December 2014
IoT Puts a Jolt into Traditional LED Lighting Designs

ZigBee, sensors and applications lead the way for new IoT illumination projects as explained by NXP, TI, ARM and Marvell.
By Joe Desposito, Senior Editor
Sub-GHz ISM Band: Emerging Standards Promise Smart City Connectivity

The Sub-GHz ISM band will enable connected smart meters and street lights, but which standard will they use? Analog Devices and Weightless SIG provide the answers.
By Sally Ward-Foxton, European Correspondent
Hardware and Software Requirements Driven Verification Perspectives: Part II

In Part II of this story, Cadence, Synopsys and Imperas offer challenges that hardware and software designers will face in verifying system requirements.

By Hamilton Carter, Technology Editor
IoT Cookbook Part II: Sensor Fusion to Bus Modeling

IoT system-level modeling and prototyping challenges are examined by ARM, Mathworks, Cadence, Synopsys, Analog Devices, Atrenta, Hillcrest Labs and STMicroelectronics.
By John Blyler, Editorial Director
Analog, Sensors and Low Power Impacts the IoT

Here’s the “rest of the story” from Internet-of-Things experts at Freescale, Rambus and ARMon end-node challenges and favorite applications.
Will Hardware Will Gain from Software Approaches?

In Part II of the hardware-software domain interplay, Agile insights are offered by Jama Software, ARM, and Imec.
Networking Landscape for IoT LED Lighting

LED lighting projects for IoT need a wired or wireless networking component. NXP's Roman Budek illuminates the way for designers.
By Joe Desposito, Senior Editor
Sensor Fusion at Electronica 2014

IoT analog and wireless manufacturers seek to add value with integration of sensor fusion devices.
By Sally Ward-Foxton, European Correspondent
Data Service Exchange Key to IoT

Connectivity enables cloud and data services – such as WOT.IO – that make IoT technology different from its predecessors.
Handbook Employs User Experiences for Success

A popular Japanese sales application gains traction in North America by engaging technical design and business teams with tablet-based, end user focused tools.
The IoT offers Granular Monitoring and Control
By Stephan Ohr, Gartner Research

If it does nothing else, the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable new granularity to the devices and processes used for environmental monitoring and control. We can debate … more

Software Copyrights in Crisis
By Jonathan T. Kaplan, Esq.

High courts wrestle with limits of copyright, as a protection for software. Software has been in the legal IP spotlight for the past several years, both with respect to patents and copyrights. The dividing line between patents and copyrights …more

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Requirements
By Eric Nguyen, Director of Business Intelligence at Jama Software.

Successful IoT embedded product delivery faces challenging move toward customer-centric development processes lead by software innovation.   ...more
IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, December 15, 2014
By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Atmel IoT predictions, Consumer Empowerment, Data Service Exchange, Interaction & Industrial Design, Intel IoT New Platform, Big Data – IoT one in the same, Smart Street. ...more
IoT Embedded Blog Review – Monday, December 22, 2014
By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

IC Insights, IoT Forecasting, Playground, Active Investors, New Ingested Body Monitor, TELUS Online Business Launch, APAC Wearables, Practical IoT-series ...more
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