalks & OjaiHerbal Newsletter Corrected (Jun 2019)
Register now to view REMEDY, the free 9-part docuseries on herbal medicine!

May 2019 HerbWalks and OjaiHerbal Newsletter (May 2019)
EXTENDED THROUGH MAY 3! A special DISCOUNT link worth 25% off the already reduced advance price is available for you, the loyal subscribers to this HerbWalks and OjaiHerbal newsletter! Click on the image to go...

April 2019 HerbWalks and OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Apr 2019)
Open this newsletter now for a discount to the Ojai Medical Cannabis Conference! Click on this image for a special DISCOUNT link worth 25% off the already reduced advance price. It's available just for you, the subscribers to this HerbWalks and OjaiHerbal newsletter.

March 2019 OjaiHerbal Newsletter (Mar 2019)
Hello from HerbWalks.com and OjaiHerbal.org, your sources for herbal education. Renowned author Christopher Nyerges will join us for a Foraging and Survival Field Workshop on Saturday. March 9. He's shown here harvesting non-native Chickweed for a salad, one of the activities....

February 2019 Herb Walks Newsletter (Feb 2019)
A new website to check out and lots of cool stuff coming up! Jess Starwood's workshop is filling up and no wonder. In addition to a morning walk and afternoon class, you'll go home with your own handmade medicinal mushroom chocolate truffles along with the recipe...on Saturday before Valentine's Day. How convenient!

December 2018 Season's Greetings (Dec 2018)
Season's Greetings! 2018 has been a year of new growth for Herb Walks -- culminating in the first annual Ojai Herbal Symposium -- and a year of regenerative growth for our native plants after the fires of December 2017.

November 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter OHS Special Edition (Nov 2018)
Here's all the latest news about the Ojai Herbal Symposium on November 16-18. You can still register at the advance price for the full Ojai Herbal Symposium on November 16-18 or pick and choose days or individual classes. Info at OjaiHerbalSymposium.org. Artwork and poster design by Jess Starwood.

Oct 25 2018 Ojai Herbal Symposium (Oct 2018)
Acupuncturists can earn up to 10 CEUs. Please share! View this email in your browser HerbWalks.com. Please reconfirm your interest in receiving emails from us. If you do not wish to receive any more emails, you can unsubscribe here. Ojai Herbal Symposium now offering 10 Continuing Education units for California Acupuncturists. The Ojai Herbal Symposium on Natural Resilience has been accepted as CE provider #1526 by the California Acupuncture Board. Twelve of

October 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Oct 2018)
Fall Medicinal Plant Workshop and Ojai Herbal Symposium coming up! The first ever Ojai Herbal Symposium is coming on November 16-18. Check out this amazing group of presenters and click on the photo or read more in the article below. Artwork and poster design by Jess Starwood.

September 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Sep 2018)
The first ever Ojai Herbal Symposium is coming on November 16-18. Check out this amazing group of presenters and click on photo or read more in article below. Artwork and poster design by Jess Starwood.

August 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Aug 2018)
Read about Pascal Baudar, the Ojai Herbal Symposium and more. Pascal Baudar, author and forager extraordinaire, will return on August 11 with a workshop entitled "Brewing Wild Beers with Local Plants" based on his new book just published this year.

July 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Jul 2018)
Only one (awesome) event this month but so much interesting stuff to share. For starters, James Adams, PhD, of USC School of Pharmacy will be back on Saturday, July 14, for another Summer Medicinal Plant Workshop.

June 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Jun 2018)
We're traveling from the Gaviota Coast to the Calabasas Hills to Pine Mtn! Come join us when we return to Arroyo Hondo Preserve on Saturday, June 2, with the addition this time of a private native plant sale by Santa Barbara Natives. See details below.

May 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter edit (May 2018)
EXCITING NEWS! This Saturday, May 5, we've been invited to visit architect John Davis's property and fireproof house (seen here just after the Koenigstein Fire) for the morning field trip portion of the workshop with author and fire ecologist Richard Halsey. See details below.

April 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Apr 2018)
Join our annual spring visit to San Antonio Creek in Santa Barbara, now bolstered by the March rains. See details below. Photo: James Wapotich. Lanny identifying the edible weeds on the trail into the Ventura River Preserve. We're going back on Saturday, April 22. See details below.

March 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Mar 2018)
Stunt High Trail in the Calabasas Hills is our destination on Saturday, March 18. Ojai herbalist Carol Wade tends a Rosemary bush inside her creation, the Earth Island Medicinal Herb Garden. She'll lead a tour and workshop on Saturday, March 24.

February 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Feb 2018)
Renowned authors and herbalists are coming to Ojai this month. Obi Kaufmann will bring The California Field Atlas to Ojai on Saturday, February 10, and share the process of its creation with a select few. Will you be one of them?

Winter Wellness Workshop on Saturday, February 3 (Jan 2018)
WINTER WELLNESS WORKSHOP WITH HERBALIST JESS STARWOOD ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3 Empower yourself with natural healing knowledge, effective practices and easy recipes to improve your health during the cold and flu season

January 2018 Herb Walks Newsletter (Jan 2018)
Jess Starwood is a Renaissance woman, as comfortable climbing Mt. Whitney as she is crafting original recipe products at SunRaven Apothecary or designing the beautiful labels for her line. Another thing she does well -- and loves to do -- is teach, as shown here at a recent demonstration. Her first Ojai.....

November-December 2017 Herb Walks Newsletter (Dec 2017)
Here's the last newsletter of 2017 from Herb Walks with Lanny Kaufer. Dr. James Adams, who mostly goes by "Jim," has been a frequent and popular guest of Herb Walks for the past 5 years. Now he's receiving the special recognition he deserves from his home university, the USC School of Pharmacy...

October 2017 Herb Walks Newsletter (Oct 2017)
Hollyleaf Cherry ( Prunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifolia), also known by its Spanish name "Islay," is one of the stars of the Fall harvest season and one that we will explore in the workshop on October 7 with Dr. James Adams. October 2017 Newsletter Lanny's Coming Events

September 2017 Herb Walks Newsletter (Sep 2017)
Rondia is our cover girl again, this time enjoying lunch on top of Pine Mountain with old and newfound friends on last year's Fall Equinox Nature Hike. Coming Events Saturday, September 16: 24th Bowlful of Blues (Y

August 2017 newsletter (Aug 2017)
Rondia has seen the occasional Giant Chain Fern (Woodwardia fimbriata) hidden along a creek but she'd never found herself in a forest of them until we visited Arroyo Hondo Preserve on the Gaviota Coast. Just one of the special features of this unique habitat.

July 2017 Herb Walks Newsletter (Jul 2017)
Three of Pascal Baudar's medicinal beer creations. Left: Horehound ( Marrubium vulgare) and California Sagebrush ( Artemisia californica). Middle: Fresh Mugwort leaf ( Artemisia douglasiana) and Sugar Bush berries ( Rhus ovata) - "very lemony." Right: Mild Hops flowers ( Humulus lupulus).

June 2017 Newsletter (Jun 2017)
Dr. James Adams of USC School of Pharmacy poses with Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West, the book he co-authored with the late Chumash healer Cecilia Garcia. See article and event listing for Saturday, June 17, below to sign up for his next workshop.

May 2017 Newsletter (May 2017)
The "Punchbowl," our May 13 destination, is a premier local swimming hole and it's full of water again after years of drought. See article below. Photo: Heidi Anderson, USFS.

April 2017 Newsletter (Apr 2017)
See the event listing and article below to learn more about the Earth Day Herb Hike to Matilija Campground. As you'll see in this month's newsletter, there's a lot more going on, too. Photo: Upper North Fork of Matilija Creek, Heidi Anderson, USFS. April 2017 Newsletter La

March 2017 Newsletter (Mar 2017)
This fine painting "Lake Casitas" by Ray Strong is part of a current exhibition at the Wildling Museum of Art & Nature in Solvang through May 29, 2017. We'll visit the lake for a Nature Hike on Sunday, March 19, to experience its beauty in person. See article below.

February 2017 Newsletter (Feb 2017)
For the first time, the lowly and humble Black Mustard (Brassica nigra), she of the succulent and spicy greens, graces this page as our cover girl. Rondia can seriously cook some up -- secret family recipe and all -- so we're hoping to find some where this photo was snapped on Sulphur Mountain when we....

January 2017 Newsletter (Jan 2017)
Equally entertaining and enlightening, Dr. Jim Adams of USC School of Pharmacy (shown here on a previous hike in Ojai) will join us again on Saturday, February 11, for a new event, our first Winter Medicinal Plant Workshop. Read more about it......

November-December 2016 Newsletter (Nov 2016)
Just one of 24 walks and hikes I offered in 2016, our annual summer escape from Ojai to the Seaside Wilderness Park was a hit this year. Besides enjoying the sun and ocean breeze, we identified and discussed 33 plants! (Photo by Enrique Villaseñor) November-December 2016 Newsletter

October-November 2016 Newsletter (Oct 2016)
White Sage and rust-colored California Buckwheat, as seen here on the Ventura River Preserve, provide fall colors as we wind down the 40th anniversary year of Herb Walks. Photo by Lanny Kaufer Cluff Vista Park features interpretiive signs and sweeping views

September-October 2016 Newsletter (Sep 2016)
Lanny Kaufer and Jim Adams admiring a Yerba Santa plant on the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy's Ventura River Preseve. Photo: Harold Wissell Coming Events !!

August-September 2016 Newsletter (Aug 2016)
Our seasonal migration continues on September 24 with a Fall Equinox hike on the beautiful Reyes Peak Trail through the forest. Photo: Enrique Villasenor

July-August 2016 Newsletter (Jul 2016)
Sacred Datura (Datura wrightii), known to the Chumash as momoy, found near the River's Edge Trailhead in the Seaside Wilderness Park in Ventura. Sacred Datura likes to grow in disturbed ground and does well in xeriscapes. Learn about its importance for the Chumash in this article by anthropologist R

June-July 2016 Newsletter (Jun 2016)
Celebrate the Summer Solstice season with a Nature Hike on Pine Mountain. If you've never driven up the Maricopa Highway from Ojai to Pine Mountain, gotten out of your car, smelled the pines, and felt the silence surround you, this picture will have to do.

May-June 2016 Newsletter (May 2016)
The deliciously nutty seeds of Black Sage ( Salvia mellifera) are abundant in Matilija Canyon and other trails that take us into the Coastal Sage Scrub and Chaparral plant communities. New plants can be propagated from these seeds. The birds, bees and butterflies will thank you. Click on the photo.

April-May 2016 Newsletter (Apr 2016)
Super special guests after April showers...Herb Walks are happening! Professional forager Pascal Baudar, newly published author of The New Wildcrafted Cuisine, will be our very special guest on Saturday, April 30. Read all about it below.

March-April 2016 Newsletter (Mar 2016)
COVER PHOTO: This photo was taken on Horn Canyon Trail in April, 2015, by Carolyn Emmons. We were discussing the identifying characteristics of Horehound ( Marrubium vulgare), a non-native plant with a long history of use as an herbal home remedy for coughs. We're going back on April 3.

February-March 2016 Newsletter (Feb 2016)
COVER PHOTO: Now is the time, that precious window of time, when we can forage tender wild greens like Miner's Lettuce and Chickweed (shown above in the photo by Ben Grangereau). Learn how on Saturday, February 20, on the San Antonio Trail in the foothills of Santa Barbara.

January-February 2016 Newsletter (Jan 2016)
COVER PHOTO: Where else in Ventura County but on West Sulphur Mountain Trail can you enjoy a pastoral mountain view quite like this? And now is the time to see it in all its rain-fed green glory. Join us Sunday, February 7, for a Nature Hike there. January-February 2016 Newsletter L

December 2015 Email (Dec 2015)
"We Wish You Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year" As the 2015 Herb Walks season winds down I want to thank all of you for making this my most successful year ever. Your attendance and enthusiasm inspire me to keep on keepin' on with this labor of love. Have a wonderful and rejuvenating holiday

November 2015 newsletter Copy (Oct 2015)
COVER PHOTO: White Sage loves Matilija Canyon. We'll see plenty of it along with many other natives of the chaparral and riparian plant communities and, hopefully, some birds and wildlife on the Matilija Canyon Nature Hike on Sunday, November 8, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. N0vember 2015 Newsletter

October 2015 Newsletter (Sep 2015)
COVER PHOTO: October is often the best time of year for clear views of the Channel Islands from the top of Pine Mountain. This gorgeous photo was taken by participant Erika Klohe on our 2013 Fall Nature Hike on the Reyes Peak Trail in the Los Padres National Forest. October 2015 Newsletter

September 2015 Newsletter (Aug 2015)
COVER PHOTO: Always entertaining and a font of phytochemical knowledge, Dr. Jim Adams is returning to Ojai to join us for the third time this year on Saturday, September 12, for a Medicinal Plant Walk on Sisar Creek in the Upper Ojai Vall

July-August 2015 Newsletter (Jul 2015)
COVER PHOTO: This Saturday, July 25, we will return to the Ventura coast for our annual Seaside Wilderness Park Herb Walk. Please visit that blue link for all the details and join us. July-August 2015 Postcard As you read this, I'm getting ready to take some time off in August, hence this "postcard" i

June-July 2015 Newsletter (Jun 2015)
COVER PHOTO: Not surprisingly, Jessica Thompson, AKA the Green Goddess, has a green thumb as well as a Certificate in Permaculture. She's seen here planting natives on the OVLC's Ojai Meadows Preserve during our workshop in December. The Goddess returns this month. June-July Newsletter From the mountain

May-June 2015 Newsletter (May 2015)
COVER PHOTO: The picturesque gorge at the mouth of Potrero John Canyon beckons the adventurer to explore the Sespe Wilderness. We're wrapping up the Spring season and segueing into Summer with two trips to the Los Padres backcountry and an Herb Walk & Workshop on landscaping with drought-tolerant.....

April-May 2015 Newsletter (Apr 2015)
April-May 2015 Newsletter   Lanny and Dr. Adams with the group on the Fall 2014 Medicinal Plant Walk in Matilija Canyon. Lanny will return to the Canyon on April 25 and Dr. Adams will join us again in Santa Barbara on May 16. (Photo: Lorenz Schaller) April-May 2015 Dr. Adams holding forth in Horn Canyon. (Photo: Lorenz Schaller) Jim Adams in Santa Barbara Join me and special guest Professor James Adams of USC School of Pharmacy on Saturday,

March-April 2015 Newsletter (Mar 2015)
COVER PHOTO: Lanny points out edible greens on a March walk on the Ventura River Preserve in 2011. Photo: Rondia Kaufer

February 2015 Newsletter (Feb 2015)
COVER PHOTO: Lanny and Dr. Adams discuss the plants of the oak forest in October, 2014. Photo: Lorenz Schaller

January 2015 Newletter (Jan 2015)
COVER PHOTO: Lanny (in blue T-shirt), Tomas Bostrom (taking photo), and Jessica Thompson (center in wide-brimmed hat) led a Native Landscaping Workshop in December that sparked the idea for the Cluff Vista Park Planting Day on Saturday, January 24.                                                                                         

December 2014 Newsletter (Nov 2014)
COVER PHOTO: Ron Singer, Nursery Manager, demonstrates planting techniques on a previous visit to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy's Ojai Meadows Nursery. (Photo: Lauren Ward)

November newsletter (Oct 2014)
COVER PHOTO: Julie Tumamait-Stenslie at last year's Herb Walk on the OVLC's Ventura River Preserve. Photo by Ben Grangereau, November 2014. Once a year, we are fortunate to have Chumash educator, elder, and Tribal Chair Julie Tumamait-Stenslie join us to lead a workshop. This year it's an Herb Walk and Acorn Workshop on Sunday, November 9 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We'll walk the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy's Ojai Meadows Preserve.

October 2014 Email (Oct 2014)
COVER PHOTO: Naturalist/photographer Bruce Vincent and his wife Alexi in a self-portrait under the Whitney Arch. Photo by Bruce Vincent, Ojai Naturalist-Photographer. I'm thrilled to be able to present a collaboration with my favorite local naturalist Bruce Vincent. Bruce also happens to be a great photographer so we decided to do a Nature Photography Herb Walk on Sunday, October 19.

September 2014 Email (Sep 2014)
COVER PHOTO: Lanny (in green cap and shirt) pointing out Channel Islands from Reyes Peak (October 27, 2013). Photo by John Griffith. Pine Mountain is calling to us. The silence is deafening (in a good way). In what is becoming an annual tradition, we will visit majestic Pine Mountain this month to observe the changing of the seasons as summer gives way to autumn.

Aug 2014 Newsletter (Aug 2014)
August 2014 Newsletter Jim Robertson stirs wild-harvested soup in his handmade ceramic pot over a hand-started fire at our sold-out Primitive Skills Day on June 14, 2014. We hope to bring Jim back soon. Looking west at the Santa Ynez Mountains from Meiners Oaks through the natural late afternoon haze over the Ventura River Cool August Nights in Ojai It's our staycation month in beautiful downtown Meiners Oaks As you can see from the schedule in the next column over, there are no events pla

July 2014 Newsletter (Jul 2014)
July NewsletterLanny leads an enthusiastic group at Seaside Wilderness Park in July, 2013 (Photo: Amy Herron)July 2014Mugwort seems to thrive along San Antonio CreekSan Antonio Creek Trail in GoletaThis will be our first time visiting this location in the mid-summerHave you figured out by now that this is my favorite frontcountry trail in Santa Barbara? For one thing it has a creek running alongside it, at least most years. Even when the creek is dry, as it is this year, the riparian habitat rem

June 2014 Newsletter (Jun 2014)
June NewsletterJim Robertson ignites a friction fire he started with his fire-drill kit. (Photo: Keith Farrar)June 2014Click photo to watch my YouTube video of Jim Robertson in actionPrimitive Skills Day in Ojai with Jim Robertson Our first time collaborating with this renowned survival teacherOnce again, the early birds get the prize. Thanks to advance notice in last month's newsletter, another special event is nearly full before this month's newsletter goes out. There are still a few spac

May 2014 Newsletter (May 2014)
May Newsletter Professor Jim Adams teaching on the trail in 2013  (Photo by Rondia Kaufer) May 2014 Purple Sage flowering in Horn Canyon: May 15, 2010 Medicinal Plant Walk with Dr. James Adams We're heading to a new location with Dr. James Adams this year. This special event is already filling up fast. If you weren’t able to meet and learn from Jim on his previous visits to Ojai, don’t miss him this time! Please join me for a Medicinal

April 2014 Newsletter (Apr 2014)
April NewsletterSanta Barbara Harbor seen from Cold Spring Trail   (Photo by Lanny Kaufer)April 2014Viola quercetum) flowering near Rose Valley Falls." src="http://images.benchmarkemail.com/client152514/image1294984.jpg" alt="Yellow Pansy" border="0" height="122" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="185">Yellow Pansy (Viola quercetum) flowering near Rose Valley Falls.Rose Valley FallsHerb WalkWe're going there on April 13.The late March and early April showers we've had should produce a nice f

March newsletter (Mar 2014)
March NewsletterSnow on the ridge above Matilija Canyon (March 2013)March 2014Juanita is memorialized on the "Ethnic Diversity" mural in LompocSan Antonio Creek: memories of Juanita Centeno I feel privileged to have known herTucked way in the back of Tucker's Grove County Park in Goleta is a jewel of a trail along San Antonio Creek. It's my favorite site for Herb Walks in Santa Barbara (although I'd love to hear your suggestions of others). I’ll be leading one there on Saturday, March 15.F

February 2014 newsletter (Feb 2014)
February NewsletterDrought-tolerant Hummingbird Sage colony on West Sulphur Mountain Road trailFebruary 2014"Wild About Ojai" presents Chumash EthnobotanyI'm honored to be part of this special weekend of Chumash educationJoin Jan Timbrook in the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy Offices at 10 a.m. on Saturday, February 8, for a fascinating exploration of how Pre-Columbian Chumash peoples used and thought about plants. Then on Sunday, February 9, join me for the first Herb Walk on the Fox Canyon Trail

Dec 07 2013 Holiday Card (Dec 2013)
  Reyes Peak Trail: September, 2013Reyes Peak Trail: September, 2013 Seasons Greetings from HerbWalks.com Dear Friend of Herb Walks, Merry Christmas & Happy New YearAs 2013 draws to a close, Rondia and I want to thank you for you interest, support, and, most of all, your participation in our events this year. Like the conifers on the Reyes Peak Trail shown above, we have been slowly growing this enterprise and look forward to seeing more of you on the trails in 2014.You can continue t

October 2013 Newsletter (Oct 2013)
October NewsletterIntrepid Nature Hikers on top of Pine Mountain for the Fall Equinox (Photo: Erika Klohe)October 2013 Photo by Rob ClementJulie Tumamait-Stenslie returns on  November 16After 2 years, we'll be graced by her presence once again on an Herb Walk Join Lanny and renowned Chumash tribal leader and educator Julie Tumamait-Stenslie for an Herb Walk followed by a Chumash crafts workshop using indigenous materials. Location to be announced soon with more details so please follow

September newsletter (Aug 2013)
September NewsletterConiferous forest along the Reyes Peak Trail on Pine MountainSeptember 2013View north across the Cuyama Valley from Pine MountainPine Mountain Herb HikePine Mountain is as close to heaven as you will find in Southern California.Let me and Rondia guide you through some of the most beautiful backcountry that Ventura County has to offer. Please join us as we celebrate the Fall Equinox with an Herb Hike on Pine Mountain, elevation 6650 feet.The day will begin at 9:00 a.m. with a

July-August Newsletter (Jul 2013)
July-August NewsletterNature provides delicious and nutritious Blue Elderberries in abundanceJuly-August 2013Elderberries develop a whitish bloom and hang in heavy clusters when ripeGot Elderberry?Find detailed directions for extracting Elderberry juice in this HerbBlog articleFresh Elderberry juice is one of Nature’s most delicious rewards for our foraging efforts. Elderberry harvesting season is here now; in fact, for those of us in the inland valleys of Southern California it’s al

June 2013 Newsletter (Jun 2013)
June NewsletterJim Robertson, Lanny Kaufer, and Dr. Jim Adams (l. to r.) talk about Yerba Santa (Photo by Harold Wissell)June 2013Professor Jim Adams entertains and enlightens on an Herb Walk last yearPharmacology Professor Jim Adams returns Sunday, June 16Meet this remarkable author and teacher in person in Ojai this monthPlease join us for the return of Professor James D. Adams of the USC School of Pharmacology on Sunday, June 16. Dr. Jim will lead a Medicinal Plant Walk and Acorn Preparation

May 2013 newsletter (May 2013)
May NewsletterWestern Tiger Swallowtail on a Yerba Santa bush in Matilija CanyonMay 2013Plebejus acmon) on a wild Buckwheat flower" src="http://images.benchmarkemail.com/client152514/image887060.jpg" alt="" border="0" height="279" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="187">Acmon Blue (Plebejus acmon) on a wild Buckwheat flowerHerb & Butterfly Walk on May 19Learn how to plant a native garden designed to attract butterfliesPlease join us Sunday, May 19, as we welcome back Michelle Dohrn, our resident b

April Newsletter (Apr 2013)
April Newsletter: Transcendental Vegetation and other Aprilian Topics Is Purple Nightshade an example of "transcendental vegetation?" Read more below. Photo courtesy of the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council (www.smmtc.org) Transcendental Vegetation (TV) Follow the White Lotus, Alice, into the natural wonderland of plant wisdom.To be honest, I came up with this punny phrase to make my newsletter subject line sound more intriguing. If you're reading this, perhaps it worked. Little did I know, however, what a rabbit hole I was venturing i

March Newsletter (Mar 2013)
March NewsletterMiner's Lettuce (Claytonia perfoliatum) showing its uniquely flowering perfoliate leaves March, 2013New email service will require opt-inIf things go as planned, "a change is gonna come" in March.If you are reading this, then I hope you want to continue receiving these newsletters. So please be sure to watch for an email later in March asking you to opt-in to my new email service.If you are not reading this, then there's no point in going on here.  Agreed? I'll take you

February 2013 Email (Jan 2013)
 View of the west shore of Lake Casitas from Highway 150 (Photo by Lanny Kaufer, January 2013) February 2013Pasture alongside the trailWest Sulphur Mountain TrailThis is an ideal trail to see early spring edibles in a variety of habitatsThe first Herb Walk of 2013 will begin at 9:30 am in the moist shade of California Bay trees and take us from the riparian habitat through oak woodland to a mix of chaparral and green pastures. Along the way, we’ll forage for edibles like the elus

Dec 2012 Newsletter (Dec 2012)
Bigcone Douglas-Fir (Pseudotsuga macrocarpa), our local endemic Douglas-Fir cousin December 2012   Feeling abundanceThank you all!!It's always the right time for thanksgiving with a small "t"......In case you didn't notice (and we hope you did), we missed getting out a newsletter in November but we still want to give heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended an Herb Walk, Herb Hike or Medicinal Herb Workshop in 2012. We held a record 24 walks and hikes this year plus 3 workshops. Rondia and

October newsletter (Oct 2012)
A shapely Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) on the OVLC's Ventura River Preserve. (See Kaufer's Kwiz below.) October 2012   Jim Adams at June Herb WalkThe Return of Dr. Jim AdamsSounds like a movie title, doesn't it? But this is for real, so don't miss itTwenty-three of you turned out in June for Professor Jim Adams' first Herb Walk with us. Information and enthusiasm flowed non-stop from him for about 3 hours. So we're bringing him back on Saturday, October 20, for an Herb Walk in beautiful Mat

September Newsletter BME (Aug 2012)
September Newsletter Photo of Rose Valley Lake by Matt Coyle (www.coylesweb.com). September 2012 Could this be the Sicilian version of the "Green Man" of ancient lore?Make a smooth herbal transition from Summer to Autumn with Dr. Fred SicilianoJoin us for the latest in Dr. Fred's series of seasonal herb preparation workshops Join me and Master Herbalist Dr. Fred Siciliano, LAc, OMD, MH, in Ojai on Sunday, September 30, as we prepare our bodies and minds for the changes of the Autumn season and p

July Newsletter (Jul 2012)
July Newsletter Trailhead to Potrero John Creek at 3700 feet above sea level in the Sespe Wilderness July 2012 Photo of Clint Elliott climbing Piedra Blanca by Jack Elliott Jack Elliott's Santa Barbara Adventure Check out one of my favorite blogs Last issue I began a regular column featuring an interesting blog that can be found on my website's page of "Links to Resources." In this second installment, allow me to introduce you to the ever-adve

June Newsletter - BME (Jun 2012)
June Newsletter In memoriam: the late Chumash healer Cecilia Garcia teaching about Datura June 2012  On a favorite trail in the Sespe Wilderness of the LPNFKeep Sespe Wild Requests Comments on U. S. Forest Service ProposalPlease read the letter from Alasdair Coyne on my facebook page  I recently received a letter from Alasdair Coyne of Keep Sespe Wild asking for comments to be sent to the Forest Service regarding a proposal to designate new roadless and wilderness areas in the 4 S

May Newsletter (May 2012)
May Newsletter Photo of Rose Valley Falls by Duffy Knox (www.duffyknox.com) May, 2012  Urban Herb Walk and Workshop with Amanda McQuade Crawford on Sunday, May 20The latest in our ongoing series of very special herbal guest presenters, tops in their fields. Please join us Sunday, May 20, for an enlightening day with one of the brightest lights in the world of herbal medicine.  Beginning at 11 am, Amanda McQuade Crawford will join me for an Herb Walk around downtown Ojai, an unlike

April Newsletter BME Copy Copy (Apr 2012)
April Newsletter Honeybee visiting Black Sage along San Antonio Creek at Tucker's Grove, Santa Barbara  April, 2012  Dr. Fred returns to Ojai April 22"Herbs, Greens & Roots for Spring Detox" in Ojai Join us Sunday, April 22, for the second in the "Medicinal Herb Preparation in the Kitchen" series. Dr. Fred Siciliano and I will explore preparing soups, salads and decoctions for Spring cleansing, a tradition practiced throughout the world. As we emerge from the long Autumn/Winte

Feb 24 2012 Email - BME (Mar 2012)
March Newsletter Trail to Wills Canyon  March, 2012 Rondia on the VRP (March, 2006)An Herb Hike and an Herb Walk on the OVLC's Ventura River PreserveExperience this natural treasure at a pace that's right for youWalking or hiking, either way we have something going on in March on the Ventura River Preserve. This splendid area is ours to roam, thanks to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy. On Sunday, March 11, we will visit Wills Canyon on the west side of the Ventura River. This Herb Hike

January 2012 (Jan 2012)
HERB WALKS with Lanny KauferThe 2012 Season Begins   January 2012 New website at HerbWalks.comAfter climbing a steep learning curve, Lanny can finally see the top of the hill.With a lot of help from Russell Boyd  ( www.anathallo.net ), my new website is up and running at www.HerbWalks.com. Like our native plant environment, it is full of information: coming events, video, photos, a bookstore, and an extensive section of links to all kinds of information. Please visit soon.Special

Nov 29 2017 CivilRightsVet Email update (Dec 2017)
"MY SUMMER WORKING FOR MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR." Have I performed at your school, college, library, temple, church, or other venue? If so, this is to say hello and remind you that I'm stil here and ready to return with an updated presentation. If not, and you are...


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