JSMW Email Archive
JSMW Email Archive
Below you will find an archive of Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington email updates. Browse through the issues below, or follow the link located at the bottom of this page to subscribe.

JSMW - Weekly updates - Sept 28 2017 - Final (Sep 2017)
Jai Jinendra Following are upcoming events for our JSMW Sangh September 27th to October 5th - Navpad Ayambil Oli October 1st and October 15th - Pathshala October 1st - Todays Women - ASHA Townhall October 8th - Snatra Pooja October 19-20th - JSMW Diwali Celebration Diwali Laddoo Pooja - October 19th, 8 AM Diwali Jaap October 19th, 8-9 PM Nav Smaran Jaap, Bhavna and Garba October 20th, 7 PM JSNOVA - JSMW Tirth Yatra - Cancelled Chai pe Charcha Meeting Notes: Chai_pe_Charcha_

Oct 1 Pathshala Email (Sep 2017)
Jai Jinendra! Our next class is Oct 1st. Our sponsors are Rena Gagan Nirula, Narita DT Le, Mahaveer Prabhu, Mamta Puneet Jain, Jigna Smitesh Sheth. ­­­Thank you to our sponsors! Class D will perform Morning Prayers at 10:15. Please be mindful of time. Gujarati Teacher: We hold language classes in the morning from 9:15 - 10:15. Our Gujarati teachers are looking for a substitue for an upcoming class. If you are willing and able, please contact Mehul Doshi (Mehul_Doshi@yahoo.com). Up

Pathshala Email Sept 17 (Sep 2017)
Jai Jinendra! Our next class is Sept 17th and then we will be on alternating Sundays. A complete set of dates is listed below. Please mark your calendars. Our sponsors are Nita Shah, Nayana Gangar, Jhalak Mehta, Meenal Zaveri and Toral Shah. ­­­Thank you to our sponsors! 2017 - 2018 Pathshala Dates September 10, 17 October 1, 15* (Diwali), 29 November 5* (Jnan Poojan), 19 December 3, 10 January 7, 21 February 4, 18 March 4, 18 April 8* (MJK Rehearsal), 22 May 6, 20 Jun

Sep 14 2017 Email - Weekly Email - Final (Sep 2017)
Jai Jinendra Following are the sangh's upcoming activities this week. Please join to help and support:. Sept 17 - 9.15: Language,10.15: Prayers,Public Speaking.Pathshala,Cloverly Elementary. Sept 17 - 1.15 pm : Chai Pe Charcha. Jain Center Main Hall. Sept 17 - 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Chaitya Paripati from Landsdale Jain Sangh. Jain Center Sept 18-21 - 8 PM to 9:30 PM. Shree Tarlaben Doshi's Pravachan. Jain Center Oct 7-8 - Panch Tirth Yatra with JSNoVa Sept 17 Sunday Pathasala

Sep 10 Pathshala Email (Sep 2017)
Jai Jinendra! We hope you had a wonderful summer vacation, you are reenergized from recent Paryushan and Das Lakshana festivities and you are now ready for another great year of Pathshala! 2017-2018 Pathshala Dates Our first class is this Sunday, Sept 10th and then again on Sept 17th. After that, we have managed to make reservations on the dates listed below. Please mark your calendars. For the first class, our sponsors are Megha Nilesh Doshi, Bela Hemen Gandhi, Chhaya Bhavesh Shah, Nirali Pa

JSMW - JAINA Girnar & Shatrunjay Tirth Yatra Jan 20-30, 2018 (Aug 2017)
JAINA Girnarji & Shatrunjay Tirthi Yatra - Jan 20 - 2018 Jai Jinendra, As you might know from the announcement at the JAINA convention: JAINA has planned Girnarji Tirth Yatra in January of 2018. Following are the details shared by the organizers (see additional information on the two attachments): Organized by: JAINA Federation of Jain Associations in North America & Girnar Mahatirth Vikas Samiti What: Shashvataa Shree Girnar and Shatrunjay PanchTirthi Yatra, includes:  Vachanas by P.P. Sh

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